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After the Reunion Ch 19-b


Sunday afternoon, October 15, 2028

The two kids were playing Chutes and Ladders; they’d worn their dad out and I was watching for Addie when she got home, but they hadn’t noticed… not until she came in the house through the garage-kitchen door. When they realized she was there, the game was instantly forgotten and they rushed to their mom’s arms.

“I missed you, Mommy!’ both Katie and Kevin spouted, almost simultaneously.

“I missed you, too, sweetheart,” as she hugged both back.

“We had fun, Livvy went with us and Nicki and we built a snowman and Daddy wouldn’t bring it home,” Kevin rambled on for another minute or so, reciting our day’s activities in rapid-fire kid-speak.

Addie looked at me, grinning, “You had a busy day, sweetheart,” she told Kevin.

I was dying here! The only thing I wanted was to hear about Addie’s date. She went on talking to the kids as if yesterday had been a normal, typical day, knowing damned well what she was doing to me.

This went on for the next FOUR friggin’ hours! She wouldn’t say a word to me about Saturday night. It was like it hadn’t even happened, and I was starting to question my sanity (no smartass comments about that, either!), like maybe the whole thing was a figment of my imagination, except that I knew it wasn’t.

I showed her the pictures I’d taken; of the trip up the mountain, the old café in Cuprum, and the snowman in Bear. At least looking at the pictures, I confirmed that our day had actually happened and wasn’t my insanity showing. When I mentioned to Addie that Nicki had pictures she’d like to frame and display in the store, she was more than a little excited about it; thought it would be a fantastic idea.

Nothing we talked about was diverting my mind from the elephant jumping up and down in the center of the room, shaking the whole house. It was just a diversion to pass the time until the kids went to bed. When it finally came time to read them their nighttime story, naturally they both wanted Mommy to read to them; separately, of course. Kevin wanted Brer Fox and the Tar Baby, and Katie wanted Cinderella, out of the Disney Classics book, both long stories.

I waited in our bedroom, wondering if Addie was going to read each story two or three times. She was taking that long. Seemed like it, anyway!

When she finally did come in our bedroom, she gave me a short kiss on the cheek and said she had to get ready for bed. Damn! She could have just taken her clothes off, climbed in bed with me and told me about last night. But, oh no, she had to get herself ready! I groaned in frustration.

When Addie finally did reappear out of the bathroom, she was wearing a new silk gown, her hair was brushed out and her perfume she smelt like heaven itself. “Oh God, that smell, what is it?”

“Jasmine, you like it?”

I rolled my eyes, ‘like it’ wasn’t the word I’d have used. Of course that little black nightie with nothing under it didn’t hurt, either.

“I bought it for Nick. He liked it, too… this too,” she told me, doing a little pirouette with her black nightie. Oh God, she knew how to get a rise out of my jealousy. Other places, too.

She climbed on the bed with me. “Did you wear it for him last night?”

“Mmm,” was all she answered.

I was hard and couldn’t stand to wait. Apparently, Addie was in the same condition. She climbed on top of my waist and lowered herself down, impaling herself on my cock. As she sat on my waist, grinding down on me and squeezing my cock inside her pussy, I groaned and managed to mumble out, “What… what, did you… do with… him?”

Her hands were on my chest, looking me in the eyes, grinding my cock deeper inside her pussy, “He kissed me…”

Oh shit, her pussy was feeling good wrapped around me. It seemed like it had been so long! “And?”

Addie was moaning, “It was a really loonnngg kiss… sexy… lots of tongue…“ She closed her eyes, reliving and rocking her pussy back and forth on me, “so good… he kisses so good…”

I was nearly at the end of my endurance, so close to coming, “What… then?” I was almost beyond the ability to speak, but needed to know… how he fucked her. Or maybe they had made love, instead. My eyes were closed, imagining her date’s (I saw the picture of him, so it was a lot easier to picture him in my mind) hands shaking as he pulled her dress up and over her head, then unsnapped her bra and Addie moaning when he sucked her nipple in his mouth.

“I… opened the car door… and went in the house, Robert and Michelle’s house… alone… he said… we needed to get to know each other better first…”

My eyes popped open, the delicious image in my mind instantly gone, “You didn’t…?”

She shook her head, “No… I wanted to, but he… he wanted to wait… said it’d be better… if he makes love like he kisses...”

I couldn’t stop myself. I exploded inside my wife, grabbing her hips and pulling her down on me while I made two or three short, frantic thrusts and ejaculating inside her. Addie’s body spasmed with her own orgasm, her pussy rhythmically squeezing me, loud groans coming from both our mouths.

Afterward, we lay spooned together, Addie in front, my arm wrapped around her and my hand gently caressing her breast. “Robert and Michelle were asleep… at least I guess they were, they had let me use one of their guest rooms… I was so goddammed horny!”

I don’t think I’d ever heard Addie, my sweet wife, use the word ‘goddammed’ before in my life.

I was still so turned on by her. “Another date?” I asked as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger.

Addie’s hand was over mine, her fingers tracing my fingers that were rolling her nipple, “Mmhmm, Saturday.”

I felt myself start to stiffen all over again. “Samuel, dinner?”

“That’s Friday, Nick’s Saturday.”

I didn’t even think to ask her what she’d told him about her husband. My hand ventured lower, rubbing over her little baby-bump tummy, then just a little lower yet between her legs. She spread her legs apart, one leg back over my body, giving me access to rub her most intimate part of her body, feeling my cum inside her. I wondered if ‘Nick’ would be doing this next Saturday night.

We went to sleep with my hand between her legs, one finger nestled comfortably between her pussy lips.

I barely saw Addie on Monday. It was volleyball practice night. Nicki dropped Livvy off as had become routine on Mondays, then they didn’t get back until after ten. “The team went out for dessert after practice. “We worked hard, thought we deserved it,” Adriana explained.

She also had brought home a partially eaten box of chocolates from the store. They had a creamy, caramel goo in the middle. So good!

The kids and I went to the game Tuesday night. I was right, there was probably at least triple the normal spectators watching their game; or the women. I could kid myself and say it was because they were good, which they were, dominating all three games. But that wasn’t the difference from years before. It was those sexy uniforms. There wasn’t a single team member that didn’t look good. But Kayla, damn! Those long legs. Of course, watching her diving after all those spiked balls didn’t hurt the view, either.

I did think to ask Addie about Nick, Wednesday morning before she left for work. “I was surprised, he didn’t look like I’d have expected for a mechanic.”

She laughed, “I think Michelle played a little bit of a joke on us. He’s not a mechanic at all. Actually, he’s a sculptor. He does bronzes.”

I cocked my head in amusement, “You mean… like, what of?” I was thinking of the bronzes we’d seen in western stores; horses, wildlife, things like that; the statues that all had a label on the bottom, ‘Made in China’, and sold for a hundred bucks or less. I know there are galleries with them and some can be expensive as hell.

“I don’t know for sure, I haven’t seen any of them… maybe will Saturday. He has a little gallery.”

Saturday. Seeing him again Saturday. I thought about that kiss she told me about. Seeing him again. Wanted to get to know her better first. First, before… God, I was getting hard again! What the hell was the matter with me? Any ‘normal’ man would be jealous as hell, and angry, probably talking about a divorce.

That got me thinking about my dad and my mom… and Addie’s parents. Maybe my condition is genetic?

Addie left for work and I took the kids to school, just like every other morning. But this morning seemed different. I knew it wasn’t any of my damned business, but I needed to know, even if it meant Dad knowing about Addie and me as well. I checked my watch; don’t ask me why, I already knew he’d be in class. Dad’s a high school math teacher, had been as long as I could remember. I couldn’t call him, but I could text, Dad, any chance could meet for lunch?

I didn’t get an answer for the next hour, which didn’t surprise me. He wouldn’t answer during a class. I finally did get an answer from him, Got a free period at 1. Wassup?

Nothing serious, just something I wanted to ask you about.

Okay, 12:30 then, Taco Time?

Dad was always a sucker for fast-food Mexican. At least it wasn’t McDonald’s. I do get a little tired of Mickey D’s.

Okay, drive-thru, I’ll buy for you, be in the Jeep. I didn’t want to have the discussion I intended inside the restaurant.

I spent the rest of my morning wracking my brain, trying to come up with a way to ask my dad if he and Mom are fucking Addie’s parents. Well, that and payroll. We pay twice a month, the first and sixteenth. It’s all computerized; all I have to do is enter our part-timers’ hours and any time off anyone took. Addie gives both sick leave and vacation, we only need to keep track. Then, the program direct deposits and prints a stub. Simple as can be. Damn good thing, too, because my mind sure as hell wasn’t fit for anything very complicated.

I was at Taco Time in Ontario at 12:25. I’ve been often enough with Dad to know what he wanted, so ordered for him as well as my own crispy beef burrito and diet coke then parked in the corner of the lot where we’d have some privacy. My nerves were just about off in the stratosphere. I still didn’t have any idea how to ask him… and was scared to death what he’d think about Adriana and me, especially if I was completely off base.

Dad climbed in the passenger door at 12:32; said his next class was at 2:05 and needed to be back ten minutes early.

“Brrr,” he said, “cold outside.”

“Yeah, I noticed. Spent Saturday up in the snow.” I gave him a very brief run-down of our little Saturday excursion, leaving out the part about it being Nicki with us instead of Addie. I was just stalling, trying to get up the courage to talk about what I wanted.

Dad helped to solve the problem, “Okay, Matt, I know you didn’t meet me to talk about snow. Something bothering you?”

The time had arrived and I was on the hook and I still didn’t know how in hell to ask what I wanted. “Not really ‘bothering’ me, Dad, I guess just something I’ve noticed lately and been wondering about.” Shit, now was the time! Why in hell didn’t I just leave well enough alone? Too damned late now. I took a deep breath, Dad watching my every move, “I need to ask you something, Dad, but before I do, there’s something I need to tell you.”

He didn’t say anything, just watched me; my dad that raised me from a baby and I was about to bare myself like I never had before, “You remember, Dad, when Adriana and I went to her college reunion last June?”

He nodded, “Yeah?” He obviously had no idea where this was going.

“We told you about her friends that we ran into, Tanner and Tanya.” Another nod.

I took another gulp of air, “Well, they were more than just ‘friends’. Adriana… and Tanner… were a lot more than friends in college.”

He was looking at me with wide eyes, “You mean…?”

“Uhuh, for two years… I never knew.” Dad looked just as shocked as I’d expected. One of the things that had impressed them about her, back when we were dating, was her ‘innocence’, that she was so ideal for their only son.

“I learned a lot that night.” Dad started to say something, but I shushed him, “But the biggest thing, Dad, was that I learned to love her even more.”

“I don’t even know what to say, Matt. To say I’m surprised seems pretty damn mild.”

“Well, Dad, there’s more… since then… Adriana… and Tanner… have resumed their relationship,” and I quickly added, “with my full approval.”

I glanced at the clock in the Jeep. The last thing I wanted was to have to end this before I was finished. Dad was obviously speechless, so I forged ahead. “And I’ve been with Tanya… several times.”


“No, Dad, let me finish. When we took that trip to Reno, you and Mom watched the kids part of the time. We… didn’t sleep with our wives. Adriana slept with Tanner… and I slept with Tanya.”

Now, Dad started to smile. “She pretty?” he asked me.

Maybe this wouldn’t turn out to be a disaster! “Yeah, Dad, she’s pretty.” Then I asked him, “You remember that movie ‘10’ with Bo Derek?” Dad would have been about five or six when it came out, but I thought there was a pretty good chance he’d seen it later.

“I saw it, several times as a matter of fact. I used to tease your mom about wearing a swimsuit like that.”

“Well, Tanya could pass for Bo Derek’s identical twin sister… except I think a prettier body.” And now the clincher to my dad, “And she just found out that she’s been selected for being a Playboy Playmate of the Month.”

I could tell that Dad was impressed, “Wow, son… but where does that leave you and Adriana?”

“It leaves her and me in a better place than ever. We know how much we love each other.” I didn’t think he needed to know about Adriana’s… or mine other ‘interludes’. “We love being with our friends, switching partners, but it’s only brought us closer.”

Now was the time. Dad hadn’t seemed disgusted with us, so I forged ahead, “That brings me to the question I wanted to ask… and Dad, just tell me if I’m out of bounds. I… noticed at dinner the other evening… you seemed pretty attentive to Laura.” Okay, Matt, out with it! “Are you? Have you…?”

Dad looked down at the floor, looking pretty embarrassed, then back up, “No… but I admit, I’ve wanted to… I’ve been attracted to her ever since your wedding. And then this coast trip…“ He looked over at me, “But I’d never do anything to hurt your mom.”

“Dad, it’s okay, I understand. She’s beautiful, I’ve always known that Adriana would just get prettier when she gets older, just like her mom. Does Mom… know?” Then before he answered I asked the next obvious question, “Mom… is she attracted to Travis?”

I checked the clock again. We were running out of time. It was a quarter till one, Dad had to leave in just a couple minutes.

“I guess I don’t know… but… I think so. We stayed in one room to save money. Neither girl was bashful about hiding themselves with their nightgowns.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, “And did you and Mom… you know… with them in the same room? Did they?”

Dad got a dreamy look on his face, “Uhuh. Think they were sleeping,” The grin widened on his face, “But we weren’t… when they… I had to hold my hand over Kristi’s mouth to keep her from giggling out loud and giving us away… then she was so horny. She wanted to, you know, again, but said we couldn’t because she knew they were awake.”

It’s hard to even think about your parents being horny. Weird! It was time I knew Dad had to go. “What now, then? You going to do anything?”

He sighed, “Wish I knew how. We’ve been married thirty-two years and never done anything like what you’re suggesting.” He checked his watch. He was a couple minutes later than I knew he wanted to be.

“Dad,” I told him, “it isn’t exactly my expertise, but one thing I do know is that all four have to want it. That’s the only way.”

He nodded, then laughed, “Don’t worry, Matt, it’ll never happen… I… just couldn’t.”

As he opened the Jeep’s door, I told him, “I’ll talk to Adriana.” She was and always will be ‘Adriana’ to my parents, never ‘Addie’. “Maybe she’ll have a suggestion.”

As he climbed out, he told me, “Thanks for the talk, Matt… and thanks for the honesty.”

That made me feel a little guilty. There was about ninety percent that I’d held back. “You too, Dad, I enjoyed the talk. Hopefully, we can help solve your dilemma.”

I thought a lot about that conversation on the way home. What a twisted, wonderful world we live in! I tried to envision how it’d be for Dad if his fantasy ever came true. I had no idea if there had been anyone before Mom, but knowing Dad, I seriously doubted it. And Mom with Travis? Wow! You just don’t think about your parents that way. You know, they’re old. They’re… Who the hell am I kidding? All four are damned good-looking people… and obviously from what Dad told me about their nights at the coast, their libido is still active as hell.

After the kids went to bed that night, I told Addie about my conversation with my dad. She couldn’t stop the giggling, “Our parents! Seriously!”

“Yeah, our parents… and you, my love, you need to come up with a way for them to cross the bridge.”

She giggled some more, “Me? Why me? Why not you?”

I thought it was pretty damned obvious, “Cuz you’re a girl. You know these things.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Maybe I’ll have a little conversation with my mom, just drop some little subtle hints… find out if it’s mutual… and you really told him about us?”

“Not quite everything. Not yet. Just about Tanner and Tanya… and no details. Thought that was probably enough for now.” Yeah, more than enough! Weirdest conversation I’ve ever had, I think. I could just imagine his reaction if I’d told him about Jonah and Samuel… oh yeah, Daryl in high school… and Nick… and Robert and Michelle… and Kayla… and Addie’s stripping! Yeah, I’d told him plenty.

“I found out something today, too. Tawns called, told me they’ve been shooting the last two days, took enough pictures to fill a book.” She laughed, “She said she’s so fucking horny, she’s afraid she might kill Tanner.” She giggled, “Poor guy.”

Poor guy! I felt so damn bad for him, fucked to death by a horny Playboy Playmate. “Maybe we should go rescue him, help him out,” Addie suggested.

We didn’t, obviously. He’ll just have to fend for himself. “She tell you about any of the pictures?” I asked Addie.

“She said there were some in the pool, both with and without her bikini; topless, getting dressed; working in a customer’s new house, and lots of naked poses.” This little tête-à-tête was making me horny as hell. I couldn’t even imagine what it had done to Tawns.

“She say if it was a man or woman photographer?” I should have studied photography!

“It’s a man. And they’re not through. She doesn’t know what’s tomorrow, other than lots more pictures.

Addie had wanted to abstain from any sex until the weekend, maybe because of Samuel coming, but for sure because of her date with Nick. But after talking about Tanya, there wasn’t any way in hell that either of us could hold off that night. Addie and I had a very good night.

Friday morning, I asked Addie if we needed to have the kids go to Joanie’s that night. I didn’t want another situation like we’d had the night with Kayla, Ethan, T&T and us; the kids two rooms over. “No,” she told me, “Samuel’s bringing Lily, too. We’re fine.”

I was confused. I had no idea what to expect, then. I thought I knew… and it wouldn’t involve the kids being there.

Addie said she was going to Mountain Home that day, to talk to Nicki about putting a candy counter in the store there. It had been a huge hit in Kayla’s store and Sarah said that if it was that successful in another store, she’d expand her little candy factory. Addie said that Sarah was thrilled to death with their arrangement. I hadn’t ever even met Sarah. It was just Addie that had dealt with her.

I was nervous all day Friday. Addie wanted steak, but I was afraid it’d be too cold outside to grill. She’d bought the steaks; five big, fat, juicy rib steaks.

Addie came home early and told me that Nicki had framed and hung several of her nice landscape photos, including a couple from the trip Saturday. She laughed and said Nicki was going to ask fifty dollars for them. “I told her at least a hundred-and-fifty. Heck, she’s got thirty or forty in just the frame. I also told her that the store won’t take any percentage when they sell.” Sounded fair enough to me.

Addie got busy making a potato salad and getting some baked taters ready to go in the oven. I opened a couple cans of ‘Grillin’ beans’ for my culinary expertise. She wanted to give Samuel a good western, country-boy meal, different than he’s used to.

By quarter till seven, we were ready. The potatoes were in the oven, steak seasoned and the grill at 500 degrees, waiting for the steaks. Fortunately, it had warmed up outside to the mid-fifties, plenty warm enough to grill the steaks on the pellet grill. Katie was reading a story to Kevin in the living room. Addie had dressed in a just-above-the-knee, bright red, sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps, red strapless bra, and I didn’t know what for panties. Attractive and feminine, but not overtly sexy. Her black lingerie from ‘that night’ was tucked away in a drawer and I had no idea if it might be seeing daylight later on. I doubted it since we hadn’t taken the kids to Joanie’s. I had on a shirt and blue jeans. Fancy, schmancy!

My stomach was churning, worried about how to interact with the famous Samuel. The big, good-looking, tough guy with the huge cock who Addie had drooled over sexually for over two months; who had fucked her starving cunt in front of a thousand people, then taken her home and spent the night fucking and making love with her. The ‘making love’ was almost the hardest part. I know that Addie has strong emotional ties to the guy, that she probably desperately wanted to jump in bed with him all over again.

At least I had some things in my favor; I’d be grilling the steaks to keep myself occupied shortly after he got here. Addie was MY wife and he knew that, actually seemed to respect that, at least somewhat, from what Addie had said.

The doorbell rang at 6:55. Naturally, Addie was busy putting plates on the table and asked me to get the door. I wanted her to let the guy in, then introduce us. But, good husband as I am, I opened the door. “Nicki?” I looked around. It was Nicki and Livvy. She looked a little confused at my ‘greeting’. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize you were coming tonight.” I stood back, holding the door for her, “Come on in. I’m happy you’re here.”

Addie didn’t seem surprised at all. “Hi Nicki, I’m in the dining room, just setting the table. Come on in, you can give me a hand.”

Livvy went straight into the living room and plopped herself down beside Katie. I heard Katie ask, “You wanna play a game?” Then all three kids jumped up and skipped into Katie’s bedroom.

I was still confused. I had no idea that Nicki was coming to dinner. Then it all made sense to me! Matchmaker Adriana! Lonely Nicki, lonely Samuel, both had little girls roughly the same age. That was obviously her plan from the first time she asked about inviting Samuel. I remembered her words, “Trust me,” but I hadn’t, not really. Maybe, sorta, but it had still been in the back of my mind that Addie might be going off with him tonight after dinner.

Then another thought hit me, what the hell? Samuel lives six-hundred miles away. What does she think’s going to happen, Nicki move to Sacramento? Samuel move to Idaho?

I shook my head, wondering at the deviousness of my wife. Then the doorbell rang again. It was exactly seven o’clock. This time, knowing Addie’s plan, I was much more prepared to meet her lover. The thought quickly went through my mind, ‘does Nicki know?’ That was Addie’s problem, not mine.

I opened the door and there stood the man and his cute little girl. He had a pleasant, but nervous-looking smile on his face. He obviously didn’t know what to expect, either. I hadn’t realized his skin was quite as dark as it was, not ‘chocolate’, but actually black. I guess the time I saw him, my mind was a little distracted.

I gave him a smile in return and shook his hand, telling him I was glad to finally meet him. “Addie has told me so much about you,” I clumsily said. I didn’t know what to say. I invited them in, then hollered in the other room, “Katie, Kevin, Livvy, there’s someone here that I bet would like to meet you.”

Addie and Nicki came into the living room at the same time as the kids. Addie knelt down and gave Lily a big hug, telling her how happy she was to see her again, then introduced her to the other three kids. The first thing out of Livvy’s mouth was, “Do you like to play Chutes and Ladders?”

Lily looked bashful, glancing up at her dad, “I don’t know. I never have.”

Katie grabbed one of Lily’s hands and Livvy the other, Livvy saying, “Come on, we’ll teach you. It’s fun,” then she added, “of course you gotta let us win,” with a cute little laugh. Then all four disappeared back into the bedroom and we heard lots of kid-chattering and giggles.

Once that was taken care of, Addie stood back up and faced Samuel. I almost expected a passionate kiss among lovers, but they just hugged briefly, then Addie introduced Samuel and Nicki. They hugged very briefly, acknowledging each other, then Addie introduced me. Samuel’s first words were, “Glad to meet you, man, you must be so proud having this woman as your wife.”

I glanced at Addie, her face turning a bit red, then back to Samuel, “Yeah, I am. She’s pretty damned amazing!” I already liked the guy. He handed me two bottles of wine, not realizing that a wine-connoisseur, I am not. I thanked him profusely, then handed them to Nicki to do whatever with. I saw her a moment later setting wine glasses on the table. Personally, I had no clue; white wine with steaks, red wine? I didn’t really care, seemed like a waste of perfectly good grapes to me.

Speaking of Nicki, when she came in I was too surprised to really notice what she was wearing. She had on a short, dark purple skirt and lighter purple, silk blouse. She looked nice, really nice!

Samuel followed me out on the back deck to put the rib steaks on the grill. I explained the grill to him, how the different species of wood pellets flavored the meat differently. I like to use mesquite pellets. They give it a delicious mesquite smoke flavor.

I asked him about being a Navy Seal, and he told me of some of the missions they had. I never broached the subject of his wife that had been killed. Figured he could bring her up if he wanted… or not. I can’t even imagine what the guy had gone through. If something like that ever happened to Adriana… Urgh!

We talked about Addie’s stores, explaining to him the very short version of how they came to be. Before the steaks were done, we were friends. I understood why Addie had been so infatuated with him, even aside from the obvious.

Samuel retrieved a platter from Addie and a moment later we were sitting down with sizzling hot steaks, medium rare, with one well done for Nicki. Addie and Nicki put together plates for the kids and called them to the little ‘kid table’.

Nicki and Samuel sat on one side, Addie and me on the other. By then, Samuel understood, too, what Addie’s plan was and he didn’t seem the least bit averse to back-and-forth flirting with Nicki.

Neither did Nicki, by the way. It was pretty obvious that by the time dinner was over, Nicki was totally infatuated with Addie’s ‘friend’. Neither had mentioned the unhappy ending to Nicki’s marriage or the tragic ending to Samuel’s.

Samuel didn’t seem to mind our country-style meal, grillin-beans and all. He complimented us for the food several times.

The kids had finished and abandoned their plates on the table to resume their Chutes and Ladders game. Once they were gone, Addie suggested, “We’ll watch the kids if you guys want to go out somewhere.” I could see Addie’s mind working, take her back to your hotel, Samuel, fuck her like you did me.

Nicki and Samuel both wanted to help clean the table off, but Addie insisted that she and I could take care of that. Yeah, then we can fuck. God, I was horny after thinking about Samul and Addie all evening. Putting a real person, with a real face to that picture in my mind of the two of them inside that glass cage had done a major number on my libido.

Nicki looked over at Samuel and said, “I know of a place, at least I hope it’s still there… it’s been a long time.”

Samuel glanced at both Addie and me, “You sure? We can help clean up.”

“We got this,” I told him, “just take a little while. You guys go.”

They went back to the kids’ room and told their little people they were going out for a while, so be good. I laughed, watching the kids intently playing their game, not paying a bit of attention. Lily had been fully absorbed into their group.

Addie and I watched Samuel very politely open the door for Nicki. “You know the place Nicki was talking about?” I asked Addie.

She laughed, “No clue. But maybe if we’re lucky, it’ll be an all-nighter type of place.”

I kissed the back of her neck, “I know of an all-nighter type of place I’d kind of like to take you to, right now.”

She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, hard, then pulled away and said, “Mmm, I’d like that… but not tonight…”

I groaned. I was horny! I’d forgotten all about Addie’s date. Thinking of Addie, already all hot and bothered, with Nick, drove my libido up another ten notches. It was hell being married to that sexy of a woman.

We cleaned up the dining room and kitchen, then sat down to watch a movie together. Anything to take my mind off of what my mind was on. Addie snuggled up next to me and said, “I think I have a plan.”

I looked at her with what must have been a very befuddled expression on my face, “Plan? You mean Nicki and Samuel? You’ve already done that plan.”

She giggled again, “No, silly, our parents. You know, what you and Russ talked about.”

“Ahh, that plan. So, what is it?”

“Not going to tell you. Not till I talk to my mom. Get an idea if it’s something they want.”

“And if it is?”

“Then I told you, I have a plan.”

“And you’re not gonna tell me, are you?”

She shook her head, “Nope, nada, nyet. You got any more words for ‘no’?”

I gave that line of questioning up. “You hear any more from Tanya, how the last couple days of her photo-shoot have gone?”

“Uhuh, not a word. She’s probably been too busy fucking poor Tanner to call.”

“Hah! Poor abused guy.”

“You know, sweet, you could have told me a little more about what you were doing tonight, Nicki and all,” I told her.

She laughed, “And what fun would that have been? You should have seen your face when you opened the door and Nicki was there.”

“How do you know? You were in the kitchen.”

“You think us girls don’t talk behind your back?”

“What do you think they’re doing?”

She snuggled her head up against my cheek, “I know what I hope they’re doing, but I Imagine they’re someplace where they can dance, get to know each other.”

“You miss him?”

She cocked her head around and looked at me, not answering, then snuggled back where she was before and said, “Yes.”

We were quiet after that, watching the movie. I have no idea what it was, it was going in and back out just as fast with no interaction with my brain at all.

At nine-thirty, Addie suggested, “We should probably get the kids in bed.”

“Nah, it’s Friday night. They can sleep in tomorrow. Let ‘em play a little longer, get to know Lily better.” Besides, I figured I wasn’t getting any tonight and the sooner the kids went to bed, we probably would, too. And I wasn’t eager to go lay against my sexy wife and not get to do anything with her. Snuggling on the couch was just fine. Other than the fact that her dress had slid high up her thighs and I was left with that view above the top of her lacy stockings. Couldn’t keep my hands away, either.

A little later, she relaxed, apparently asleep. I wanted nothing more than to wake her, push her face first over the back of the couch, rip her panties off (if she’s wearing any – I still didn’t know) and bury my cock all the way inside her cunt, hard. She’d probably like it if I did exactly that, probably come so fast. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. It’s not me. Besides, there were four kids playing in Katie’s bedroom.

Instead, I kissed the top of her head, woke her up and led her into our bedroom. “Sorry,” she said, “all the stress, worrying about tonight, how it was going to turn out… I’m exhausted.” She went in the bathroom and I sat on the edge of the bed waiting. She came out a little later, wearing a long peach-colored, silk nightgown. The kind that covers her completely, except that every curve shows through, her nipples poking holes… and was so fucking sexy!

I needed to check on the kids. It was way past their bedtime. I sat on the couch watching the stupid movie, trying to get my mind off my sexy wife in the other room. The tent in my pants gradually dissipated so I checked on them. I asked the girls if they wanted to sleep on the floor so they’d all be together and Kevin started pouting, “Me too, Daddy. Can I sleep in here, too.”

I laughed and couldn’t think of a reason why not. “Sure, Kev,” I told him. I grabbed a couple blankets out of the hall closet, laid one down, then kids, then another blanket on top. “You four be quiet and go to sleep, okay?”

A little after ten I heard Addie’s phone chirp with a text message and checked it. Okay if the kids spend the night?

Addie was asleep so I answered it for her, Sure, they’re already asleep. Have fun. Addie would be pleased. So far, her little plan seems to have worked out exactly as she’d hoped. I knew from Nicki that it had been two years for her. They should have a very good night ahead.

When I went to bed, I had to keep my hands to myself. It had only been two days since we’d made love, but it seemed like a hell of a lot longer than that! I knew that Saturday and especially Saturday night would be torture. There wasn’t much sleep that night.

The next morning, I was asleep. When I woke up, Addie was up and her suitcase was already packed. I scooted up in bed and asked her, “You going to show me what you’re wearing tonight?”

Addie scoffed at me; actually scoffed! “You should have woken up earlier. It’s all packed now. I’ll send you a picture tonight.” Oh God, what the hell was it? Sent blood away from my brain all over again. That morning, she was wearing a loose pair of slacks and one of her nice, stretchy sweaters. Not sexy, just… sexy!

I mentioned the text message from Nicki last night. Addie sat down on the bed beside me with a wide smile on her face. “Seems as though my little ruse might have worked.”

“Yeah, now you’ll likely lose a manager and part of your volleyball team.”

She wrinkled her nose. She’s so damn cute when she does that! “Hope not. If it does work out for them, I hope it’ll be the other way around, that Jonah would lose his athletic club manager.”

Then she said, “Hon, I need to get going. I texted my mom and she’s meeting me for breakfast in an hour.”

That got my interest, “You’re going to talk to her about… you know…?”

“I’ll see how it goes. Going to try and back my way into it somehow.”

“And you still won’t tell me?”

She laughed, “Sweet, you’re incorrigible! No, I’m not going to tell you. I’ll see how it goes, maybe tell you later, but right now I’m gonna kiss kiddies bye.” A moment later, I heard her in the kids’ room telling them that she’d be home tomorrow and to have fun with Dad.

I climbed out of bed and pulled on a pair of blue jeans and pullover shirt while she was talking to them. I met her in the living room and she kissed me. “You’re going to Robert and Michelle’s again?”

She nodded, “Not sure about later.”

That little comment made me almost instantly hard. She may be spending the night with a new guy. A guy that could turn into a long-term lover.

I carried her suitcase to the van and once again, watched her drive away. She’d just gone out of sight when I remembered that other little thing that I’d been wondering about. What had she told Nick about me, her husband? Shit!

Back in the house, I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the zoo later. I had no idea of Nicki and Samuel’s plans, whether they were picking up kids later or not.

Boise has a pretty good zoo and the part our kids like is the little pond with a ‘raft’ as they call it. It’s a little boat that they take kids all around the pond looking at the wildlife; frogs, birds, fish. The kids absolutely love it.

First, breakfast. I wished I’d made up some sourdough the night before, but I had been a little distracted. Instead, I made waffles from my trusty old Betty Crocker cookbook.

We were about halfway through eating when the doorbell rang. It was Samuel and Nicki, who both thanked me profusely for watching their kids. Lily told her dad, “We’re going to the zoo!”

She seemed like such a sweet little girl that I hated to burst her bubble. I shouldn’t have suggested the zoo until they’d arrived. “Lily, maybe your dad and his friend have other plans.” Then I thought, why not? “Would you want to go to the zoo with us?” I asked the two of them.

They looked at each other briefly, each nodding. “Sure,” Nicki Said, “sounds like fun.”

So we finished breakfast, loaded up the kids in two cars and headed for the zoo. First thing there, Katie and Kevin dragged us straight to the pond with the raft.

That was about the time I got the text from Addie, “Verry interesting conversation with Mom. Tell you about it later.” Damn, I wondered, what the hell? I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder with Kevin pulling my hand onto the raft.

We had a great day. Samuel and Nicki seemed totally smitten with each other. Later, when we left the zoo, I offered to take their kids home to spend the night with us again, but they said they were going to Nicki’s house and wanted them along.

It had a busy day and I hadn’t had any chance to hardly think about Addie and her date. Home in the quiet house (how ‘quiet’ can any house be with a seven and four-year-old?), my thoughts reverted back to wondering, hoping about where Addie would be spending the night.

Oh yeah, and about that conversation Addie had had with her mother. I just couldn’t even begin to bring myself to imagine our parents swapping spouses!

A little after nine that evening, my phone chirped with a text message. Then before I could even get it, it chirped again. The first was a picture of Addie and Nick sitting at a restaurant table looking into the camera. I had almost forgotten to wonder what she was going to be wearing that night. She hadn’t disappointed in her choice. Turns out it was that ‘date night’ outfit she’d modeled for me and Ethan that night of her and Kayla’s fashion show. It was a nearly transparent black lace, full sleeved, low-cut, V-neck blouse with what looked like a short, opaque camisole covering her very obviously, braless tits.

Nick looked about like he had the week before; long, unruly blonde hair, scruffy whiskers on his face, and a nice, satiny-looking shirt.

Addie and Nick both looked like the happiest couple on earth.

Then the next picture, that was the one that threw my libido into hyperdrive. Addie’s and Nick’s lips were coming together, about an inch apart. Her eyes were closed, ruby red lips open for him. Addie’s left hand was behind Nick’s neck and his hand was on her ribs, right underneath her braless breast, his thumb extended up, pressing against her lace-covered, braless nipple.

That picture was tearing me apart, the combination of wanting to see the third picture, taken five seconds later, the gap closed, lips together; and the jealousy that was roaring through my body like an out-of-control avalanche.

I sat, staring at it and waiting for that third picture that never came, blood flowing to my already stone-hard shaft, growing harder by the second. There was no third picture, though; only my imagination closing that one-inch gap… and what was sure to follow.

My thanks to cbears52 and kiteares for their editing/proofreading. The help was invaluable. I am happy to blame either or both for any errors that remain. LOL! Not really, I take full credit for all screw-ups.


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