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Don’t Judge A Book Ch 03


Baby steps as we dip our toes at our first swingers party.

Saturday 21st October 2017

The hosts were a couple called Alan and Sally, who immediately took our coats, gave us a drink, and made us feel welcome and at home. As we’d expected, we knew many of the people inside and Jill was soon whisked away by Liam’s wife, Jessica to the room which had been set aside as the temporary dancefloor.

Liam wasn’t far behind and he pulled me into a group of three or four other people. One of them was a lady called Gemma who I vaguely knew from the local PTA, and other community activities. I’d always found her attractive but had never really thought about it beyond that. But seeing the way she was looking at me, it was pretty clear that she wanted to get better acquainted before the evening was out. She reminded me of a younger version of the late Ruby Wax, but prettier and more shapely. Standing around five-foot-three, her heels made her taller and her short tight ‘little black dress’ showed off her big boobs which looked to be a little bigger than Jill’s 34Cs.

Our little foursome was completed by another man, who Liam had introduced as Gemma’s husband, Duncan. It was odd, to say the least, standing there while a woman flirted none too subtly with me – while her husband stood right by my side. Before too long Liam and Duncan made their excuses and sidled away, leaving Gemma and me all alone.

From my limited previous interactions with Gemma, I knew she had a strong sense of fun, which she quickly exhibited now that we were alone, mischievously smiling at me and teasing. “Well, I dare say that beautiful wife of yours has already got a gaggle of admirers around her. Like wasps round a honey pot,” she winked at me. “But we shouldn’t let her have all the fun,” and with that, she took me by the arm and led me out into the back garden.

I’d been in this garden before, but not at night time, and as Gemma pulled me to the end of the garden behind some shrubs I realized how well laid out it was for an evening such as this. By my reckoning, there must have been about forty people at the party, and with a maximum of five or six bedrooms available, I reckoned that the garden and the dancefloor were probably the most popular venues for couples looking to move things on.

Happy with our destination in a private corner of the garden, Gemma must have sensed my nervousness as she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up at me. “Relax, Dave, honey. I’m not going to eat you up. I know this is the first time for you and Jill. Just relax and go with the flow.” She smiled encouragingly at me, making me feel like a nervous teenage virgin rather than a married father of three.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you, Dave? Would that be okay?” Her smile was genuine and understanding, maybe having correctly guessed that Jill and I had set boundaries and rules on this, our first party.

I was determined to shed my nervous ‘teenage skin’ and act like the mature guy I was. I returned Gemma’s smile and placed my hands around her waist and lowered my head the required few inches to kiss another woman’s lips for the first time in twenty-three years. I’d not come looking for this, but as soon as our lips touched I felt something akin to a jolt of electricity surge through my body.

When I’d recovered from this wave of excitement and adrenalin, the next thing I was aware of was how different Gemma’s mouth tasted compared to the mouth I’d kissed these last twenty years plus. Again the realization of this different taste sent a jolt of jarring pleasure and excitement surging through me.

Our mouths were soon locked together in a way that left me shocked but incredibly excited. This evening had been planned to be all about Jill's and my mutual desire to let her take baby steps towards experiencing another man. But, here I was, less than thirty minutes into this new chapter in our marriage, and things were already heading in a direction I’d never anticipated or expected.

Gemma and I must have kissed like that for many minutes, just occasionally taking a short break for breath as I felt Gemma’s nails playing with the hair and sensitive skin at the back of my neck, just like Jill normally did.

My initial nerves were in the distant past. I was rock hard, feeling like an iron bar. Harder than I’d been in many a year, my hands moving from Gemma’s mane of short red hair to feel and cup her big boobs.

“Mmm,” Gemma moaned, enjoying the stimulation from a new pair of hands exploring her large breasts.

Gemma soon returned the compliment: the unmistakable sound of my zipper being pulled down, followed by her hand slipping inside my pants and delving inside my boxers to find her target, grasping me firmly and feeling just how hard I was for her.

“Mmm,” came my subconscious reply, as Gemma gave me two or three full-length strokes before asking, “What about this, honey? Is this within the rules that you and your wife set for yourself?”

“Yes. Yes, it’s fine,” I replied through a croaky and excited voice, my vocal cords tense and barely functioning due to the effects that Gemma’s hand was having on my iron-hard cock. Jill and I had had the good sense to agree what was and what wasn’t allowable within the bounds of ‘making out’ – having agreed that the only two things which were out of bounds were penetrative sex (such a horrible expression) and oral sex.

As I felt Gemma’s response to my answer in the form of her continued strokes, a big part of me wished we’d not set these boundaries in place. The sensible part of me knew these rules were vital – like training wheels on a kid’s bike – but right there, and right then, I wanted nothing more than to feel Gemma’s warms lips wrapped around my cock. Or, to find somewhere soft, where I could position her so I could sink my manhood deep into her body.

This woman must have been a mind-reader (or an experienced swinger) as her next words seemed to see right through my skull to my lust-filled thoughts. “I’m guessing you and Jill drew the line at oral or full sex. Am I right?”

A mumbled ‘aha’ was all I could manage as her warm fingers continued to stroke me, as she pulled my head down and whispered in my ear. “Well, next time – and there will be a next time – I’m going to take you all the way into my mouth, suck you like a Hoover on steroids, and swallow all of your cum. And then when I’ve got you nice and hard again, I’m going to push you down on the bed and let you play with my big tits while I ride you like you’ve never been ridden before. And all the time my sweet husband, Duncan will stand quietly by and watch as I have my wicked way with you.”

Gemma pulled her head away from my ear to look into my face and enjoy the full effect her words had had on my contorted and lust-fuelled face. She smiled, obviously pleased with the effect she’d had. She patted my cheek softly like a mother treats a child. “My poor sweet David. It’s like he’s seen his Christmas present, only to have it wrapped back up again, as he’s forced to wait another month or two before he can play with it.”

From our limited interactions around the community, I’d known Gemma was a tease with a big sense of fun. But this was something else. And evidently, she was just getting started. Because happy with my first reactions to her words, she continued to work me up and down as her warm breath once again whispered into my ears.

“But that’s for you to think on about. For next time. Right now, before I put you out of your misery, I think we should go and see what that naughty little wife of yours is up to,” she told me.

“Or maybe, that shouldn’t be ‘what’ Jill’s doing – but rather ‘who’ she’s doing,” she added with a giggle, removing her hand and zipping me up as she pulled me by the hand back towards the house.

As we re-entered the house I was struck by how different things were. We’d only been outside for less than thirty minutes but the scene inside was totally transformed. Before, the people milling in the kitchen had been fully-clothed and maybe just a bit flirty. But now most of the people in the kitchen were at best semi-clad, stripped down to underwear, with others being naked, and some using the kitchen surfaces for purposes for which they’d never been designed.

Seeing just how debauched things had become in the kitchen in such a short time, I felt a shiver run through me as I wondered what state I’d find Jill in when I found her. I was physically shaking at the thought of the sights that would soon confront me. My mind was now totally back on Jill, all thoughts of Gemma sailing clean away.

As we entered the kitchen, Gemma saw the look of shock on my face, which just made her smile all the more. “Poor, sweet Dave. What did you expect? Well, at least you know what to expect when we manage to locate Jill. Who knows, maybe she’s got more self-control than this lot in the kitchen? Maybe she’s just about managed to stay within the rules the two of you agreed?”

I sure hoped so, because of the four couples in the kitchen, two were busy copulating while the other two couples were busy with the woman on her knees blowing the guy she’d paired up with. If Jill was in a similar state as these folks, she’d have blown straight through the safety rules we’d set for each other. Straight through and disappearing towards the horizon at a rate of knots.

As we left the kitchen we headed into the dancing room expecting maybe to see Jill there, as that’s where Liam’s wife, Jessica had dragged Jill off to, when I last saw her. But there was no sight of Jill in the room and I began to feel a panicky feeling in my shoulders and gut. Maybe, she’d given in to temptation and gone off with some guy to explore back at his place. After all, when Gemma had been stroking me I’d felt myself just how easy it would have been to give in to temptation. If Jill had succumbed, a big part of me could hardly be surprised, or even angry. The whole design of human sexuality is that once roused, it’s difficult to control until nature has fully taken its course.

Just as my panic was starting to get out of control, Gemma had the good sense to ask Sally, whose house it was, if she’d seen Jill anywhere. Sally gave Gemma a knowing smile. “Yeah, she’s upstairs in ‘the novice room’ with Daryl.”

Gemma grinned right back at Sally. “Lucky old Jill,” and then turned to me. “Honey, I hope for your sake that Jill’s got as much self-control as you. Otherwise, your sweet wife’s going to be walking bow-legged for a week, assuming, that is, she can walk at all. Daryl’s the new football coach at the high school and he’s hung like a horse. I could hardly walk for a week the first time he put that monster all the way in me. But it was worth it. He had me squealing and hollering like a mare in heat, while he fucked me, and stretched me out with that huge cock of his.”

Gemma had been studying my face while she’d teased me with every lewd detail of her mating with Daryl, casually rubbing the front of my pants as she described just what effect Daryl’s horse cock had on her – and by implication what it would do to my Jill.

Gemma turned back to Sally. “Are you okay if I take Dave up and show him the spy hole?”

Sally grinned a wicked smile. “Sure, that’s why we put it there. You know the way,” and then she turned away leaving Gemma to pull me by the hand up the stairs. By now my legs were feeling so weak that I felt I could barely walk. Horse cock? Walking bow-legged for a week? Novice room, and a spy hole? What the hell had Jill and I got ourselves into?

We turned left at the top of the stairs and Gemma pulled me into the first bedroom that we came to. She pulled the door shut behind us and turned a key to lock the door, adding yet more nervous anxiety to my trembling body if that was humanly possible. Then she turned off the lights and opened the double doors to a walk-in closet and then flicked a little white switch in the corner.

I hardly noticed the switch being thrown as my eyes had already gone wide as saucers at the sight that I saw through what must have been a full-size two-way mirror. I felt my legs almost go from underneath me at the sight that confronted me. Because, there directly on the other side of the mirror, totally unable to see me, was Jill, sitting on the lap of a huge white guy. This must have been ‘Daryl’, the guy who Sally had mentioned my wife was with. He was decidedly handsome in that ‘male grooming ad’ style, with thick brown hair, strong and symmetrical features and a suntan that suggested he lived a healthy outdoor lifestyle. As he was sitting down, with Jill ensconced on his lap, it was obvious that he was a really big guy, but judging his actual height was difficult.

There were a couple of bedside lamps in their room, giving enough light so that we could see all the details of what was happening next door. With the little white switch now thrown down, I realized this was the button for some kind of microphone and sound system, as the sights from next door were now complemented by the soundtrack made by this young giant and my wife.

And it was a set of sights and sounds that had me genuinely struggling to breathe. My beautiful forty-four-year-old wife had shed her sexy white dress and her matching white panties. She was sitting side saddle astride Daryl’s lap, her only clothing being her five-inch black heels. Her head was thrown back, her legs splayed as wide as she could push them, as Daryl worked three of his massive fingers in and out of Jill’s pussy with a speed and depth that was truly frightening.

Daryl’s other arm was snaked around Jill’s waist to stop her falling off his lap, a necessary precaution given the power and force of those three massive fingers, pumping in and out of Jill’s body, and her body’s vigorous reaction, with Jill seemingly permanently on the edge of orgasm.

Daryl looked to me to be around about thirty and he was obviously a gifted lover. Not content with reaming and stretching the depths of Jill’s tight pussy with his three middle fingers, he used his thumb to rub at Jill’s sensitive little nub. His other hand stroked and played with Jill’s left tit, while his mouth was attached to my wife’s right teat with all the suction and hunger of a newborn suckling at its mother’s teat.

As I looked on at this amazing sex scene, I felt weak and struggled to breathe. It felt like a hot knife was twisting and turning in my gut, but I was relieved to feel my cock throbbing and hardening even more. The whole purpose of tonight had been to experiment and find out how Jill and I really felt when we saw each other with other partners. Particularly, for us to discover whether something I thought I’d find exciting was something I actually enjoyed watching when it was no longer just fantasy. When it was real, seeing my beautiful wife actually enjoying, and being enjoyed, by another flesh-and-bones man. Not just some fantasy figure, but a real person.

If I’d found the sights and sounds of Jill and Daryl together troubling or heartbreaking, then I was pretty sure we’d have a big problem. Because looking at the way Jill was responding, I doubted she’d be able, or willing, to resist a follow-up session with this young hunk. Throwing her head back, pushing her thighs wide apart to get Daryl’s fingers as deep as she could, this was Jill, enjoying sex in a way that put our twenty years of lovemaking to shame. At least in physical terms. I don’t think I’d ever made Jill sob and squeal like Daryl was managing. And he wasn’t even using his cock or tongue. If he could make Jill sob, and moan, like this just with his fingers, what the hell would he do to her if things moved forward to full intercourse?

I was so completely sucked into the scene of Jill being so thoroughly pleasured by Daryl that I’d totally forgotten about Gemma until I felt her heavy breath on my cheek, whispering to avoid any sound being heard through the mirror.

“Well, it looks like someone’s having fun,” she teased me gently. “Of course, I could be wrong, but it looks like we’ve got a very willing new member for the club.” Another grin as she studied the look on my face. I felt Gemma’s hand at my fly as she unzipped me and slipped her hand inside to grasp my iron-hard cock. “Oh my. Someone’s enjoying this almost as much as his wife. Good job too, coz when your sweet wife sees what Daryl’s packing nothing on heaven or earth’s going to get her out of that room.”

Satisfied she’d teased and tormented me enough, Gemma was altogether more charitable as she stroked me up and down, almost in time with Daryl’s long thick fingers pushing in and out of Jill’s pussy. We were so close and the microphone and lighting were so effective that I kept forgetting we weren’t in the same room as Jill and lover boy. A couple of times I made to reach out and take Jill’s hand, before stopping myself as I remembered. Daryl was a master at work, knowing when to speed up and when to slow down. When to use the full length and thickness of his fingers. When to keep his hand still and just use his thumb on Jill’s clit, sometimes thrusting straight in and out, sometimes twisting and turning his wrist to get extra friction and feeling for Jill.

He continued like this for what seemed an age, inevitably bringing Jill to a shattering climax several times, Gemma commenting on each one as her hand carefully worked me, giving me pleasure but always stopping just short.

Sometimes Daryl would pull Jill’s head down and without being asked, she would instinctively open her mouth to receive Daryl’s tongue deep into her receptive mouth. To say they were kissing doesn’t begin to describe it. It was far more sexual than that. This was Jill opening another part of her body to receive the body of the man who’d stripped her naked and who was doing amazing things between her legs. As they crushed their lips and faces together, and as Jill took this guy’s tongue deep into her mouth, she was acting out what she’d have liked to have done with his cock. If only our ground rules had allowed.

In some ways watching the way they ‘kissed’, Jill’s hands running through his hair as she gave him her body, was both more harrowing and exciting than watching what was going on between her legs. Kissing is always so intimate, and I felt aroused and overwhelmed with jealousy in equal measure as I watched Jill kiss this guy.

Finally, Jill could take no more. I saw her arm move between her legs to pull Daryl’s hand away, her pussy looking incredibly red and distended, as his three huge fingers glistened with my wife’s juices, as he carefully removed them from the depths of Jill’s body.

Jill smiled weakly at her young partner. “That was amazing, Daryl,” leaning down to kiss him tenderly. “But I can’t take any more, baby. Not tonight. I’ve never cum like that before. I feel totally wiped out. I didn’t know I could cum like that, or cum that often.”

Daryl had a proud look on his face, as he pulled her face towards his once more, this time their kiss soft and tender and far less animalistic. Hearing Jill’s words did hurt and make me jealous. But I could hardly argue with the evidence of my own eyes and ears. I reassured myself that this was just sex. Just physical pleasure. I knew Jill was telling the truth that she’d never come like that before with me. And so I clung to the considerable comfort that even if Daryl could pleasure her like this, I still had Jill’s heart.

They just looked at each other for what seemed an age, and it suddenly seemed odd that Jill was naked except for her five-inch black heels, her pussy bloated, red, and raw, while Daryl was still totally clothed.

A similar thought seemed to occur to Jill at about the same time. “You’ve not cum yet, Daryl. Why don’t you get stripped off and at least I can give you a handjob?”

Daryl gently lifted Jill from his lap, the difference in their size such that he lifted her as if she weighed nothing, and stood her on her heels and wobbly legs. She had to grasp the chair to stop herself from falling over as she stood and watched Daryl start to quickly remove his clothes. He pulled his top over his head in one easy movement, revealing a huge and well-muscled chest, I guess not surprising for a guy who was a football coach. Then he dropped his pants and boxers in one swift motion and stepped out of them.

As he did this, I felt a lump in my throat as I saw the size of his cock. Gemma had teased me that Daryl was possessed with a horse-size cock, but even so, nothing prepared me for the huge piece of meat that sprang, nearly vertical, and slapped his belly as he lowered his pants and boxers. This guy was a freak of nature; his cock must have been as long as a household aerosol spray and about as thick as well.

Gemma nibbled my ear as I felt her loosen my belt. “Come on, tiger, let’s get you out of these pants so I can do you properly while we watch Jill do the same for Daryl. Didn’t I tell you he’s hung like a stallion?” she grinned at me. “And your little wife’s in for a treat when he cums. That one, he cums like a fountain when he cums.”

My jealousy ramped right back as I saw the way Jill stared at Daryl’s huge cock. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “You’re huge, Daryl. I’ve never seen anyone as big as you before. Never.”

That proud grin returned as he milked it. “Really? Not even your husband?”

“No, Dave’s not that big, you’re much bigger.”

Ow. That hurt, the steel blade twisting another couple of turns in my gut, but accompanied by a strange masochistic pleasure. There was no malice or sarcasm in Jill’s voice – she was just saying it how it was. This young guy was at least three or four inches longer than my normal-sized cock, and maybe twice as big in the girth of his manhood. I knew I wasn’t particularly small or large, but this guy was a freak of nature and it was no wonder that Jill was staring and telling him how impressed she was.

Jill finally overcame her shock at the size of Daryl’s equipment and reached out to grasp him. She started with just one hand but soon felt she needed two hands to work him. Even with both hands on him, a couple of inches of Daryl’s monster cock was still visible and his meat was so thick that Jill’s fingers only partly encircled his girth. At first, Jill worked him with slow, steady strokes as if she was savoring and enjoying this new and exciting experience. For my part, I couldn’t stop thinking about how her rings looked as they glinted in the light from the bedside table. It was so damned wrong, yet so amazingly erotic, the way those three rings, which marked our love, looked next to the manhood of another man.

As she got more used to it, Jill’s hand movements on Daryl speeded up, with Gemma’s hands mimicking Jill’s as she also stroked me faster.

“Mmm, that’s good, Jill baby,” Daryl told her with a contented smile. “Keep that up and I’m going to cum like a fountain for you, honey.”.

Jill giggled, “Promises, promises.” My jealousy went back onto max, especially when I saw Jill ease Daryl’s legs a little wider so that she could cup and play with his balls with her left hand as her right continued to milk him.

Jill has always known just how to give amazing handjobs, and I envied Daryl and knew exactly how he was feeling. After a few minutes of my wife’s tender attentions, the way that Daryl was breathing told me he wasn’t far away from cumming. And I wasn’t far beyond, as Gemma continued to stroke me and whisper in my ear about how great Daryl and Jill looked together and how happy Jill looked. She wasn’t being mean – she could tell from my reaction that her teasing was just adding to the eroticism of the whole situation.

Daryl’s breathing was now short and ragged, Jill smiling in encouragement. “Come on, Daryl honey. Cum for me, I want you to shoot your stuff all over me.” Hearing these words sounded so dirty. Sick yet exciting, my wife of more than twenty years asking a young guy to shoot his seed all over her.

Jill had been on her knees in front of Daryl all this time, and almost too late I felt my chest explode as I realized in this position Daryl’s huge cock was likely to shoot all over Jill’s face and tits.

“Ahhh,” he bellowed, roaring like some wounded animal as his knees visibly buckled and his massive cock started shooting spurt after spurt of scalding white jizz onto Jill’s beautiful face, chest and big tits. I’d thought there might have been some hesitation or even revulsion from Jill when this finally happened. But far from it, she smiled and welcomed it, as five or six rapid jets of Daryl’s spunk painted first her face and then her chest and breasts.

I was in a state of abject confusion as my own cock exploded in sympathy with Daryl’s much bigger organ, pumping a smaller amount of seed onto the mirror that separated me from my wife and her lover. I was still aroused and excited, but with my orgasm now past, I also felt humbled and a little dejected at the sight of Jill with another man’s seed covering her face and chest. He’d shot so much cum onto Jill that it seemed to be everywhere. She had some on one eyelid, some on her left cheek, and yet more matting the fringe of her hair. With the picture completed by some of Daryl’s essence dripping down from her chin onto her breasts, which were already painted with enough of his seed without the need for this extra ‘topping’.

My own cock now sticky, limp, and deflated, I felt a stabbing pain in my chest as I heard Jill giggle and talk to her lover. “Wow. You weren’t kidding, were you? You said you’d cum like a fountain and you’ve certainly not disappointed. Now I know why Sally and Jessica recommended you for my first time."

Hearing that there had been some kind of girls' conspiracy to line my nervous wife up with one of the hottest guys at the party, set my feelings ablaze all over again. Arousal mixed with confusion and dismay. A cocktail I was becoming wholly familiar with tonight.

His own lusts now satisfied, the young bull presented an altogether more caring face as he helped Jill off her knees so that she was now standing in front of him naked save those five-inch black heels. Daryl then led Jill towards the en-suite bathroom, my gut twisting again as I heard male and female laughter coming from there as they disappeared out of sight.

When the laughter finally died down, I thought how sexy Jill’s big tits looked as they jiggled with the motion of her tottering walk atop those heels. I wanted to reach out and stroke and squeeze my property, that damned mirror once again stymieing my husbandly desires, leaving my wife temporarily the property of another male.

Daryl looked into Jill’s eyes, and she returned the same look. “Thanks, Jill. That was amazing. I really hope that you and your husband decide to come back and join the group.”

Jill smiled at her young partner. “Me too, Daryl. Me too. But Dave and I need to compare notes and work out what we’re comfortable with. This lifestyle, this group, it’s a big step for any couple. We’ve been happy for twenty years and we’d never want to do anything to put that, or our family, at risk.”

These two had an uncanny way of mirroring each other’s emotions and expressions, as Daryl’s smile was a near perfect reflection of my wife’s. “I get it, Jill. And I think you’re totally right to take your time and make sure. This group is all about adding to what couples already have. Helping to add some fizz and variety. About physical and sexual fun for both partners. It’s not about causing problems or emotional attachments. We’re all a hundred percent on that. All of us.”

Jill smiled right back. “Thanks, Daryl. Everyone’s been really great here tonight. Made me feel really comfortable and welcome. I just hope Dave’s enjoyed it as much as I have. I need to find him and go and see how he’s doing, and whether or not he’s been having as much fun as I have.”

Daryl grinned and gestured from top to bottom with both arms lifted as he pointed at Jill’s naked body. “Well, okay then. What’s your plan? Are you going to go look for him like that? If you do, you won’t be the only wife ‘dressed’ like that. But you’ll certainly be the sexiest, with nicest tits.”

Jill grinned, enjoying the compliment from one of the most coveted guys at the party. “I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet!” as she picked up her panties and pulled them on, Daryl all the while not bothering to hide the way he still wanted to look at Jill’s sexy body before she covered it up once more.

As Jill slipped her white dress back on, Gemma put a hand on my shoulder. “Let’s wait here a few moments until they’ve gone downstairs. After all, I guess you don’t want Jill to realize you’ve been spying on her. At least, not yet, anyway.”

Gemma had a point. I knew I’d eventually have to come clean with Jill that I’d secretly watched her sex games with Daryl. But I didn’t want her to find out by bumping into me at the top of the stairs.

Gemma used the waiting time to help me pull my pants and boxers back into position, and when she’d checked that the coast was clear we headed back downstairs into the heart of the party. Gemma gave me a kiss on the lips and rubbed my cheek in an almost maternal way. “Good luck, honey. Go get her, Tiger. Hope it all goes okay for you guys.” I reckoned both Jill and me had really lucked out. Both Gemma and Daryl seemed really nice people who were genuinely concerned that the whole night was a positive and healthy experience for us both, as a couple and as individuals. I returned the kiss and thanked Gemma, then headed off to find Jill.

I knew that both of us had a lot of talking to do after our first baby steps into the world of sharing and swinging.


(Thanks to Cbears52 for his kind help in editing and proofing.)


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