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After the Reunion Ch 20-c


Addie's modeling session

Monday Morning, Nov 20, 2028

Morning did finally come. THE morning! Addie got up, made the kids breakfast, then I took them to school. When I got home, Addie was sitting at her makeup table in a matching sheer red bra and panty set putting on her makeup. Her lips were a gorgeous red and she was working on her eyelashes when I walked in.

“I thought about not wearing any underwear, but I thought about how much fun it’ll be when he takes them off me,” she said, just pouring on the jealousy fuel. Then she paused from her makeup duties and looked over at me, “You know, you can’t be here when Nick comes, don’t you? He thinks you’re off serving our country.”

I nodded, frowning, “I know, not sure what I’ll do, probably be a nervous wreck.”

Addie grimaced, “Wish it didn’t have to be that way. I’ll set up my phone like last time… and if you want, you can leave me yours, too. I could set it up on the other side of the room.”

“Yeah, that’d be great, except, how will I know when I can come home?”

She thought a minute, “Bring the kids home from school. I'll be sure that he’s left by then.”

I checked my watch, eight-thirty. “What time did he say?”

“Nine, I better finish getting dressed.”

I stood, “One thing before I make myself scarce, what are you gonna wear?”

She stood and stepped over to our closet, opening the door. I held my breath as she took out the blouse and leather skirt, along with her red heels she’d worn to dinner with Kayla and Ethan. She slid the door closed and showed me, “I think these. Sexy enough?”

I smiled, breathing a slight sigh of relief, “Yeah, I love them. Sure he will, too.”

She slipped the blouse on. It was sheer enough to slightly show the red bra underneath it, same as it showed her breasts when she’d worn it without a bra a week ago. Then the skirt, all twelve inches of it.

Another few minutes had passed, closer to the time Nick was arriving, likely any minute. “Guess I better get out of here,” I said.

Addie kissed me with those soft lips, the lips that I knew were going to be kissing her lover in just a few minutes. “Love you,” she said.

“You too, have fun,” I answered back. Then I was out the door to the Jeep, my heart rate going a thousand times a minute, tummy full of – something, not just butterflies, maybe an entire flock of geese flapping their wings. In short, I was a nervous wreck! It almost felt like that time a couple weeks earlier when I’d sat in the Jeep wondering if I dared actually go up to Ginger’s door.

I drove a couple blocks, then down a side street and back a block, parking the Jeep in front of a house I knew was vacant; got out and walked back and into our back yard. I’d opened the blind on the patio door into our bedroom just enough that I could see in. Addie was still sitting at her armoire working on jewelry. She was putting on her gold hoop earrings and necklace I’d bought for her birthday a couple years earlier. It was a three-piece set; earrings, necklace, and bracelet; beautiful and very feminine.

I waited, out of sight of the open blind until I heard the doorbell ring about ten minutes later. I peeked in and saw Addie walking out our bedroom door to greet her ‘guest’. God, she was beautiful… and sexy!

As soon as I was certain the coast was clear, I slid open the sliding door just enough to let myself in, closed the door again, and headed to the closet. Our closet is relatively deep, almost a walk-in, but not quite. Whoever built it apparently wasn’t sure if they wanted a walk-in closet or not, so built it deep enough that you could walk in and close the sliding door behind you, but could also just step in a bit to pick out clothes. Three or four years earlier, Addie and I had replaced the doors with solid, full-height, sliding mirrors. It made our bedroom seem so much bigger and we loved it.

My little project had been to replace the mirrors with two-way, tempered glass, like in a police interrogation room; mirror on one side, window from the other. I could hide in the closet with a full view of the bedroom, just like looking through a normal window, while the person (people in this case) on the other side was just looking into what appeared to be the same mirror as we’d installed those years ago. From outside the closet, there was no change. I’d been very specific to my contractor that I didn’t want it looking any different. I’m sure there wasn’t much doubt in his mind what it was for.

I knew that afterward I’d have to show Addie so she didn’t accidentally find out, which she would, but hopefully, by then she’d be fine with it. But for now, I could watch without either having any idea they were being watched. She only thought I’d be watching later and certainly not with the real-life view I had. I just hoped she wouldn’t be too pissed that I hadn’t told her in advance.

I’d been worried over the weekend, and especially this morning when Addie got out her clothes, that she’d notice the change from the inside of the closet. I was surprised that it really wasn’t noticeable at all, not unless you were actually inside the closet looking out. Just like I was then, intending to be there as long as it took.

Fortunately, Addie has always been obsessed with keeping the closet neat, all the shoes put in their place, so I could move around without fear of bumping into anything. Also, I’d leaned a folding chair up on my end-wall Sunday night, just in case this turned into a bit longer than I wanted to stand.

I moved a few clothes aside, so I could put the chair down with plenty of room and sat, waiting. Like I said, the view into our bedroom was absolute total, like there was nothing in-between at all, like looking through a big picture window. Yet I was totally invisible from the bedroom.

Addie and Nick were in the other room, with the bedroom door closed, so I couldn’t hear a thing. I’d have loved to see, or at least hear their greeting, but it wasn’t to be. I had nothing to do except wait. If they stayed in the living room for their ‘modeling session’, then all my planning and the new glass doors would be wasted.

The longer I waited, the more nervous I was that they weren’t going to use the bedroom at all. Then I remembered the phones that Addie had set up for that purpose. One was on the dresser and mine on her armoire, both pointing toward the bed. So she’d definitely bring him to the bedroom for their ‘fun’. That realization settled my nerves somewhat, but the other ninety-eight percent of my nervousness was still in full force, along with the flock of geese still fluttering around in my tummy.

Finally, after thirty-two minutes (but who was watching the time?), the bedroom door opened and Addie led Nick inside. They’d been laughing about something and the residual laugh was still there, for just a moment. Addie turned to him and said, “Mmm, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since last time.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, her lips working over his like she had mine when we were ‘dancing’ ten days earlier. “I told my husband that you’re the best kisser I’ve ever had and he’d better be working on his game when he gets home.”

“I hope you tell him that I’m the best at lots of things, not just kissing,” he said.

I could hear like there was nothing in-between, the same as I could see. He was still just as scruffy-looking as before: blond, ratty hair; unshaved face. It must be a real turn-on for women. It sure as hell seemed to be for my woman. Besides, I didn’t understand… his hair and the ratty whiskers looked exactly the same as in that first picture Addie had sent me… over seven weeks earlier. How the hell does that work? Doesn’t shave, doesn’t cut hair, but they don’t seem to get any longer.

“Oh, I have. I told him all about two weeks ago. He’s so jealous! But I have’ta tell you, he’s pretty darn good, too, when he’s here”

THAT made me smile!

“You told him we made love? And how good it was?”

“Mmhmm, I even sent him some pictures of us together.”

“Your husband must be a strange man to let a beautiful woman like you out with another man who wants to steal you away.”

That got my attention! Steal her away? Addie had never said anything about that.

Addie’s arms were still wrapped around Nick’s neck and he was rubbing his hands up and down her ribcage, feeling her soft skin under that thin blouse.

“Mmm, steal me away? You wouldn’t, would you?” she pouted to him.

He picked her up, Addie wrapping her legs around his body and kissed her. “If I was ready for permanent, I would. I’ve never met anyone like you. You’d be so easy to fall in love with. Maybe in a couple years…”

She traced his lips with her finger, “So you’re saying it’s safe to just play for the next year and a half? You won’t steal me away unless it’s two years?”

He grinned, obviously enjoying the flirting, “Well, maybe my timetable might get a little skewed by then… but yeah… probably.”

She put her legs back down on the floor, “Then if we only have a year and a half to play, we better get started. I don’t know if a year and a half of what we did two weeks ago will be nearly enough.”

God, I was hard! I was regretting what Addie and I didn’t do last night big time!

She pulled away and climbed up on the bed, kneeling, her knees slightly spread apart. “You want me to model? What do I do?”

“Hang on, right there. I’ll be right back.” He was back about a minute later with his camera and big flash. He fiddled with it a little, pointed the flash at the ceiling like Robert had when he was photographing Tanya and told her, “Stay just like that, start to unbutton your blouse.”

She did, looking down and her fingers started unbuttoning it, starting at the top, one button at a time, slowly. God, she was turning me on! She knows how to undress for a man to drive him out of his mind and that’s what she was doing for Nick… and unknowingly, me.

He snapped pictures, moving around the room. When she had undone the last button and let her blouse open that last little bit, she slipped it off her shoulders and down her arms. “God, you’re beautiful!” Nick kept saying. If I was into that kind of thing, I’d have noticed how hard his cock was, but as it was, I barely noticed the tent in his pants.

“Now the bra,” he told her.

“I put it on so you could take it off me,” she pouted, a playful frown on her face.

He put his camera down, took the couple steps to her, reached his arms around her, unsnapped it and let it slowly fall away, revealing my wife’s bare tits to his gaze. His hands massaged her just a bit, then he lowered his mouth to her and took a nipple inside his lips. I could hear the sucking noises and Addie’s groans as he went from one tit to the other and back again, numerous times, sometimes sucking her whole breast in his mouth, sometimes just the nipple, working it between his lips. The whole time, Addie’s hands were in his scruffy hair, scratching and pulling, thrusting her breasts out to him. I wished I had a camera to record the look of lust on her face. Then remembered there were two of them doing exactly that.

God, did I mention how fuckin’ hard I was! Even without the visual, the noises coming from Addie would have been excruciating. The moans and her breathing was harsh, deep breaths when he finally pulled away from her, leaving her nipples red and hyper-extended. God!!! I wanted it to be me, but was enjoying this so fucking much!

His lips went to hers, his fingers to the zipper of her skirt, pushing it down her thighs, telling her to straighten her legs and pushed it completely off. My Adriana was wearing her sheer, red lace panties, red heels and nothing else; her bare nipples excited from Nick’s mouth and the look of two weeks of lust on her face.

“Go back on your knees, like you were before. That was perfect.” God, the man had willpower!

Addie climbed back up on the bed, supporting herself on her spread apart knees, legs out behind her, naked except for the panties. If there was a single picture describing sex, that would be it. “Now… push your panties down… slowly… and think about nothing except what I’m going to be doing to you in about five minutes.”

Her thumbs went under the elastic of each side of her panties and she began to push them down, Nick snapping picture after picture. If I’d thought the image before was sexy, this was… this was… indescribable! Addie’s mouth was slightly open, her eyes glazed, lusty beyond horny. I’d made the right call the night before, making her wait, hard as it was. Nick was doing something to my wife… had her under a spell, maybe. Hypnotized with lust?

Her panties were about halfway down her legs, her bare pussy exposed and glistening wet. She had to be soaked inside her. I was still wearing pants and had to pinch my cock hard to prevent myself from coming. I wanted my first time after those two-weeks-plus to be inside my wife, not making a sticky mess in my pants.

Nick put his camera down. “Pull your panties back up, they’re so sexy, then come here.”

Addie did as he asked, embracing him and kissing him. How the hell can a businesswoman, owning four stores, almost a fifth, twenty-plus employees, be so fucking sexy?

They kissed and Nick rubbed his hands up and down her body. “Fuck me, Nick, I need you… so bad!”

He pulled her pelvis into his groin with both hands and said, “We will… in time.”

Then he led her over to the closet door mirror, right in front of me and told her to hold herself up against it, “I want you to see yourself, watch yourself when we make love.”

Holy shit! This I hadn’t anticipated. My wife, my Adriana, was right on the opposite side of the window from where I was standing, watching her, inches away.

Nick was behind her, caressing her, running one hand over her tit, pinching her nipple and the other between her legs over her panties, pressing them inside her. Addie’s mouth was open, agape, her eyes closed, “No, open your eyes. I want you to watch yourself come for me.” Addie’s mouth opened further, in a silent groan. Her eyes, too, looking straight into mine… except she didn’t know, didn’t see me, inches away from her.

Then he slid his hand inside Addie’s sheer panties, rubbing her. I looked down and watched his fingers rubbing back and forth along her waxed slit, then two of them disappeared up inside her and she stiffened, groaning, this time very audibly. “Come for me, Adriana, come for me.”

She answered him by craning her neck around and kissing him, at the same time humping his fingers. I was… maybe twelve inches away, watching my wife being finger fucked and kissing the guy doing it. Not only kissing but almost desperately kissing him, their tongues back and forth; God!

Her hips were moving back and forth, fucking his fingers, she pulled her lips away just for a moment, “N… No… want you… inside me,” then locked her lips on his all over again. His fingers pressed inside her, reaching deeper, and he added a third. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.” I looked back at her face, her eyes were closed again, a sheen of sweat on her face

Nick had noticed, too, in the mirror. “Eyes open, babe.”

She did, glassy eyes, totally glazed over from the fucking his fingers were giving her; her face totally immersed in her lust. “That’s right, Adriana, that’s the look I want on your sculpture. Look at yourself.”

He pushed his fingers in harder, in and out of my wife’s cunt and she groaned anew. “I want you to come, babe.”

“Nnnoo, want your cock inside me. Ohhh God!” Her face was grimacing hard, tears down her cheeks, the sheen of sweat breaking out on the rest of her body.

Nick pulled his fingers out of her, put them to her lips to clean and she eagerly sucked them into her mouth, tasting herself on them. Addie took a breath and relaxed a moment. Then he pulled her panties down and off. She stepped out with one foot, not the other. “I’m getting undressed, Adriana, but while I do, I want you to touch yourself, try to make yourself come.”

“No, please no,” she was literally crying, “I need you to fuck me.”

“Touch yourself, Adriana, you know the spots, make yourself come.”

She took one hand from the mirror, resting her head against it instead, and reached between her legs. God, I was so close to losing control. I can’t even think of the last time, if ever, that I’ve watched Addie masturbate herself, except with the dildo, but I don’t think ever with her bare fingers.

She pressed two fingers inside herself and moaned, pulled them out and back in again, slick, wet. Nick was taking his shirt off but damned slowly.

“Come on, babe, press those fingers inside yourself. Drive that pussy crazy, over the top, watch yourself do it.”

This time Addie pressed another finger into her pussy. I could see the muscles in her arms pushing hard. I didn’t know whether to watch her fingers or her face, both inches away from the window. I looked down and watched the three fingers in her cunt. She was working them inside her, touching that sensitive place where I often tried to find. I looked up at her face. Like Nick had said, she was looking down, eyes wide, that lustful grimace on her face. In all our years together, I had never seen anything like this.

She pulled her fingers out, then slammed them back inside herself; again and again and again, each time whimpering until she was emitting nearly a continuous wail. Her fingers were doing what Nick had commanded, everything possible to make herself come and her mind was still resisting, not allowing her to orgasm.

I had quit paying attention to Nick. Until, that is, he stepped up behind her, naked, his cock swollen and hard; long, fat. He pulled Addie’s fingers from her cunt and pushed them up to her mouth, encouraging her to suck them clean like she had his a few minutes earlier.

How the hell I hadn’t come, I have no idea! My cock was so damned hard. Especially when I watched Addie’s cunt being filled with Nick’s cock and heard the loud wail coming from her mouth. “Eyes open, babe,” he told her once again when she had closed them for just a moment when he pressed inside her.

Nick pulled his cock back out, wet, slimy and slippery and slammed it back inside her, inches from where I was watching. Addie’s body stiffened and he did it again, all the way out and all the way inside her. Each time her wailing became louder. Watching from where I was, I could see her pussy muscles tensing, squeezing Nick’s cock and she screamed. I glanced up at her face and her eyes were wide, mouth in a huge ‘O’ and her entire body was shaking, coming in a violent orgasm, wet with sweat.

Nick didn’t slow down. He continued slamming inside my wife and Adriana’s orgasm seemed to go on continuously… right in front of my eyes. Nick grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples, then plunged himself deep inside her one more time and came himself. He violated his own rule, squeezing his eyes shut as he came, pulling out an inch and ramming inside her over and over again, until both literally collapsed on our carpeted floor.

Only then did I realize that I was pinching myself so hard that it was sending streaks of pain up through my groin.

That was when I heard Nick, panting, saying, “That two years, babe… has just been reduced to about the last hour! Come away with me, now.”

Addie, still recovering on our carpet, just smiled at him. After a few minutes, recovered enough to move, she stood, pulled his hand and they both settled onto the bed in each other’s arms, their lips together in a passionate kiss for the longest time, Addie playfully nibbling on his bottom lip. When she pulled away, she said, “I think when my husband gets home, he’s going to have a battle on his hands.”

“I was serious, babe, come to Kennewick with me, for a week, a month, however long, I just need you!”

“I have kids, I can’t leave them… and I love my husband. This was great… but I… I just can’t.” Then she added, “Maybe an occasional night or two… with the store opening… but this is my home, here.”

She was doing the fighting for me. I had almost burst out of the closet and told him to get the hell out of our house, away from my wife! Except that what I’d just seen had been so fuckin’ hot! And I know that I’m going to want a repeat.

“Now, can you just make love to me? I need more, lots more,” Addie asked him, her voice still streaked with moans.

Five months. A tiny bit over five months ago, Adriana (I hadn’t even heard the nickname ‘Addie’) and I had been a happily married monogamous couple. I knew she’d had sex before me but was oblivious to the extent of it. Our sex was good, always good; I didn’t even think it was boring, ever. So little I knew! Now! She’d just collapsed on our floor from fucking the fifth – no, sixth guy since that dinner five months ago. And when we had sex? God, it was explosive! Nothing like before. It seems that every moment in our lives has come alive like never before. I have sometimes wondered, like I was now, would I go back? Not in this fuckin’ lifetime! And another thing I just realized. I never used to use the fuckin’ ‘F’ word, either. Not ever!

Neither said anything more, just wrapped arms, legs, lips and spent the next half hour seducing each other all over again. Until Nick rolled over on top of my beautiful wife and slid himself into her once again. This time, they made slow, passionate love, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands until after what had seemed like an interminable time, both came together. I was still watching from my front-row seat.

Addie climbed out of the bed, picked up my cell phone and went into the bathroom. A short time later, with the shower water running, she yelled into the bedroom, “Join me?” This time, she hadn’t made the same mistake as before… she had my cell phone recording their shower together. I took the cue of both of them in the shower to sneak out of the closet, put the folding chair back where it went in the hall closet and left out the front door. I have no idea what I might have missed later, but I’d seen far more than I ever expected. I was shaken to the core… and so damned turned on!

It was only a little before noon. Three hours ago that Nick had gotten here. What the hell was I going to do the rest of the afternoon? The kids get out of school at three. She said she’d be sure that he’d have gone home by then. Three friggin’ hours! And then another seven, at least, until we could…

And then I realized something: The phone-cameras are motion activated. She has a recording of me coming and going. Crap! Hopefully, she won’t watch until we’re together and by then I’ll have told her about the glass. I guess no harm done… as long as I can tell her first.

There were things I needed to be doing for the stores; ordering, payroll updates, tax records, etc, but they involved my computer in my office at home. I drove to our Boise store in a daze. It was lunchtime but I wasn’t hungry, how the hell could I eat after that morning? Kayla was out front behind the cash register counter and Rebecca, her part-time woman was in the back eating a sandwich. There were a half dozen people wandering through the store and two in line at the cash register.

I went to the back and sat with Rebecca for a few minutes. She was an almost sixty-year-old grandmother, working because her husband was disabled and they were living off his Social Security. She only wanted part-time so she could take care of him and still supplement their income a little. She’s worked for us since Adriana opened the Boise store. Addie always gives her a nice Christmas bonus, as well as helping out with their medical insurance.

We chatted about things, how her husband, Henry, was doing; not good, arthritis so bad that he can hardly get around. His hips and knees were so bad that almost any movement was painful. She’d said before that because of his bad kidneys they couldn’t do any kind of non-life-saving surgery, in spite of how bad his pain was. I mentioned to her that Adriana was thinking of opening another store, this time in Washington. She was interested in it but said she sure wouldn’t want to move there.

When Rebecca finished with her sandwich, she traded places with Kayla. Kayla grabbed her sandwich and pop out of the fridge, chips out of the cupboard, and sat down with me. “So, what’s your wife doing that you’re here with nothing to do?” she asked. I had no idea what Kayla knew or didn’t know about Nick, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Addie had told her everything.

“She met a guy… a sculptor, I guess, and he wants to use her for a model for a bronze he’s going to… what do they do, mold, cast? I have no idea… anyway, it’s supposedly going to look like her.”

“Is… this guy, by any chance named Nick? She mentioned something about that to me.”

“Yeah, it is. So, what did she tell you about… Nick?”

Kayla laughed. “Enough to suspect that there’s probably more than modeling going on… I’m assuming this is a nude sculpture?”

My turn to laugh, more from nervousness than anything else, “Uhuh, and yeah to your other, too.”

“And I guess you got kicked out of the house for her ‘modeling’?”

I nodded, “Uhuh to that, too.”

Kayla grinned, “Maybe you can get even with her on your date Saturday night. Be even more fun.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Kayla, “I dunno, you think the sexy girl I’m going out with will be up for a little ‘getting even’?”

“I think your date might even encourage it. Have to wait and see who she is, though.”

I frowned as a thought entered my pea-brain. “What if she’s married, though. What might her husband think?”

“Mmm,” she paused in deep thought. “Maybe she’d think to forewarn him if she had any idea what to expect. But that’s going to be kind of hard if you don’t even know who she is.”

I looked at Kayla kind of expectantly, “From what Addie said, she thinks you might have some idea who she’s going to be. Maybe you could say something to her?”

“Well, I’ll have to put my ‘thinking cap’ on, but I’ll try… and if I do find out who she is, I’ll say something to her, maybe even to her husband.”

Kayla had brightened my afternoon considerably. Now I was even more looking forward to this date with the ‘mystery girl’. I just hoped what Kayla had been talking about wouldn’t be a bit much for our parents that were going to be there too.

“I gotta finish my lunch. Becca’s going to think I’ve abandoned her. Busy time, almost all November. I think Addie has been happy with this month.”

“I know, all the stores have been that way. I think that’s a big reason she’s thinking of another… well, that and the fact that her ‘sculptor’ lives there.”

“She have any idea who will run it, yet?”

“What, you applying for the job?”

She laughed again, “Not on your life! Ethan and I are perfectly happy here… besides, this is where my boyfriend lives, too.”

“Lucky guy!” I told her. “And yeah, Susan wants to move to Eastern Washington. She has family there she’s been wanting to be closer to.”

“Ooh, she’d be perfect, that’d be great… sounds like for both her and you. And yeah, he is going to be a lucky guy I think. I have a date with him Saturday, too.” She smiled, adding, “I bet he’ll like what I’m going to wear, too.”

I frowned again, “Ooh, too bad. I think Addie and I are going out with a couple on Saturday, along with our parents. I was hoping you and Ethan might be able to come.”

She laughed, “Gotta run, before Becca either kills me or quits.”

After the fun conversation with Kayla, my nervousness had abated… a lot. I was even a little hungry. I figured I had just enough time for a good health food lunch. So I stopped at DQ and got a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and GIANT hot fudge milkshake. Figured I deserved it. Health food.

I picked up the kids at their schools, then presumed that Addie was right, that Nick would be gone, so the kids and I headed home. When we got there, Addie was vacuuming the carpet, wearing an old baggy t-shirt and a pair of her ‘holy’ jeans. I kissed her and asked how her day was.

“Good, yours?”

“Really good, had a long visit with Kayla. She commented on how busy her store’s been this month. Says you’ve been pleased. Nick get what he needed today?

“Think so,” she answered.

“For his sculpture?”

“Mmhmm, that too,” then her innocent, sweetheart smile about did me in. God, probably another seven hours!

“I assume you have practice tonight?”

She laughed, “After that last game? Maybe double practice! God, that was so awful.” Then the dreaded words I hadn’t been expecting, “Don’t expect me home till late. We have a lot to work on tonight.”

“Nah,” I told her, “it was just an off night. Everything will be fine.”

She shook her head, “I saw some things that really need some work. I don’t want another debacle like that.”

“Yeah, but you still won.”

She rolled her eyes, “Against that team… should have been two games, twenty-one-nothing, or darn close.”

I frowned, “Any idea what time you’ll get home?”

She smiled, “Don’t worry, it won’t be too late for ‘that’.”

It was late, but, like she said, not ‘too’ late. There was no ‘too’ late for that. Almost eleven before Addie and Nicki got there. Livvy and our kids had been asleep for hours, but no way was I going to sleep. Addie had texted me a little before ten, saying she’d be another hour. It was a long, damned hour!

I carried Livvy to the car for Nicki, then went to bed and waited. Addie came out of our bathroom a little later, wearing a baby-doll that I hadn’t ever seen before. I liked it! She climbed in bed with me and I couldn’t get the vision of her and Nick, naked, on this bed, like thirteen hours earlier out of my mind. “I bought it today for tonight, solid silk. Hope you like it,” she said.

“Yeah, I like!” I told her, running my hand over her silk-covered tit.

“You want to watch any videos first?”

“No, not first,” I said as my lips were devouring one of those silk-covered tits.

My hand reached its way down her tummy, past her belly-button, on down to over the top of her silk panties. Addie groaned, “Take them off.”

I obliged her desire, scooting down the bed, pulling the sides of them down her legs like Nick had done earlier in the day. Once down, I couldn’t resist; a small taste, an appetizer before the main meal. Addie apparently read my mind. Either that, or she was craving my tongue inside her pussy. I prefer to think that. I can relate that her pussy was wet, damned wet. She groaned and lifted her hips up off the bed, her legs spread wide, opening herself up for my probing tongue.

I was near coming from just that… and it wasn’t going to be wasted in thin air, either. I scooted up Addie’s body and my cock found her entrance and was inside her slippery, wet pussy in one not-so-hard push. Oh God, she felt so good! Then those re-invigorated pussy muscles, from her two weeks of the Ben-Wa balls grabbed onto me and I was lost. I pulled out one time, pushed back into her and my eruption was epic! Fifteen. Fucking. Nights. It had been! Every one of those nights torturous. And then today.

Then I almost felt ashamed. No, not ‘almost’. I’d just watched another man fuck my wife to the point of her collapsing on the floor. Two strokes and I was done.

Addie, maybe sensing my chagrin, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and said, “Matthew Jeppeson, I love you so much!”

“But Nick…?”

“Nick’s a stud. He’s about the best ‘boyfriend’ a girl could have. But you’re husband material. You’re the man I love and the only one I’ll ever spend my life with.”

God, she knows how to stoke a man’s ego when he needs it!

She sat up in bed, leaning against the headboard, still wearing that gorgeous, light-pink, little silk nightgown. “You want to watch a video?”

I did, but I was tired. It had been a damned long, stressful day. There was one thing I needed to do first. “Later?” I asked her. Then I climbed out of bed. “There’s something I need to show you first.” I took her hand, tugged her off the bed and over to the closet. “Wait here, just a sec,” I told her while I flipped on the overhead light.

I opened the closet door, “Come… just a little inside.” I pulled her inside the closet with me, closed the door and told her to turn around.

Her jaw dropped open and her eyes got big looking out into our bedroom. “What… How?”

“I had the mirror changed. It’s two-way glass, like you see on TV in a police interrogation room.”

Addie’s face had turned white, “You… you were here? You saw?”

I nodded, “Everything, about six inches away… until the shower… that’s when I snuck out.”

Her hand went to her mouth, “Oh God, Oh God… you… must hate me after seeing that.”

I smiled at her, “Hate you? I thought it was about the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen… I thought… was afraid… you’d probably hate me for deceiving you.”

She was still gazing out into the bedroom. I opened the other door and stepped out, closing it and standing right where Addie had been, leaned up against the ‘mirror’ like she had been. “You were right about here,” I told her.

“Oh God!” I heard again from inside the closet.

Then I told her, “I’m glad you didn’t take him up on his offer to take you away… by the way, I loved seeing you playing with yourself!”

Another, “Oh God!”

Thanks very much once again to cbears52 and kiteares for their invaluable assistance!



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