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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 5

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Grace settles in as our house guest

Scarsdale, New York: Monday 12th December 2017

Sue slowly came back down to earth, the tension now gone from her spent body. As her eyes opened and she looked at me I realized there was no hint of embarrassment or shame in her face. I’d thought that now the excitement had passed, there might be some adverse reaction. But Sue’s face was pure undiluted contentment. Fully satisfied and not caring whether the lover who’d pleasured her was male or female.

As I kissed her softly and we shared a moment, out of the corner of my eye I saw another head slowly kissing it’s way up Sue’s soft pink tummy. Stopping briefly to kiss and explore Sue’s fascinating breasts, Grace’s face shiny with my wife’s juices smiled eagerly like an expectant puppy. Look at me. Didn’t I do well? A wholly more sexual version of fetch and return, as her smiling face hovered just an inch above Sue’s.

I held my breath. Would Sue do it? She looked into my eyes, her look mixing excitement with the slightest tinge of sadness. Then she raised her body and snapped the last thread of this particular Rubicon as she gently kissed Grace. Not a supplicant. Not a receiver. But an active and smiling thank you to the girl who’d just become her lover.

They shared minutes of tender kisses. Interleaved with little looks I found hard to fathom. With hands occasionally reaching and touching and squeezing. Sue as fascinated with Grace’s pierced nipples as she was intrigued by my wife’s large squishy fake tits.

I sensed this wasn’t a time to speak, as two new friends got as close as two women can. And I sensed that for Sue in many ways this was a bigger break from her upbringing than her affair with Francis was.

She might have been less than half our age, but Grace was the one most at ease in this surreal situation.

“Two down, one to go.” We all laughed at Grace’s not too subtle allusion to only needing to now bed our handsome son to have the full Jones family set.

With a final kiss, Grace eased herself to the right so Sue was now sandwiched between us. She stroked Sue’s hair with a gentleness and care that was endearing. Sue was torn whether to look right or left. Right to her new shiny new lover, or left to the rumpled old man who’d kept her company this last quarter century. Sensing my woman’s indecision, I kissed her softly, my hand mirroring Grace’s running through her long brown hair.

“Relax, honey. Enjoy the moment. Don’t overthink it,” surprised at my own relaxed response to this strange new turn of events. Sue responded with a loving smile, returning my kiss.

If this is what Sue’s plans for exploring her sexual boundaries looked and tasted like, then roll on exploration! With the three of us snuggled and enjoying the feel and warmth of soft flesh all of my fears seemed a million miles away. This suddenly felt like a story which was going to have a happy ending.


Monday night had ended in a passable impression of Paradise Gained, as the three of us drifted off to sleep curled up together and as physically satisfied as three people can be. But an unset alarm clock made Tuesday morning an altogether more stressed time. The three of us stumbled around like a troop of circus clowns trying to avoid banging into each other as we struggled to catch up lost minutes.

Finally, we were all ready and I felt slightly left out as I drove off alone knowing that Sue and Grace would share a car ride to Grace’s second interview. I’d have given my eye teeth to have been a fly on the wall in that car as it sped across town. In my fevered imagination, their conversation veered between sweet nothings, declarations of undying love and the finer points of female sexual technique. (When I told Sue this later, she burst out laughing and told me the reality of their hurried conversation about defibrillators and colostomy bags as Sue helped Grace with some last minute interview cramming. A guy can dream!)

Tuesday was a really stressful day at work. All hell had broken loose in Malawi as some senior politicians who’d taken kickbacks were screaming blue murder. They’d seen the first draft of the report that would soon be sent to various NGOs and banks, and they were decidedly unhappy. Over years in the job, I’d experienced this more times than I care to remember, but it’s always stressful dealing with it. It’s never fun taking irate calls from people with the power to make your life difficult. Fortunately, the company has a very robust attitude to this kind of pushback. The day was stressful and hard, but despite all the bluster and threats, I knew none of these guys could really touch me.

The day was so busy and stressed that the first time I realized I still needed to talk through Francis’ Nigeria proposition with Sue was when I was driving home across town. I was so exhausted from the day’s events that I didn’t have the emotional energy to force myself to think about it, apart from making a mental note to mention it to Sue later. With the idea we’d discuss it when we were both not too tired or stressed.

When I got home at night the dual mistresses of the house didn’t notice my arrival at first. As I dumped my bag by the front door they had their backs to me as they excitedly chatted away as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder next to the cooker preparing dinner.

After what had happened between them in bed the previous night I sensed a real closeness between them. I’m sure I wasn’t just imagining it, and I found it slightly disconcerting and disorienting. I’d grown used to the idea of other guys like Francis pursuing Sue, and the buzz and fear this gave me. But watching the little looks and touches between Sue and Grace I didn’t know whether I should be experiencing the same fears and arousal. It was a really weird confusion. Not knowing how to classify Grace. Friend or Foe? Lover or rival?

After the day’s stress and the unresolved question of Francis’ proposition, I didn’t have the emotional energy to wrestle with the Grace-Sue conundrum. So as had become my dangerous habit, I pushed this particular snake into the deep grass and focused on the immediate here and now.

And on that Tuesday evening, the immediate here and now was the great smell of food coming from the kitchen. Whatever it was that the new besties were preparing, it smelt great. My hunger levels went into overdrive as I decided whether or not to cough or some such to let the girls now I was home. In the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation to watch and listen unobserved. I knew this had got me into trouble before, but I was powerless to resist the temptation so I just stood silently in the hallway.

Grace picked up a wooden spoon and tasted the juices from the largest of the metal pots.

“A little more pepper I think,” the teacher advised her pupil.

“Isn’t it hot enough already?” Sue asked with a questioning look.

“Maybe for Pete, but not for a saucy fox like you,” came Grace’s sharp answer. Hell, did this girl never stop thinking about sex? How wrong I’d been that first time I saw at reception and thought her sweet and innocent.

Sue giggled at Grace’s joke, a little pride shown by the way she straightened her spine and pulled her shoulders back.

“Girl, you’ve got a one-track mind.”

“Takes one to know one,” Grace shot back. Even though she was facing away from me I could see the teasing smile on her face. “And anyway, maybe I should take that as a compliment from a greedy girl like you.”

“Greedy girl?” Sue echoed, her voice now an octave higher in feigned shock.

“Well, what else to call it? A doting husband. A young English student who worships the ground you walk on. And a hunky African doctor who risks getting in serious trouble with the hospital administrator just for a few minutes inside your sweet pussy before his afternoon appointments.”

Sue was silent for a moment. Temporarily lost for words from the strength of Grace’s argument. With Sue still silent the conversation then took a more serious turn.

“Sue, do you mind if I ask you something personal.”

“Sure, Grace. What is it you want to know?”

“Aren’t you sometimes worried about how this thing with Francis will end up?”

There was a long pause as Sue considered how to answer such a probing and deep question. Sue turned from the cooking to face Grace and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Why do you want to know?” Sue asked in a friendly voice designed to reassure Grace that she wasn’t offended by the young Malawian’s question.

“Because having seen what you and Pete have got, it set me thinking that I might like something like you’re arrangement when I find a guy to settle down with. But to a girl like me, brought up to be really conservative, I can’t help but worry about the consequences. And knowing that Francis is cut from the same cultural cloth as me, I can’t help but worry that in the end, he wants you all for himself.”

Thirty seconds ago I’d been eavesdropping on a light-hearted and frivolous conversation about my ‘greedy girl’ wife. And know I had a lump in my throat and sweaty palms as I waited to hear Sue’s answer.

Sue paused again as she gathered her thoughts, before finally starting to explain to Grace her take on her relationship with Francis and it’s risks and dangers.

“Pete and I have talked long and hard about my relationship with Francis. And we’re happy that it gives all three of us pleasure. Pete loves to see me with Francis or to know that Francis and I are out together somewhere. And as you so delicately reminded me, I am a ‘greedy girl.’ I love to have time with Francis. Either alone with him, or with Pete there.”

Grace was smart and noticed how Sue had avoided answering her question. “But what about the risks, aren’t you worried about them. That one day you’ll fall in love with Francis and that you’ll end up breaking Pete’s heart?”

This time there was an even longer delay while Sue struggled to find the right words to answer.

“Sure, sometimes it does worry me. I’m not blind and I’m not stupid. I see the way Francis looks at me, and I know the hole that’s in his life since he lost Heidi. He’s always been upfront with me that he’s not a sharing kind of guy. That it’s not the way he’s made.”

Sue paused again, and just when I thought I couldn’t feel any worse my stomach did an extra flip as I waited for Sue to peel away the last layer of her heart to Grace.

“But the whole danger and fear thing is a big part of what excites Pete. We’ve talked it round and round. We know that provided we keep it under control it’s a part of the game he totally loves. When we’ve got it wrong, he’s a sobbing wreck and I feel terrible for hurting him. So we’ve learned to be careful.”

Sue had finished her explanation, now waiting for Grace.

“Sue, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I know African men. I know men like Francis. Smart, strong and privileged. He’s been given or taken everything he’s ever wanted from the day he started growing up in his well-off Lagos home. Surrounded by servants and knowing he and his like were the center of the universe in his little world.”

“He might be biding his time now, like the lion stalking its prey, but I’m pretty sure he still intends you to be his one day. Whatever he might tell you or tell Pete, I’m sure he’s not given up on his plans.”

The room felt so silent t felt like I could hear the pounding of my racing heart. I felt like someone had slammed an epi-pen of neat adrenaline straight into my body, my body electrified and floating as I awaited Sue’s response.

“Grace, I know you’re right.”

And then a giggle broke the tension between the two of them as Sue continued.

“I’m not sure if he’s a lion or a leopard, but I do know that leopards don’t change their spots. That Francis hasn’t changed his mind. But Pete and I can deal with it.”

It was Grace’s turn to squeeze Sue’s shoulder in sisterly solidarity. “For your sake and Pete’s sake, I hope you’re right.”

And then Grace said something that planted an image in my head that I still carry today. “Because I’m guessing neither you nor Pete has ever seen up close what it looks like when a lion or a leopard finally catches its prey. It’s really not a pretty sight. By the time he’s finished, there’s little left to recognize of what was there before.”


It took me some time to regain my poise after listening to Sue and Grace’s conversation. Hearing Sue’s words didn’t necessarily tell me something I didn’t already know. But it forced me to think about it all over again. I guess in the last few weeks, with everything going so well, I’d forced this fear to the back of my mind.

So what Sue had said wasn’t new. She was just saying out loud what Sue and I both deep down knew to be true but had developed the habit of ignoring. What was new was Grace’s African perspective on things. The image she painted of the lion stalking its prey acted as a sobering reminder of the stakes we were playing for.

When I finally announced my arrival home both of my ladies looked pleased to see me. And Grace insisted I sit down and relax with a drink she made for me before returning to mentoring her new best friend. The meal was wonderful, and I diplomatically congratulated both of them. Sue for her cooking. Grace for the recipe and for the teach-in.

Afterward, we settled down to watch the latest episode of Big Bang Theory on TV. Grace had told us she loved the show back home. She was like a kid in a candy store at the thought she could actually watch the current series, rather than the five-year-old episodes that was best she could do back home. It was really sweet for Sue and me to see her unbridled pleasure at such a small thing. The sexual tigress from the night before replaced by a sweet young cub.

Sue joked that we had our very own ‘Sheldon Cooper’ and that we’d have to introduce her to James before she headed back to Malawi. Feeling ridiculous, my little green-eyed monster reared his ugly head at the suggestion. James was much more ‘age appropriate’ for Grace than a balding forty-eight-year-old economist. But to my childish psyche the adage ‘finder’s keepers’ trumped any such considerations.

As we watched, Sue and I were snuggled up on the sofa and Grace was happy to curl up in my favorite armchair. Which had just become a whole lot more favorite as I snuck discrete looks at her sexy body when I thought all eyes were on the TV.

We were drinking a bottle of Sue’s favorite red and after a while nature called. As I headed back into the lounge I did a double take as I took in the fact that the girls had done the switcheroo on me while I was away. Sue was now curled up in the armchair grinning broadly as an equally smiley Grace patted the spot next to her on the sofa.

Shrugging my shoulders in submission, I fell in with their plans and sat next to Grace as she covered our laps with the blanket that had just been covering Sue and I. With the TV show still playing, Sue smirked across at her partner in crime as I felt Grace’s little hand start working at my belt. The unmistakable sound of my zipper came next and then our young house guest reached her goal as I felt her warm hand slowly run and up and down my hardening cock. Last night Sue had been her sexual target. Tonight I was in her crosshairs.

Just as I was really starting to enjoy the wonderful feelings coming from my cock, with a swish worthy of a magician she pulled back the blanket to reveal my throbbing dick in all its glory.

“And today’s housewife’s choice comes in all shapes and sizes,” she declared to the sound of guffaws of laughter from two of the three of us.

Sue could see that my feelings were a little hurt and came to sit next to me on the sofa.

“Don’t look so hurt, baby. You know what us girls are like when we get together. We’re just having a little fun,” she added as she patted me on the cheek and kissed me. “You’ve still got two women all to yourself.”

I perked up at this thought, my hurt feelings suddenly feeling a lot better.

“After all, think how lucky you are compared to poor old Francis. Rattling around in that big old house of his. With his big old cock and with no girls to keep him company.”

I knew she’d intended it to make me feel better, but after the earlier eavesdropped conversation, hearing Francis’ name again brought a lump to my throat. We still hadn’t even discussed his Nigeria proposition.

With Grace’s hand still working on me, Sue gently turned my head so our faces were close and directly looking at each other. “Grace and I thought we might play a little game.”

With that both girls got up, each taking one of my hands and leading me up the stairs. I knew the shape of what was to come, but they wouldn’t be drawn on the details as between them they stripped me naked and made me sit in the armchair next to our marital bed.

Sue told me that as I’d enjoyed watching them so much last night that they had a suggestion for a game to play tonight. The two women looked mischievously at each other as Sue explained that we could have a quiet evening together or we could play the game they’d devised.

“So, do you want to hear the game, darling? And then you can make your choice.”

Sitting there butt naked with a hard throbbing cock I nodded my head.

“Well, honey, as you enjoyed the show so much last night, Grace and I thought we could show you have much you mean to us by continuing on from where we left off from last night.”

I nearly fell off my chair as I heard these lewd words coming from Sue’s mouth. I did a double-take as I stared disbelievingly at my wife. Sue smiled at my look of astonished disbelief, evidently enjoying the shock she’d caused me.

“While you were in Malawi, I told you I wanted to try new things, honey. Sexually. And this is one of those things,” she said gesturing to our pretty young houseguest as they grinned at each other.

As I looked at this woman who I thought I knew so well, a shiver of fear went through me as I wondered what other new sexual experiences she might want to try now that the chains were off and I’d agreed to this much freer lifestyle.

“Are you shocked, Pete? Is this not what you had in mind when we were together in Malawi, baby?” Grace asked with mock innocence, moving to stand cheek-by-cheek with Sue.

As I struggled to take it all in, they moved closer. Approaching from left and right I felt two sets of lips on my ears and two mouths whispering sweet nothings to me before I felt two tongues wriggling in my ears.

Like a dog tormented by a steak hanging in each line of sight, I didn’t know whether to turn left or right. Finally, I turned right to Sue as I felt her warm hand grasp me and stroke up and down. Our mouths kissed before she turned my head left and smiled as she presented her husband’s lips to another woman. Grace and I kissed, and then she turned my head to Sue. After she’d given me the briefest of kisses, Sue explained the wicked kink they’d added to the show they’d planned.

“But there’s just one condition, sweetheart. If you want to watch Grace and me play, you have to agree to our little condition.”

There was something in their smiles that made me nervous as Sue explained.

“When we’re done, you can only choose one of us to sleep with tonight.”

Not great, but a choice between a mature full-bodied vintage and a cheeky young wine was something I could live with.

“And the one who you don’t choose gets to go off and spend the night with Francis.”

It was Grace who’d smiled sweetly as she added the final, painful part of the condition. But now it was both of them looking at me as sisters in crime as I stewed in my self-pity. Between them, they’d devised the perfect sexual water torture. A wonderful evening watching my own personal kinky sex show. But with a bittersweet ending where the prince only got one of the girls. And the prince forced to make Solomon’s choice between his wife and his young African lover.

Sue held up my pants, symbolizing my notional option to turn down the game and just have a quiet evening in. But I closed my eyes and nodded my head, at least able to look forward to the next couple of hours of fun. Forcing myself to forget the price I’d ultimately pay.

When I opened my eyes I saw that the games had begun. Both still fully clothed, Sue and Grace were now laying on their sides as they kissed and touched on our bed. The previous night Grace had definitely been the hunter and Sue the prey. But tonight, with Sue’s boundaries changing by the hour, it was a love-making session between two equals.

Both women seemed fascinated by the differences between their bodies. As their mouths exchanged passionate kisses, their hands explored each other’s breasts. As they kissed, cupped and stroked it was Sue who made the first move as her shaking fingers started unbuttoning Grace’s thin blouse, then reached behind to unclasp her little white bra.

Grace’s eyes closed with a look of unadulterated pleasure as she felt Sue’s inquisitive hands once again exploring the metal sleepers in her pierced nipples. The look on Sue’s face was child-like in its look of wonder. Sue’s expression changed as she played and talked.

“They’re so sexy. Do you think I should get mine done?” her face and question directed to Grace, not me.

As she continued to play Grace became equally impatient to explore what was underneath Sue’s top, soon pulling her top and then bra away. Pulling her head back to enjoy the full view, she weighed Sue’s big 36D boobs like a shopper in the market.

“I can’t believe how wonderful they feel. No sag, and so like-life. Francis and Pete are lucky guys. If it meant I got to play with these every day, I think I’d grow a dick myself.”

Enjoying the soft touch and caress of Grace’s hand, Sue’s face was a picture of contentment.

For the next hour, I looked on and played with myself as twenty-five years of my assumptions about Sue’s sexuality evaporated before my eyes. Before that night I’d always thought of her as one hundred percent heterosexual. I’d fretted and worried as other guys hit on her at parties. I’d been through fear and stress watching her with Francis and then Brandon. But I’d been a soldier only fearful about one flank and one type of enemy.

Last night Sue and Grace had been different because in both cases Sue had been largely passive. But tonight, for the first time in her life, Sue was evolving before me. She was eagerly and excitedly exploring the other side of her sexuality. Enjoying all of the different brush strokes Grace’s sexuality could sweep across the canvas that was Sue’s mind and body.

And just as Grace played and explored, Sue was keen to learn and copy herself. For every moment that Grace squeezed, nibbled or pinched, my wife would unchain her sexuality another yard to respond in kind. Sue’s face worshipped just as often between Grace’s thighs as did Grace’s between Sue’s. Her lips and fingers explored as much as she was explored.

Until that night my fantasies had always involved Sue and another man. Another man bigger and better able to satisfy her. But as I watched the two of them together, I wondered if Grace or another woman might be a larger threat. Whether ultimately this sexual and emotional cocktail would give Sue more sexual and emotional highs than Francis or someone like him.

Sure, there was no large, aggressive and possessing cock thrusting in and out of Sue to terrorize and excite me.

The nearest proxy came to this when Grace’s tongue stopped flicking at Sue’s clit like some demented serpent’s tongue and instead she mixed tongue and fingers. As first one, then two and then three fingers slipped deep and thrusting into Sue’s eager body. Sue had always struggled whenever I’d pushed three fingers into her pussy. But as Grace worked her with a tenderness and a skill beyond me, she was soon gently easing a fourth and then amazingly a fifth digit into Sue.

Sue went crazy as Grace gently but insistently opened her up in this way, their locked mouths telling me how much Sue was loving this new experience for her. As her hips pushed down on Grace’s thrusting five finger fucking, responding in the most base way as they tried to push the young African’s fingers deeper still.

When Sue had recovered from the two intense climaxes Grace gave her like this, she accepted Grace’s coaxing to try it for herself as the lovers kissed and Sue was soon discovering the joys of fucking a female lover with as much of her hand as Grace could accommodate. At first, Sue was nervous and timid, but as Grace’s pussy stretched and her moans called her on my wife thrust and twisted her fingers with as much passion as Grace had done her.

As Grace squealed and sobbed, the expression on Sue’s face was one I’d never seen before. She was excited and mesmerized by her first experience of fucking someone else. And it was a look that would stick in my head for some time, as I knew in my soul it signaled another sexual boundary-shattering in Sue’s psyche.

Sue and Grace must have ‘put on their show’ for me for just short of two hours. And aside from this intense bout of finger-fucking, most of their time was spent in a much more tender love-making.

As I stroked myself and watched I tried to de-code the looks they shared and the mix of tenderness and lust they alternated between. It seemed as if they were operating on a higher plain. It looked to all the world that maybe they were sharing a pleasure altogether more intoxicating and seductive. A pleasure given and received with an emotional and spiritual connection that no man could ever match.


Later that night I lay in bed as the three of us shared a bed. I couldn’t sleep. The good news was that both Sue and Grace were still there with me, having told me that the condition about one going to Francis was just a bluff to tease me. The fact they were both still there should have helped me sleep. But as they cuddled together to my right, I didn’t feel complacent or at peace with the world.

Looking up at the ceiling as their peaceful breathing mocked me, I replayed the evening's passion play. I was honest with myself about how the sex and eroticism between them excited me. There was no doubt about that. Seeing how they’d played and explored and brought each other to so many climaxes.

But I shivered as I realized without a shadow of a doubt that the evening marked the opening of a second front in the battle to retain Sue’s love and commitment. There was no other way to interpret the excitement and inquisitiveness I’d seen on Sue’s face throughout the whole evening. It was the look that maybe a blind person gets when a lifetime’s blinkers drop and they realize there are colors other than black and white.

Looking up at the ceiling, I realized there was an eerie shadow or a rhyme with the fears I’d felt earlier with Francis. Just like then, I didn’t think that Sue’s love for me had suddenly evaporated overnight. Or even weakened during the evening with Grace. It was just the undeniable truth that she’d been given a new and wonderful toy to play with. And I had no idea whether in the end she’d bit by bit find this new toy more of a buzz and more fun. Even if she still retained feelings and a soft spot for her old but less exciting previous toy.

Before I’d been a VHS player worried about a shiny new Blu-ray Player. But now as I fretted about this, it was like realizing that my owner also loved Gaming and had just received a top of the range X-box for Christmas. And I lay there worrying whether Sue would still find time for a toy she’d known and loved for twenty-five years.


I was still pondering these thoughts over a coffee on Wednesday morning when I felt Sue’s soft arms wrap themselves around my neck.

“I love you, honey. Thank you so much for letting me explore my sexuality with Grace last night.”

There was a look in Sue’s eyes that told me that although it had originally been billed as a show for me, it was actually my wife’s desire to explore that had been the real motor behind what had happened between Sue and Grace.

As she kissed me and thanked me again, Sue held up her phone to show me a text from Francis.

‘Hey, guys. Hope you’re making Grace feel at home. Was wondering if the three of you would like to come round to dinner tonight. I’d love to see you all, and we could discuss plans for January.’

As each pixel burned into my retina, I suddenly felt myself start to hyperventilate. I’d been struggling to process what happened last night and what it meant for Sue and me. And now there was suddenly the column of heavy Calvary that I’d forced from my mind which needed urgent attention.

I’d thought Tuesday a stressful day. It was only seven on Wednesday but today was already shaping up to be stress on a different level altogether.



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