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After the Reunion Ch 20-a

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I apologize for the long delay. Lots of things; procrastination, real-life, mental blockage. The next chapters won't be nearly so long, promise!

Sunday evening, Nov 5, 2028

We were still on our bed, my arms and legs handcuffed to the corners and Addie had just taken the ball-gag out of my mouth. “Who was the pretty redhead with you last night?” she asked

Holy shit! I could hardly breathe. She knew!

“Did you fuck her?”

I couldn’t speak, all I could do was nod.

“Thought probably so. Who is she?”

My jumbled mind had at least coalesced enough to form a few words, “She’s a friend of Michelle’s.”

“So, Michelle set it up?”

I nodded again.


“She texted me Friday morning she was making me a date, I didn’t know anything about her until I got there.”

I could see Addie’s brain working, “Sooo, you had all day Friday and Friday night that you could have told me you had a date.”

“I… I wanted… to surprise you… didn’t want you to even know I was there.”

She screwed her face up like she thought that was the stupidest thing she’d ever heard. “And… you actually thought… in several hours, I wouldn’t notice my own husband?”

I was suddenly feeling pretty damn foolish, “I guess… with the suit… and the glasses… and the haircut… I hoped not.”

She laughed, “The glasses… you always have been a Superman fan. Guess you thought, Clark Kent, huh?”

I nodded, “Uhuh.” Hearing it from Addie made it sound about as stupid as it was.

“I guess the bigger question… was she good? You like her? You seemed pretty much all over each other.”

I nodded again, “A lot. She’s single. Her husband died a few years ago… and yeah, I did… enjoy being with her, I mean.”

“This hot chick have a name?”

“Ginger… I never… she never told me her last name.”

Addie didn’t say any more for a long time, I guess thinking. The longer she hesitated, the more nervous I was. She finally spoke, “Honesty… you knew what I was doing, knew I was going to sleep with Nick… I’ve been telling you everything. Don’t you think I deserved the same?”

“I didn’t…”

“I know, you didn’t know,” she went on, “you knew you had a date. You could have told me that. I get that you didn’t want Nick to know you were there, but me? That wasn’t fair… you remember the picture, in the bathroom? I saw her coming in behind me, waited until she was in the picture.”

I didn’t know what to say, my mind was kind of blown away. I’d thought I’d gotten away with it. Stupid, stupid, stupid! “Did she know why you were there? That it was me?”

Finally, a question I could answer, hopefully without getting deeper in trouble, “Yes, she knew why I was there, that my wife was with another man. She even kissed me to give ‘my wife’ something to think about in case you’d seen me. And no, she never knew who, still doesn’t. I started to tell her, but she stopped me… said she didn’t want to know.”

Addie sat quietly for a moment, maybe giving me an opportunity, “Hon, I’m sorry, you’re right, I should have told you. But… I guess, I wanted to be there… see you with him… without even you knowing,” I wasn’t going to tell her that it was actually Michelle’s suggestion, “I thought it’d be more exciting… and it was! I loved you not knowing… or at least thinking you didn’t know. I never intended to sleep with Ginger, not up to the time you left. I didn’t know anything about her, except that Michelle had arranged a date so I wouldn’t stand out, being alone. Then she wanted… and I did too, couldn’t stop myself.”

“You want to see her again?”

I nodded. Honesty. “Yeah.”

Addie took a deep breath, “Okay, rules… First thing, there have to be some consequences for not telling me… I want to know about her, everything you know. You can do that later… you have to be honest with me, tell me everything, the same as I do… but for now, the consequences…”

I held my breath, not knowing what to expect. I was still tied to the bed. Addie could do most anything she wanted with me and not a thing I could do to resist. Of course, I knew she wouldn’t actually ‘hurt’ me… then I thought about the spanking I’d given her.

“Two weeks,” I looked at her inquisitively, “no sex, none, no coming, nothing for two weeks.”

My eyes were wide, shit! I was already in a bad way. I couldn’t imagine two weeks of this. Well, I guess I could, we’d done it before, but… CRAP!

“Starting now… an hour ago, actually.” She looked at her watch, “Ten-forty-seven PM,” a short hesitation, “November nineteenth, remember the time, both of us,” she looked back toward me, “and we’re not going to make it easy… we both sleep naked, every night.” Addie got an evil grin on her face, before she added, “At least you do.”

I groaned, but Addie wasn’t through, “And if there’s an ‘accident’, with either of us, the two weeks starts all over again… except this week. An accident before next Sunday night bumps it up another week.”

I groaned, again. Tonight. More of Addie’s video. Surely, she wouldn’t… “And this time, we’re watching together, keeping our eyes open.” She looked into my eyes, “Aren’t we?”

I nodded, both looking forward to watching… and dreading it.

She stood, turned around and lifted my head, putting the red gag back in my mouth and around my head. “I think it’s sexy, don’t you?”

“Mmfff,” I rolled my eyes back in my head, the only way I could communicate how I was feeling. Frustrated, horny, jealous of the guy who was in Addie’s video… and yeah, it was sexy.

Addie climbed back over my waist, the same position she’d been earlier, my cock rubbing outside her panties. All I could think at that particular moment was, ‘Thank God, I’d come twice the night before!’ Of course, that thought reminded me of the night with Ginger, which only added to my immediate horniness.

While I was ruminating about Ginger, Addie’s phone-video restarted. She’d gone back a few minutes where I’d had my eyes closed. The first thing I heard was a repeat of Nick’s words, “Patience, babe, we’ve got all night… and lots more nights.” I don’t think that had soaked in before, ‘lots more nights.’ He obviously intended that this was just the beginning of a long relationship with my wife.

“Nick wants me to pose for him, for a bronze sculpture,” Addie told me, “a nude I think.”

That didn’t even have time to soak into my befuddled brain before the video showed Addie frantically rip Nick’s shirt off of him, the same as I’d seen a few minutes earlier.

Then they were on the bed, Nick’s hand underneath the waistband of her panties, his lips on her breast, Addie writhing and moaning.

Addie had my cock inside her panties again rubbing me up and down between her pussy lips, now even more soaked than they had been before. She hadn’t even taken her panties off when she fucked herself with the dildo.

This time I watched and listened to Addie’s scream and wailing his name as Nick’s cock slid inside her. Addie’s naked body arched to meet him, her head back, eyes wide and glazed over, their pelvises tight together. Then they weren’t. He’d pulled his cock out of her and was fucking her, hard, lifting her hips off the bed with each stroke. Addie wrapped her legs around him, her head flopping back and forth, a constant wail escaping from her lips and groans from her lover.

The picture wasn’t like my goggles from Jonah’s 3D glasses, but it was pretty damned good, still. Their naked bodies filled our TV. Then Addie’s body tensed and began shuddering, with her screaming, “Oh God, Oh God, Nick, Ahhh.” He pushed into her one last time and let out a groan that nearly overpowered Addie’s screams, filling her with his hot cum.

All this time, my Addie, not the TV Addie, but the one rubbing my cock between her pussy lips had been groaning as well. She moved up slightly and in an instant, she’d dropped down over me and I was inside her. God, between the image I’d been watching and now Addie’s pussy enveloping me, I couldn’t stop myself. I began bucking wildly and moaning out around the gag, “Mmffft,” or some such noise, trying to tell her that I was so close to coming inside her.

When it seemed that I was beyond the point of no return, Addie just as suddenly pulled off of me and pinched the head of my cock hard with her fingers, shooting pain through me and killing the incessant need to come.

“That was a bit close, don’t you think?” she said, “I’d have hated to have to add that extra week already.”

Yeah, that was in my mind, too. And I know that she would have, even though it had been her own damn fault.

She hadn’t alleviated my horniness even a little bit, though. When I had gotten myself back under control, at least a little, and looked back at the TV with the image of my wife and another man, they were side-by-side, kissing. Not just kissing, making love with their mouths. Addie was facing toward her phone and I could see her lips working, drawing Nick in, their tongues intertwined, both still naked, Addie’s bare tits pressing against his chest. She wasn’t wrong about her camera-phone, either. She’d said it would automatically zoom and it had, so that the only thing filling our sixty-five-inch screen was from about Addie’s chest up.

Nick broke away from their kiss and his lips moved, whispering something to her, I had no idea what. Addie smiled at what he’d said, then pressed her lips back against his.

It was hard to believe that what I was watching had been less than twenty-four hours earlier. Then she spoke, the Addie torturing my cock, “I told you he could kiss.” I’d almost forgotten about my own complicit behavior with Ginger that had been going on at the same time.

Addie’s rocking against the shaft of my cock had resumed in earnest. After her painful pinch, the urgency had faded, but not the pleasurable feelings of the entrapment between her wet, slippery pussy lips and silk panties, held tightly in place by her hand against her panties.

That on-screen kiss went on for what seemed forever, hands raking over each other’s bodies, soft moans filling the room. There was obviously a lot more going on there than just ‘sex’. Pretty damned strong emotions were being passed in that kiss and it was driving me out of my mind having to watch. There was no way I could have turned my head away, though.

I have no idea how long it went on, lips together, mouths open, Addie’s arms pulling his naked body tighter to her. It finally did end, though. Addie rested her cheek against his, a sexually-satisfied smile on her face. “I had completely forgotten about the phone,” she told me.

Apparently, with a lack of any motion, the phone had quit recording, because a few seconds later, they were in a completely different position. Addie was on her back, her mouth agape like she does when she’s sleeping and Nick’s hand had started to caress her small baby-bump tummy. There was no clue how much time had elapsed, no little clock in the corner showing the time.

Nick began flicking his tongue at Addie’s exposed nipple, gradually moving a little closer until his mouth surrounded her nipple, rolling it gently between his lips. Addie let out another moan, still appearing to be deep in her sleep.

His hand that had been toying with her tummy moved down under the covers between Addie’s legs. When her hips began moving, it was plainly obvious what his hand was doing. He’d also stepped up the pressure above, sucking her whole tit in his mouth. It was finally clear that she’d awakened, running one hand through his hair and reaching between his legs with her other.

“I think this has been neglected far too long,” he said as he switched from one breast to the other.

Addie simply moaned, gyrating her hips and spreading her legs a little further apart to give his fingers even better access.

My cock had nearly resumed the urgency that I’d felt earlier inside Addie’s pussy when she moved off of me, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll know.” I had no idea what she was planning, but we both simply watched the video playing on our TV.

Addie was plainly wide awake by then, squirming under Nick’s onslaught. I couldn’t even imagine how she must have been feeling with the combination of his finger-fucking and nearly swallowing her tits. I guess a little indication came when she rolled them over with her on top and settled her cunt down over his cock, enveloping the entire length of him inside her. Nick let out a loud groan, which I understood all too well from having her do the same to me, those pussy muscles contracting and squeezing. Thank you again, Jonah!

At the same time as Addie’s pussy swathed Nick’s cock inside her, I felt her mouth doing the same to me. Then it became abundantly clear what Addie had meant a moment ago when she said, “I’ll know.” Just as I knew I couldn’t stop myself from shooting into her mouth, her sucking stopped and I felt that strong pinch on the head of my cock again.

She didn’t say anything, just scooted her body up mine and straddled my chest. I watched her, unable to say anything with the gag in my mouth. I’d given up trying to communicate anything. The only thing that would come out was grunts. She leaned over and to one side, her tits a few inches from my face, her pussy pressing against my chest. I didn’t know what she was doing, until I felt her fumbling with the handcuff on my right wrist and felt it open, letting my arm free. Then she leaned the opposite direction and unlocked the other as well.

What a relief! I lifted my arms and rubbed my wrists with my hands, getting a little blood circulation going back into them. I had no idea how long they’d been locked. It seemed like hours.

I couldn’t see the TV, but I still heard Addie’s groans as she was fucking Nick.

Then she pushed the strap for the gag off the back of my head and it was a huge relief when she took it out of my mouth, except my mouth was so damned dry. Addie scooted up a bit more, so her pussy was just below my face, “Guess you prob’ly know, I’m just as horny as you are right now.”

She scooted up a bit more and lowered her pussy to my mouth. God, she was wet! I opened my mouth and started to suck the juices from her pussy. “Make a deal with you,” she said, “you make me come and we’ll fuck right now and those two weeks of no sex go away.”

God, talk about an incentive! I gripped her hips and pulled her down tighter, pushing my tongue up into her. “But, you know I’ve had a lot of practice at holding back my orgasm… you’ve got until the end of the video.”

It’s been five months since I’d won the poker hand and made Adriana shave her pussy at her reunion and she’s been waxing ever since. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how sexy her smooth pussy is, especially when she’s grinding it into my face… and I’m already so fuckin’ horny!

I reached up and gripped both her tits, rubbing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She spread her legs farther apart, pressed down on my mouth, and groaned. “Oh God, Oh God,” she wailed, pressing her hands over mine, encouraging my pinching and rubbing her nipples.

I couldn’t see the TV, but I could see Addie’s face above me; the grimace on her face, eyes closed, mouth in an ‘O’ emitting whimpering noises. However, as I said before, I could still hear the TV, Nick’s roar as he obviously was coming inside my wife the night before. With that roar, I felt Addie rubbing her cunt up and down my face and her knees squeezing my face. She was hearing and remembering the same thing I was hearing. So close to that orgasm, yet I was sure, still so far.

I found Addie’s little swollen clit with my tongue and worked it all around, enhancing the whimpers coming from her mouth. And exacerbating the hardness of my cock.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I ceased hearing anything coming from the TV. I knew the deal, ‘before’ the video ended. I couldn’t see it, but suspected strongly that that roar coming from Nick and the ceasing of whimpering from Addie boded very badly for my success. Then I began hearing the kissing noises once again and realized I hadn’t lost the fight yet.

I gripped Addie’s hips and began rocking her back and forth on my mouth; sucking on that clit, trying to excite my wife so that she wouldn’t be able to hold back the orgasm I knew she wanted to have – but was trying hard to resist.

She leaned back, supporting herself with her hands on my legs and once again, I began hearing actual words, “Oh God, so good… feels so good!” Then I heard from the TV, Addie’s voice, “Shower with me?” and I knew my time was up.

“Nooo! A few more minutes!” Addie moaned. I saw her head turn toward the TV and a disappointed frown appeared on her face as she pulled her soaking wet pussy away from me. “So damned close! Why the hell hadn’t I thought to point a camera toward the shower?” she groaned. When she uncovered my face, I could finally see the TV again, the blank, black screen. She looked back toward me with an uncomfortable look, “I guess the two weeks is still on,” she said.

The following two weeks of abstinence flew by, seemingly in a wink, with nary an interesting interruption. And if you prefer to believe that, if you’re interested in a nice ocean-front cabin in Arizona, please PM me. I have a few properties available.

I guess the first point of interest would be Monday night. Addie and Nicki came back to the house after volleyball practice and Nicki left with Livvy. Our two were already in bed, sound asleep. They’d had a busy day, having gotten up quite a bit earlier in the morning than usual to get to school on time from Nicki’s house in Mountain Home.

Anyway, Addie wanted me to tell her about Ginger; what she was like, about our sex together, etc. I won’t go into detail, but I told her what I knew about Ginger, how she’d lost her husband to a heart attack a few years ago, that the green dress she was wearing was one she’d worn on an overnight date with Robert eleven years ago.

“She still looks really good in it, doesn’t she,” Addie interrupted me. Yeah, she does. I might even use some adjective a little more potent than ‘really good’, like maybe ‘hot damn!’

I told her again that after I’d told her my wife was there with another guy, she kissed me, ‘just in case she might be watching’.

Then I told her about our night together, that it was the first time she’d had another man in her bed since her husband had died and how much we both enjoyed the night and morning. I went into a bit more detail than I am here, but that was the general gist.

“Too bad you didn’t think about videoing,” Addie admonished me. Other than that, and the fact that I hadn’t forewarned her, she was cool with us spending the night together. She said that she hoped I’d be there with Ginger the next time she and Nick had a date, “As long as Nick doesn’t know it’s you,” she added, “and don’t let your girlfriend know who I am then, either.”

I asked Addie if she was still thinking about the possibility of a store in the Tri-Cities. She nodded, “Still thinking about it. But it’s something we’d have to decide together. I think I have someone that might want to run it. Susan (Ontario store manager) mentioned before that she has a daughter and two grandkids in Hermiston that she’d love to live closer to. That’d put her within about thirty miles instead of the two-hundred she is in Ontario. She’d be perfect, nobody knows our business better.”

It seemed like a good time to tell her what Ginger had told me, “Ginger mentioned a location if you’re serious, an out-of-business furniture store on the main street through Richland.”

“My biggest worry would be too much time away from the kids, but I think if Susan was interested, neither of us would need to spend much time there,” Addie said.

It didn’t take much brainpower to know the reason she was interested in a store there – Nick. Of course, I wouldn’t object to an excuse for an occasional night with Ginger, either. Speaking of which, she had texted me earlier in the day how much she enjoyed our date. I’d responded that I had, too.

Anyway, back to the store. Addie was right. If Susan would want to manage the new store, neither of us would have to spend hardly any time there. She’s been with us since the day Addie opened her first store. She would be perfect for a mostly unsupervised manager. “Why don’t you talk to her, see if she would be interested,” I told her. Between having Susan to manage and if what Ginger said about the furniture store worked out, Addie could probably open a store relatively quickly. Besides, she already had someone who could take Susan’s place – Sheila, the over-qualified woman Susan had hired not long ago. Everyone could come out ahead. I know that Sheila could sure use the big raise she’d get.

“Hon,” Addie asked me, “last night, did you hear me when I mentioned Nick wanting me to pose for him?”

I had heard her, just completely forgotten about it in the, umm, excitement. “Yeah, heard you, but it kind of went over me at the time.”

Addie laughed, “Can’t imagine why!” She went on, “If it’s okay with you, I thought I’d ask him to come over here, maybe in a couple weeks?”

Yeah, right AFTER our two weeks. And the idea sounded exciting as hell to me. I already had a crazy idea going through my head. “Yeah, sounds like fun. Ask him.”

We went to bed and Addie was true to her word. I’d gone to bed wearing my boxers like always, but when Addie came out of the bathroom stark naked, she pulled down the covers and told me, “Off,” pointing toward my underpants. She wasn’t satisfied with simply sleeping on her side of the bed, either. She snuggled tight, her breasts pressing against me and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me like she does when she initiates sex. Then with her head snuggled in the crook of my neck, she says, “Sleep. Two weeks.” Damn!! I was already rock-hard, NOT looking forward to two weeks of this.

Tuesday morning, I had a plan involving Nick and Addie. I made a phone call and made some arrangements that I hoped would cure my problem for that morning. Then I texted Ginger and asked her about seeing her again, I knew it had to be after Sunday, the nineteenth. Then Monday and Tuesday were volleyball nights and Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we’d have a long family weekend, then volleyball again. ‘Won’t be free till the 29th. After that?’

That reminded me, Tawns’ Playboy was going to be out that Monday! The combination of seeing her Playmate spread and another night with Ginger had me hard all over again. Not to minimize both of the erotic influence of either of those, but it didn’t take much to send extra blood to my cock. Twelve more friggin’ days!

That afternoon, the guy I’d called about Addie’s ‘Nick day’ stopped by the house to be sure he knew exactly what I wanted. He looked over my little project, measured and told me it would be done by Friday, the seventeenth. It was a bit embarrassing as it was pretty obvious what the purpose of my project was.

I took Katie and Kevin to the volleyball game that night. Addie usually doesn’t come home between work and the game and she didn’t that night either, not that I’d expected her to. I was just kind of… you know… hoping.

The girls were sitting on the sidelines waiting for another match to end. I was surprised to see my dad sitting in the bleachers, alone, without my mom.

Another surprise, Samuel was sitting with Livvy a few rows up and a little off to the left of my dad.

I greeted my dad and the kids gave him a brief hug, then they rushed off to sit with their friend, Livvy. I told Dad I’d be right back, went over and greeted Samuel.

“Surprised to see you,” I told him.

“Yeah, Nicki asked if I could spend a few days,” he said with a smile.

I was pleased. “Glad she did,” then I glanced down at my dad and told Samuel, “sorry, gotta run. My dad’s here. First game he’s come to.”

“Cool,” he said, then his eyes went back to the girls sitting on the bottom row of bleachers, “love those uniforms!”

“Yeah, plus me and every other guy here.” We fist bumped. In spite of the history he had with Addie, I actually liked the guy.

Then I stepped back down the bleachers to where my dad was and sat with him. “One of our manager’s boyfriend, from Sacramento,” I told him. I pointed out Nicki to him and he nodded, understanding. Nicki was the only Black playing and Samuel the only one in the bleachers. Like I said before, Boise is not particularly populated with African-Americans.

“Surprised to see you here,” I told Dad

“Thought it’d be fun to watch a game… some costumes!”

“Yeah, they are, aren’t they? They’ve been getting quite a bit of attention. Adriana and Kayla found them last June… thought it’d be fun… maybe attract a little more interest in intramural volleyball.” Those uniforms were sexy as hell; dark blue tights, oval-shaped cutouts all the way up the legs to the waist, nothing but a gold sports bra on top.

The match was just ending and Addie’s team and their opponent were getting ready to start theirs, volleying the ball back and forth, just to get warmed up. It was a friendly competition, after all… well, mostly.

Dad and I sat quietly watching their first game start. It was fairly obvious that it was going to be a relatively short match, Addie’s team was getting better every week and the team they were playing was hardly any competition.

“How’s Mom?” I asked Dad.

He looked over at me, shrugging his shoulders, “I dunno… seems like she’s been acting weird lately. Been spending a lot of time with Laura. That’s where she is tonight… met her for dinner.” He paused a bit, then went on, “Seems like she’s been nervous. I don’t know how to explain it, but… like last Saturday when we were at Laura and Travis’s for dinner. They were both acting weird till they went off and hid for a while and came back with constant glances at each other and me and Travis. We played Pinochle, but seemed like they were distracted the whole time.” He laughed, “Travis and I beat them so bad!”

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I knew exactly what was going on and ached to tell him what their wives had been intending for that night.

“Now, she’s invited them to dinner at our house next Saturday… we haven’t spent this much time with them since you and Adriana got married.”

And I would LOVE to be a mouse hiding in a closet next Saturday! Dad was going to have the surprise of his life – unless they chickened out again.

“I don’t know, maybe just the mid-life thing… but I wouldn’t worry about it, she’s just got stuff on her mind, I’m sure” I suggested, “couldn’t be a nicer, more fun couple to be spending some time with, though.”

“Yeah, there is that… and Laura’s not half bad to look at, either,” he laughed, “guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.”

Our attention went back to the game for a few minutes. Addie’s team was already ahead eight-two. While we watched, Tammy, one of Addie’s players, went flying through the air with her arms outstretched after a spiked ball and bounced it up to Kayla, giving her a perfect ball to spike and the score was nine-two. Then Crystal sent a service barely over the net that there was no chance to return. Ten-two. “They’re good,” Dad said.

“Yeah, pretty much anticipating a league championship… there’s only one other team that MIGHT be able to compete,” I told him. “They’re getting better every week. Adriana’s a good coach and she has good players.” I explained to him that this was Nicki’s first time playing since high school and we could see how good a player she’s becoming.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the volleyball and talking about odds and ends; Thanksgiving plans, how the stores are doing, some of the silly antics of Dad’s students, and a little more about how weird Mom is acting. Damn, I’d love to tell him that his most far-out fantasy is likely to be surpassed in a few days. I couldn’t wait to talk to him in a week.

They won the first game twenty-one – seven and the second twenty-one – nine. Their matches are two games out of three and they rarely had to play the third.

I’d periodically glanced at the kids to be sure they were being okay for Samuel, not a problem. It looked like between the three of them they were chatting pretty steadily.

Another night sleeping naked with my naked wife, even more turned on from the sexy uniforms and the conversation with Dad, thinking about what he didn’t know was in store for him in four days.

Addie had been surprised that Samuel was there. Nicki hadn’t said anything about it. I could tell that she was pleased. Her heart was really set on those two being an item… hopefully, permanently. Her only worry was the possibility of losing Nicki to Sacramento. But I guess she was willing to pay that price if it came to it.

The next few days were pretty much normal. Well, except for the nights, getting hornier every night. Addie was still insisting that I sleep naked, but she was cheating. She’d started wearing clothes to bed… well, if you consider baby-doll nightgowns and silk camisole tops as clothes. In all fairness to her, she never wore any panties, so I guess that pretty much counted as naked.

She’d come to bed, throw her leg over me and press herself tight to me, usually with a long, drawn-out lots-of-tongue kiss. God, that bare pussy so agonizingly, enticingly close… yet so far! She hadn’t been kidding about not making these two weeks easy, for either of us.

Thursday evening, Addie told me she’d mentioned the possibility of a store in Kennewick to Susan. “She was more than a little interested, said if we did she’d love the opportunity.” She watched me, expectantly.

“Any idea how much time you’d have to spend there?” I asked her.

“I don’t think much. Probably to check out the building Ginger told you about, find out what they’d charge for rent; then if it was a go, I’d turn pretty much everything over to Susan, except the legalities… and ‘Chelle knows an attorney who could handle that for us… and we do know an accountant who can help with the financials in Washington.” I couldn’t help but smile at that. Michelle has now become ‘Chelle’. Women and their nicknames!

But more seriously, it sounded to me like Addie had already pretty much made up her mind. She had a building, a manager who could do everything from beginning to opening and beyond, an attorney and even an accountant, Jocelyn and Cameron, from the strip club night in Umatilla. Addie told me that ‘Chelle was going to check on them for her and see if they’re good.

And most importantly, Addie had a place to stay when she did need to go to Richland… with Nick, in his bed.

I actually liked the whole concept, not excluding the ‘place to stay’. It had seemed to me that Addie had started to become a little bored with her four stores. Expansion is in her soul… along with something else. And I had every confidence that Addie and Susan would turn it into a major money-maker.

Besides, it would give me an occasional excuse to go to Richland, too. I too had a place to stay. With a very attractive… and hot, redhead. Not that something like that would cloud my good judgment.

“I think,” I started to tell her, “that you should do it.”

Addie beamed. “I’m not going to Ontario till next week. But then I’ll talk to Susan, make sure she’s really serious, see when we can go check out that building.”

So it was decided. Addie was going to try and open another store, this time close to three-hundred miles away. With the added benefit of a warm, snuggly bed to sleep in, for both of us.

Thanks very much again to cbears52 and kiteares for their helpful editing and advice. It's very much appreciated.



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