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Kelly Chapter 7

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Road Trip

Kelly and I were both in longterm, loveless, sexless marriages. We met on an adult dating site about six months before these events. The chapters of our time together are true with minor literary embellishments

I had to do some work halfway across the state. I knew I would be gone all week, Monday to Friday. I asked Kelly if she would like to come along. She immediately made plans to come with me. It had been a number of years since Kelly had been in that part of the state and was eager to see some new landscape. 

Most of our rendezvouses were closer to home and we took our own cars. This time she wanted to ride with me. I thought that was a great idea.

Her husband was a long haul trucker. As it happened, he was going to be gone for about ten days. This gave Kelly the freedom to join me on my five-day trip. We made our plans, packed our bags and made ready for departure.

At first, in our relationship, I wondered why Kelly always carried multiple tote bags of her clothes, makeup, etc. I even asked if she would like for me to get her a bigger, more easily handled suitcase. She just said no, it was early on and she didn’t open up on such matters with me yet. 

I finally figured out that she could keep her “extra” makeup in her car all of the time. Then she would just need to throw her clothes into another tote and carry out to her car without her adult sons any the wiser. My suitcase idea would have tipped them right off.

She would put a good deal of thought and planning into the clothes she packed. The everyday clothes she packed and wore in public were ordinary but attractive. What she wore when I came “home”, our hotel room, from work were not ordinary nor for out in public. Her nightgowns were not for sleeping. At Christmas, she had Sexy Elf and Mrs. Claus outfits. I couldn’t wait to see what she brought on this trip.

It was a four and a half hour trip one way. Since I had to be there early Monday morning, we left Sunday about noon. I had topped off the gas. We had refreshments and were ready to go. We left her car in a busy grocery parking lot, so it wouldn’t be noticed. We headed out and hit the freeway. We talked, listened to the radio and just enjoyed each other’s company, usually holding hands. 

 After about three hours of driving north on one interstate, we turned onto an interstate that runs east and west. We were in a rather hilly rural area. All our mindless chit chat had grown kind of dull. Kelly started kissing my hand, she had that look of lust in her eye, and started sucking on my fingers. Gets me every time. Instantly hard!

She looked at me and asked if I could take the next exit. I was pretty sure I knew what she had in mind. Yes, I did. I was thinking the same. I took the exit then right close was a clove of trees where I was able to pull in.

After exiting the freeway, we found ourselves in a juniper forest. Dirt roads were going under the overpass and the opposite direction. I went less than a mile and found a shady cove in which to park. I lowered the windows a bit before turning the car off. It was cooler at this altitude than in the desert below. 

We took off our seatbelts, turned to each other and the kissing began. Kelly is a great kisser. I was lost in them. Shortly her hand slid down to the front of my pants. There she discovered that her kisses had had their usual effect. I was rock hard! She smiled around our kiss.

Kelly then proceeded to unfasten my belt, unbutton my pants, pull down the zipper and put her little hand down the front of my underwear. Her hand was cool and felt good on my overheating cock. She rubbed it a little then squirmed around to get a good grip, but even undone, my clothes were too tight.

She gave me a look that was a cross between lust and duh. So I raised up and pulled one side of my pants down while she pulled the other side down. Now she had unfettered access to cock and aching balls.

Kelly started to work her cool hand up and down my shaft. She leaned up to continue giving me those wonderful kisses. She was giving me a great hand job when she broke the kiss and enveloped the head of my cock with her warm, wet mouth. The combination of her jacking my shaft, sucking on the head and tonguing that extra sensitive spot on the underside nearly sent my cum down her throat. 

I knew that Kelly would get more turned on by it taking a while before I ejaculated. She could get so worked up that she’d bring herself to the brink of orgasm. I pushed my cock a little more into her mouth to relieve some of the pressure and let me regain some of my self-control.

I reclined my car seat to give us both some extra room. Kelly was on her knees on the passenger’s seat so I had access to her full breasts, but I wanted more. I reached under her, unbuttoned her jeans then lowered her zipper. I slipped my hand down inside her panties. When I reached her clitoris, she gave out a little gasp around my cock.

I wanted to see if I could bring her to orgasm while she worked on mine. I worked my way farther down. Kelly was very wet. I used some of the wetness to lubricate my finger then went back to her clit. She began squirming about seemingly on the edge. 

Taking her mouth off my erection, Kelly pulled my hand out of her pants. She then resumed her efforts to make me cum in her mouth. She told me later that she had been about to cum on my hand but wanted to wait until we were in bed in the hotel. You’ll notice that she had the opposite plan for me.

For some reason, it has always taken longer for me to orgasm orally. That just makes the buildup that much more exquisite. It’s more like sexual teasing teetering on torture. Kelly seemed to love this.

She kept working on my erection sucking the head, deep down her throat, licking my shaft then changing again. When I finally came, I lost all control. My body spasmed as I shot my load down Kelly’s throat. She kept sucking. That was torture but I loved it. I get so sensitive during orgasm that her continued suckling on my engorged head was nearly painful. 

When I was finally drained and utterly spent, Kelly swallowed the last little bit she had sucked out of me. She leaned up, looked me in the eyes, told me she loved me then kissed me quite soundly. It took a while but I finally recovered enough to pull my clothes into order. We continued kissing and petting until I thought that I could safely drive. 

Neither of us had bothered with lunch. It was mid-afternoon when we reached the next town that had my favorite Chinese restaurant. We stopped for an early dinner. The meal was great and the leftovers would make a good dinner later in the week.

We headed back out onto the interstate with about an hour and a half to go. We held hands and talked about nothing, in particular, the whole way.

When we arrived, I parked under the hotel portico and went inside to check in. While she waited, Kelly began to unpack the car. I brought out a luggage cart and we loaded our things onto it. We pushed into the hotel lobby. Kelly waited with our stuff while I parked the car. Returning, I took the cart and we headed for the elevator.

When driving alone, especially any distance, I listen to recorded books. I had been listening to the Fifty Shades Of Grey books, at Kelly’s urging. She was in the car with me while we listened to part of the first book. She has them practically memorized.

We arrived at the elevators, pushing the call button. There was no wait. The elevator door slid open and we pushed the cart inside.

We had the elevator car to ourselves. Once the door was closed, Kelly stepped up to me and said, “What is it about elevators?” then we started kissing. I was counting the floors. We broke off our amorous assault just as the door opened for our floor. We stepped out pushing our luggage cart like any middle-aged married couple, though a little disheveled in our appearance. 

Once we were in our room, we got ourselves situated. I needed to check emails and my work dashboard. I just had this little red-headed problem. She would walk up to the desk I was sitting at, run her hands through my hair, bend down to nibble on my ear and otherwise trying to distract me. It worked. 

Kelly was still worked up from our parking activity. She wanted relief from the sexual plateau she was still on. There was just one little thing neither of us had figured on. I had cum through her excellent efforts. I figured I could last a bit longer than normal. I hadn’t figured on what actually happened.

I closed my laptop, stood up and took Kelly into my arms. I bent down, she stretched her face up to mine and I soundly kissed her. I must say here that she is the best kisser that I have ever kissed. She doesn’t only love sucking my cock. She would have sucked my tongue right out of my mouth if it hadn’t been firmly attached.

I loved kissing Kelly! Somehow kissing her always sent blood straight to my penis. Within just a few seconds I would be rock hard, or so it always seemed. This time was no different. We were kissing, I was hard and she was grinding her pelvis against my erection. 

She stepped back to loosen my belt. I started to undo her jeans. Kelly looked at me, I just said it was My Turn. She stood still as I dropped to my knees pulling her jeans and panties down. I kissed her pubic mound as we worked her clothes over her feet and tossed them on the other bed.

Standing, I gently pushed Kelly down on the bed then to lie back. Then I dropped back to my knees again. Barely able to contain myself, I kissed her inner thighs working my way to my goal. I kissed her outer lips before using my thumbs to spread them and expose her most delicate nub.

I licked Kelly’s clitoris a few times causing her to gasp her pleasure before I began suckling. If you have ever watched a baby nurse, you may have noticed how they instinctually use their tongue under the nipple to stimulate it while suckling. I use that same technique to stimulate my lover. I take her clitoris into my mouth. Then while sucking on it I run my tongue in and out licking the underside.

This brings wonderful results. She was panting almost instantly. After a few minutes of this Kelly sat up, then pulled me to my feet. She quickly had me stripped to my socks then scooted back on the bed. She was ready and so was I. 

I would always enter her slowly so we could both savor the sensations of my sliding into her. She’d gasp and say that it felt, "Soooo gooood." I know it did from my side of our coupling. This time Kelly didn’t want me to take my time to build up momentum. She wanted it hard and fast. I could oblige her. I came earlier in the day and was in no danger of cumming too soon.

She was on the edge almost immediately. Being on top of Kelly was a wonder. I loved watching her facial expressions as the sensations our two bodies created showed on her beautiful face. As she neared her first orgasm, she held her eyes wide with an expression as if in surprise. She was alternating between moaning, panting and the cute little squeak she had. Then she would slam her eyes shut and scrunch up her face. 

I liked to hold myself up at arm’s length or rest with my elbows on either side of her head so I could watch the show as it played out on her face. Kelly would then run her hands through my chest hair as I continued to plunge in and out of her wondrous pussy.

As her first orgasm hit she slammed her heels down onto the backs of my knees, virtually pinning me and forcing me to stop. She thrust her pelvis up so that I could be as deep inside her as possible while we rode out her orgasm.

Kelly’s panting, moaning and squeaking finally subsided so I started up again. Her second orgasm was smaller and almost immediate. She was able to keep her legs wrapped around my waist and I wasn’t forced to stop. I kept up the rhythm we had set plunging into and pulling out of Kelly.

Her third orgasm was much like the second, but her fourth was devastating.

Kelly went through all of her usual preliminaries leading up to her fourth orgasm of the night. Her eyes went wide while staring into mine. She panted and moaned. Her moans turned into her squeaks then to squeaky moans. All the while I was able to maintain a rhythmic thrusting into her sex. I had found the perfect angle into her pussy and exploited it. 

I truly derive as much pleasure and enjoyment from making my lover cum as I do from cumming myself. I had never made someone cum four times in one lovemaking session. I was quite proud of myself. At some point, our lovemaking became fucking for the joy of the sex.

This time, her fourth orgasm, Kelly seemed to be gone. She was panting, moaning, squeaking like normal but with more intensity. Her eyes went wide then she scrunched up her face, slammed her heels to the backs of my knees and pushed her pelvis into mine. If I tried to move it looked like it was almost painful for her, so I froze watching this beautiful woman in the throes of passion and orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she reached up to pull me down into a series of kisses. If I started to move she’d shake her head but not breaking the kiss. This was so much fun! Finally, she let me start up again. I moved slowly in and out of her. Within a minute she had another smaller orgasm. I kept going through that one and the next. Even though Kelly was having her normal intensity orgasms, she was actually building toward her next huge one.

About this time I lost count how many times I had made her cum. Her pussy felt amazing. Her reactions to my thrusts were fun to watch. She was on a sexual rollercoaster and I was driving the car!

Her next big orgasm actually had me concerned. She started in with the panting and moans with her eyes as wide as saucers. She slammed her eyes shut. Then scrunched up her face and squeaked a number of times. She opened her eyes to watch my face as I continued to plunge into her tight, hot and so very wet pussy. 

This time as she began to cum, she couldn’t seem to decide where she wanted her legs, wrapped around my waist, around my upper legs or behind my knees. This was different. She finally decided wrapped around my waist pumping her pelvis up against mine. She seemed to be having difficulty breathing. Her panting was somewhat raspy. 

She didn’t close her eyes this time, they actually rolled up behind her eyelids. I had never screwed a woman into unconsciousness before. As it turned out I hadn’t this time either. But I believe that it was a close call. Her whole body was jerking with convulsions. She was cumming harder than she ever had with me.

Kelly’s pussy muscles were squeezing my erection as she came. This time I couldn’t hold back. She had started to come down from this orgasm when she felt me shooting my load deep inside of her. This triggered another orgasm for her though smaller.

As I emptied my balls into that wonderful pussy and she slowly came down from her sexual peak, Kelly looked up at me with the most satisfied smile I had ever seen. She pulled me down onto her and gave me soft wonderful kisses. 

We laid like that for some time. My cock seemed reluctant to deflate and leave her pussy. Kelly seemed to enjoy my weight on her so we kissed, caught our breath and just held each other.

Finally, we disengaged ourselves. I put my arm around her. Her head was on my shoulder as we drifted off to the best night’s sleep I had had in a long time.

I was up early the next morning. I needed to get an early start on my work. By the time I got out of the shower, Kelly was dressed and ready to go to breakfast. I went over to the bed where she was scrolling through her email and pulled her to her feet. I said what I usually text in the mornings: “Good morning, beautiful.” I pulled her close for a good long kiss.

As we pulled apart, she looked down to see that her kiss has once again gone straight to my lower head. I was at about half-staff. Kelly looked at me with that lustful smirk that I love so much and immediately dropped to her knees. She took the base in her little hand and engulfed the head with her wonderfully talented mouth. I was rock hard in seconds.

I loved having her lips wrapped around my erection even when we had no time to finish. I enjoyed her efforts for a few minutes before pulling her to her feet and said thank you. Her pout was momentary as she returned my kiss. I dressed and we went down to breakfast. Afterward, we walked back to the room. I brushed my teeth, kissed her thoroughly, I told I’d give an hour’s notice before I left work.

I knew she would have a surprise for me when I walked into our hotel room. When I was about done with the day’s work, I texted that I had about an hour of work left and she texted, “Ok.”

I loved her dress-up surprises. This trip just happened to be in late October of that year. When I walked into the room, Kelly was standing at the foot of the bed. She was wearing red fishnet stockings, matching bra and panties, devil’s horns headband and a red satin tail that had an arrowhead on the tip. 

My red-haired little beauty was now my little red devil beauty. I put my work stuff on the desk. Walking up to Kelly with what I’m sure was a silly grin, I took her in my arms and told she was beautiful. When we embraced, I reached down to play with her tail. We kissed, we liked doing that a lot and fell onto the bed. I played with her tail and horns while she tried to undress me.

Having finally succeeded in getting me naked, Kelly went down on her knees to take my already erect penis into her warm wet mouth. She loved going down on me. Who was I to deny her such a simple pleasure?

After about five minutes of oral delight, I raised her up and kissed her. Kelly still had my cock in her talented little hand. As we kissed, I unfastened her bright red bra. I pulled it off one side then she switched hands on my penis so I could completely remove the bra. Her full breasts were now in need of attention. Due to our height difference, when I dropped to my knees, her nipples were at just the right height for me to suckle.

Kelly’s little pink pencil eraser nipples were especially sensitive. While sucking on one, I’d roll the other between my forefinger and thumb. Her moans just encouraged me to continue. Shortly she pulled me to my feet giving me more kisses and taking my erection back in her little hand.

Her kisses were wonderful. Between them and her hand sliding up and down my cock, Kelly made sure I was ready. She finally had to let go so I could kneel down to remove her panties. She sat on the bed so I could take them off her feet. Kelly slid back onto the bed as I dove in for a taste of sexually charged pussy. A woman who is already wet and eager tastes so good!

I had barely had a taste when she pulled me up on top of her. Our heights and body make up were such that we just fit together. When she pulled me into a kiss the head of my cock went unerringly to her opening. Being a bit of a tease, I left it there, tip to lips. She became rather frustrated with my delaying tactics, so she reached down between us, took my erect cock in her hand and pulled me into her.

I have never felt a pussy that seemed to have been made to fit my erect cock. Now I really haven’t had that many different lovers. The feeling is rather difficult to explain. Many men have said they slid or thrust “home” but to me being inside Kelly actually felt like home. If it had been possible, I would have entered her pussy and never pulled out. It felt that good!

Kelly’s pussy was nearly dripping wet. It was hot and very tight. Since her husband neglected his duties, she and I were more than willing for me to fill in for him. Every time I entered her, Kelly would sigh and say how good I felt inside of her. I know I felt the same from my side. I had never felt a pussy with as perfect a fit for my erect cock as Kelly’s was. I was sliding into heaven!

Between her going down on me and then me munching on her, Kelly was already more than halfway to her first orgasm of the evening. I pushed my way into the hilt then just laid there enjoying the feeling of being inside such a welcoming lover.

I slowly started sliding in and out of her pussy. As I picked up my pace, Kelly started showing signs of cumming very soon. Her breathing increased to panting and moaning. We always loved staring into each other’s eyes when we made love. Her eyes were wide as if surprised. Her moans turned into her cute little squeaks. She then scrunched up her face and slammed her eyes shut.

Kelly was panting heavily now but forced her eyes open so she could watch my face as I made love to her. She reached the point of no return. Her legs had been around my waist but now she slammed her heels down to the backs of my knees pinning me and stopping all movement on my part.

She thrust her pelvis up forcing every bit of my cock as deep inside of her as possible. She continued to pant, alternating between moaning and squeaking. Her whole body shook. Kelly’s orgasms were a wonder to cause, watch and ride out with her. I felt her pussy muscles pulsing and squeezing my cock. She nearly brought me off with her. 

Since she had always been multi-orgasmic with me, I felt I should hold back mine so I could give her more. She was riding a sensual, sexual high. I was enjoying every minute of it.

As she came down I started to move again. Kelly was so sexually aroused that it was only a few minutes before she was panting, moaning and squeaking again. I kept pumping my rigid cock into her as she peaked. I always loved watching her facial expressions. They changed so quickly. Her look went from loving, to lust, to surprise, to a look of pain, to eyelids fluttering ecstasy. All in the last thirty seconds before, then during and immediately after her orgasm. Her satisfied smile, as she loosened her vice-like grip, was worth anything I had to do to put it on her face.

Those who have been reading our story may have noticed that I seldom use the word “fuck”. The reason for that is most of the time Kelly and I “made love”. Some may say sex is sex but I disagree. Ninety percent of our sex was in the missionary position. It was not our lack of imagination. It was because we made love and loved watching each other’s face and staring into each other’s eyes, especially during our orgasms. Even when Kelly took the top, we would stare into our lover’s eyes. The exception to that happened next.

I lay on her as she held and hugged me following her second orgasm. I pushed myself up to arm’s length and suggested something else. Kelly readily agreed. I withdrew from her sex and stood beside the bed. She turned around with her knees just barely on the bed. I slid in all the way, in one thrust. It was time to fuck! 

We both loved “doggie style”. It was pure animal fucking. I didn’t take it slow. I started right in slamming her poor tight pussy. Kelly was seldom very loud during sex. But this position and angle had her nearly screaming. In this position, she had no leverage. She couldn’t cause me to stop moving without completely disengaging.

I held her hips as Kelly matched my movements. We were fucking. We were fucking hard! She was moaning and this time her squeaks were nearly screams. Kelly was going to cum and cum hard. The grip of her pussy muscles on my cock would ensure that I would cum with her.

Kelly put her head down onto the bed and with a grunt or scream, her body started to spasm. A combination of those spasms and her internal grip on my erection pushed me over the edge. I erupted deep inside her and seemed to fill her womb with my semen. I swear it felt like I pumped gallons into her.

She fell forward collapsing onto the bed and pulling my still hard cock from inside her. I laid down beside her as we caught our breath. Kelly rolled over and I moved with her, took her in my arms and kissed her gently. Her sweet lips met mine with a contented sigh.

We dozed off briefly and woke up quite hungry. After dressing, we went down to the hotel restaurant for an excellent dinner. We talked about anything that came to mind as we sat side by side in the booth holding hands under the table.

Back in our room we again, we kissed but soon realized that for once our lust for each other had been sated, at least temporarily. We got ready for bed and cuddled for a while before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning was the same. I got up and showered. Kelly was dressed for breakfast. She came to me, reached under the towel I had around my waist. That morning her hand was cold, I was hot from the shower and her hand was quite a shock. But before my cock could react in its usual way, from the cold, she got down on her knees to warm it up with her wonderful mouth.

Again with no time to finish, I lifted her to her feet. I kissed her thoroughly to express my gratitude. I dressed and we went to breakfast. After breakfast, we returned to the room, I brushed my teeth, gave Kelly a kiss and headed off to work.

When I had about an hour left of work. I texted that to Kelly. She texted back, “ok.” Normally she’d say something quite suggestive. For some reason, not this time.

I arrived back at the hotel that evening to find Kelly was dressed in my favorite purple baby doll nightgown. I took this vision of loveliness in my arms gave her a light kiss and a hug. Then she pushed out to arm’s length, looked me in the eyes to give me the bad news.

Kelly’s monthly “friend” had arrived. I was naturally disappointed but tried to keep that off my face. I truly did enjoy spending time with her, even when we had to keep our clothes on.

I wanted to write about our five nights of lovemaking and sex. Since this is an erotic stories site, I could make up the next few nights in the storyline. But, as I posted at the end of the first chapter, these stories did happen. I won’t make anything up.

What we ended up doing the rest if that week was to treat those few days as a mini vacation. Since I completed my work early we had those days to do as we pleased. We slept late. We went sightseeing. We visited a state park called The Little Grand Canyon. We spent that afternoon taking pictures, walking along the rim holding hands and enjoyed being together with the peace and quiet of the uncluttered wilderness. We, also, went to a museum and we checked out various restaurants. We held hands most of the time. We just plain enjoyed each other’s company.

Please stay tuned for our next adventure.

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