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Shall We Play? Part 2

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The events from Logan's point of view

I hope you’ve heard my wife’s side of our little story of how we got started “playing.” I want to give you my side. As she told you, my name is Logan Wallman. I’m forty years old, married to Alissa. You know all this; let me get right to my side of the story.

My buddy Russell and I went on a weekend fishing trip. It was just a good excuse to get away. We fished but mostly drank and talked. Russell and I have a lot in common. One of those commonalities is that our sex lives have gone in the toilet. Neither one of us knew how it happened but for the last five years, sex has become infrequent and boring.

Don’t get me wrong; I love getting it on my wife. Russell and I agreed it has become hop on, pump till we cum and go to sleep. Very little else.

Russell, in the same position as I am, tried to come up with ways to fix our problem. We really had no solution. In our younger years, we had talked about trying to get our wives to do something together. Our dream was a swap but we would also like try strip poker or something like that. We never had that opportunity. He was very open that he thought my wife was hot and I had always thought his wife was incredibly sexy.

I rolled into the house Sunday night after the fishing trip to find Alissa already asleep in bed. I took a quick shower and quietly slid into bed. As tired as I was, I was starting to doze off as soon as I hit the pillow. I didn’t get to sleep. To my surprise, my boxers were being pulled down. I didn’t say anything or even move. The next sensations I felt were lips on my cock. I was in shock. Alissa hadn’t sucked my dick in over a year and then I had to beg her to do it.

My cock quickly got hard in my wife’s mouth. I had forgotten how good her blowjobs were. “Oh baby, that feels so good.”

Alissa looked up at me and smiled. She kissed my dick then scooted up my body squatting her pussy down on my cock. She was bouncing up and down on me fucking me hard.

I knew I wouldn’t last a long time given the sucking she had done before mounting me. Alissa looked down at me not missing a beat, “Don’t you cum yet.” It was as if she scared the cum back into me. I didn’t have to wait long; Alissa grabbed me tight telling me she was cumming. With a grunt, I filled her hole with my seed.

As calm as could be, Alissa dismounted me and walked to the bathroom. She slid back into bed, kissing me on the cheek. “It's good to have you home, honey.”

I lay there wondering what the fuck had just happened. Russell and I had spent the entire weekend complaining about wives’ lack of sex drive and mine greeted me like a porn star.

Monday morning, I got a text from Russell: Lunch?

Just as we sat down Russell started in, “You won’t believe what Amanda did when I got home. I thought she was asleep when I got home. I jumped in the shower getting all soaped up. I felt the shower door open then hands were wrapped around me then my cock. Amanda starts jacking me off then tells me to fuck her in the shower. We have never had shower sex. I don’t know what got into her.”

“Damn, I’d like to know what they did this weekend. Alissa jumped me last night when I got home too.”

We spent lunch theorizing what got them going. Discussions went from them having men on the side to the two of them having a bisexual fling. Whatever it was, we agreed to call each other if something else happened.

My something happened Tuesday night. We were cleaning up the dishes when Alissa told me she had heard that Lana and Ryan Roland were having swinger parties. I acted like I wasn’t sure who she was talking about, but I knew exactly who Lana Roland was. She is a very hot blonde with great tits. When we would see her at the pool, I, like every guy there, would be watching her and drooling over her.

I expected Alissa to tell me how disgusted she was with the idea of a swinger party. She wasn’t at all. She seemed very intrigued by the concept. Alissa was wondering if any of our friends were sneaking off and having sex with each other. Alissa then made a comment that she wasn’t sexy enough to go to a party like that. I knew she was baiting me to tell her how good she looked but I didn’t care.

I pretended to be a stranger picking her up at one of the Rolands' parties and to my surprise, she played along. I thought I was going to cum in my pants when my wife, who I had only heard say “fuck” maybe two times in our marriage, told me to take her up to her bed and fuck her.

I did just that, taking my wife to her bed treating her like I was a stranger giving her a good fucking.

Russell and I met again for lunch the next day. He told a similar story. His wife told him about the Rolands' key parties and then they fucked like rabbits. Like me, he expected her to be disgusted by their “lifestyle”. Like my wife, she wasn’t. She had told him something similar that my Alissa had said about not being sexy enough.

“They are up to something; I can feel it,” I said.

“I agree, maybe it is time to put our swap plan into action.”

“No, if they are up to something, I say we just play along. Let them play it out but be ready to act when the time comes. I can’t imagine that they are going to suggest anything like that but if they do, we’re okay with each other with our wives, right?”

“God yes!” Russell said too loudly.

“I thought it was funny that Alissa told me about our dinner Friday night right before she launched in about the Rolands' parties. I say we figure a way to bring it up when the four of us are together after dinner.”

Russell agreed.


“Damn, you look hot, babe. Are we going to a club?”

“Aw thanks, honey. I’m glad you noticed. But no, we are just staying in. It is just the four of us.”

We had just finished with the food when the doorbell rang. I got to the door first but Alissa was right behind me. Russell came in first shaking my hand then Amanda walked in the door. She was wearing this silky blouse that hung wide open in front. I thought her tits could spill out at any moment. Amanda gave me a tight hug pressing her tits against me. I was staring at her tits and my wife caught me. I thought for sure I was about to get hammered.

Instead, she just winked at me, “She looks hot tonight, doesn’t she?”

I looked at one then the other. “You both look hot tonight.”

Amanda patted me on the ass as my wife walked into the kitchen. “Nice save.”

Russell pulled me aside while the girls put the food out. “Okay, something is up. They’re dressed like hookers and last night Amanda cut me off when I tried to have sex with her.”

“What’s unusual about that?” I asked.

“Before she cut me off, I got a finger in her pussy. She was dripping with pussy juice. I pretended to go to sleep and she got up going to the bathroom. I snuck over to the bathroom to see her fucking herself with her vibrator.”

“That’s weird. When you guys came in, Alissa busted me looking at your wife’s tits. Normally she would let me have it. But nothing, it was almost as if she liked I was looking.”

“I’m going to have to be careful I don’t get a boner looking at your wife’s tits.”

I laughed at Russell then remembered something else. “Something else weird - I was going to make margaritas but Alissa didn’t want us getting drunk.”

“Shit, Amanda said the same thing. She didn’t want us guys getting drunk. They are up to something. Like you said, we will just play along.”

Dinner went well, but I couldn’t help but notice my wife bending over a lot especially when she was serving Russell. The girls insisted on cleaning up the dishes, whispering a lot as they did.

Alissa looked nervous when she sat down on the couch next to me after they finished. We engaged in just general small talk when Russell brought up the Rolands' key parties. Amanda perked up when we started talking about it. She made eye contact with me and smiled. When she and I made eye contact she leaned over giving me a perfect view down her blouse.

I was distracted by Amanda’s tits but I could have sworn that Amanda said that she would try a key party if Russell agreed. With my attention back on the conversation, Russell mentioned that Amanda didn’t think she was sexy enough for that kind of party. I thought I would try and push them a little further. “Sorry, that’s bullshit that you two are not sexy enough. It’s been obvious all night that I can’t keep my eyes off Amanda’s tits. Hope you don’t mind, buddy.”

“No problem, brother, she has beautiful tits. I will admit I’ve been staring at your wife’s tits all night too.”

Alissa blushed but was clearly enjoying it. Amanda made a strange comment that they might look good in street clothes but not something more revealing. Russell made a comment that if they wanted to get naked, we would love to evaluate them. For just a moment I thought they were going to strip. The girls looked at each other and nodded.

Amanda said something about them shopping for us and they were going to model it. They both ran upstairs to our bedroom.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, I really thought Amanda was going to strip. Whatever they are doing, I’m getting really horny. We may have to cut the night short to go home and fuck.”

“I hear you, buddy; I just hope the girls are as turned on as we are.”

“I think we should try the swap thing; you take my wife to our house and I stay here. What do you think?”

“Hey, I’m up for it but I don’t want to push it if it isn’t there. I don’t need my wife pissed and not giving me any.”

“Alright, we will let them take the lead,” Russell said.

We waited in silence for a few minutes till I heard Russell say, “God damn, you guys are hot!” I turned to see his wife coming down the stairs in a little pink bodysuit thing. It didn’t cover much of her body. Her tits were just barely inside the fabric that was a sharp V to her pussy. Amanda gave us a spin when she got to the bottom of the stairs. The back was just as incredible as the front. It was basically nonexistent. The V that covered her pussy looked like a thong in the back showing both her butt cheeks.

Alissa was a few steps behind her, looking just as stunning. She was in a pink lacy cover that was see-through except where it covered her tits. The V-cut panties she was wearing didn’t cover much at all and nothing in the back.

Alissa danced her way to me while Russell’s wife danced to him. She would have put the best stripper to shame, at least in my opinion that night. “You look smokin' hot, babe,” I whispered to her.

She mouthed back to me that she loved me. Just then Amanda said to switch. Amanda danced over to me and my wife danced over to Russell. Amanda was dancing up close to me rubbing her tits on me and tracing her hands over me. I was sure my wife was doing the same on Russell but Amanda had my full attention. My cock was at full attention too.

Amanda said something about needing proof that we thought they were hot. I looked right at my wife when Amanda grabbed my dick through my pants. I was afraid that she would be upset that her best friend was grabbing my junk. But when Amanda announced that I was hard, I watched my wife put her hand on Russell’s crotch. Oh shit, I thought. We are going farther than I ever thought we would.

They had stopped dancing, just standing there when Russell pulled me into the kitchen. “We have them right where we want them,” Russell whispered.

I was confused. “How do you mean?”

“They are on fire; your wife confirmed it when she grabbed my dick. You said it best - we are going to let them take the lead. Where’s a bowl and get your keys?” I grabbed a plastic bowl and my keys. “We are going to tell them we want to play ‘Key Party’. We put our keys in the bowl and let them choose what we do.” Russell held his keys up to mine.

“Oh, I get it. There’s no way they don’t know which key they are choosing so we know if our wives pick the other’s key they want to play. I love it.”

Russel was very dramatic holding up the bowl putting his keys in and then mine. The big questions were, would they play and if they did, which key would be pulled out of the bowl.

Amanda and Alison ran to the kitchen just like we did moments before.

Russell grabbed me, “We’re this close, buddy. You know they are deciding right now. If they do it, you take my wife to our house and then we switch back at eight. Damn, I can’t believe we’ve gotten this far.”

The girls came back in with Alissa having a concerned look on her face. I’d seen that look when she doesn’t know what to do. She grabbed the bowl announcing that they were playing and she was going to pick first. My mouth was completely dry as my wife held the bowl. She looked me right in the eye asking me if I wanted her to do this. I tried to answer but all I could do was nod.

“You’re okay with either set of keys I pull out, right?” Both Russell and I nodded this time.

I could see her hand shaking as it went in the bowl. She was very dramatic fishing in the bowl. I held my breath as she started to pull out a set of keys. I heard Russell groan when we could make out the “W” of my keys. Suddenly she dropped my keys, “Oops,” she said.

Her hand went back in and pulled the keys back out. This was different; I would swear I could see the fur of Russell’s keys. Oh my God, I thought, it was the rabbit’s foot. My wife was telling us that she wanted to fuck Russell and I would get to fuck Amanda.

Son of a bitch, she picked Russell’s keys. “You sure that’s the one you want to choose?” I asked wanting her to be sure.

She told me she was sure. Alissa then pulled me to her, kissing me, telling me she loved me. Alissa grabbed my keys from Amanda who had pulled them from the bowl.

Alissa surprised us all when she handed Amanda Russell’s keys. We all assumed she was backing out but she explained that their car was behind mine and she thought it would be best if my car wasn’t seen in their driveway all night.

Amanda kissed her husband then we walked to their car. I was tempted to look back but I didn’t and neither did Amanda. I laughed as we started the short drive to their house. Amanda asked me what was so funny. “Just hope we don’t get stopped. I don’t know how I would explain driving my best friend’s car with his wife practically naked next to me.”

Amanda looked over to me and in a deadly serious voice, “You could tell the cop that you are on your way to your best friend’s house to fuck his wife.”

Once we shut the door to the garage Amanda wrapped her arms around me kissing me hard on the lips. When we broke our kiss, Amanda looked me in the eyes. “I’ve been looking so forward to having you here. Do you want to have a drink first or do you want to head up to my bed?”

“A drink sounds nice but your bed sounds so much better.”

“Good, I didn’t want to waste any more time getting in bed.”

Amanda led me up the stairs pulling me into her bedroom. “Lights on or off?” she asked.

“It’s a little bright in here but I want to see that beautiful body of yours.”

Amanda dimmed the lights before hugging me tightly. “You know, those are the answers that will get your cock sucked.”

With just a little help, the straps of her babydoll slid down exposing her breasts. Amanda stepped out of it standing naked in front of me. “Your turn,” she said helping me off with my shirt.

As quick as I could, my pants and boxers were on the floor, freeing my cock. Amanda pulled me to the bed running her hand the over my shaft. “Logan, I know we have the rest of the night and some foreplay would be nice. I really need to feel you inside me; will you fuck me now?”

I didn’t answer; I just rolled her onto her back getting on top. My cock made a “gooshing” noise when it pushed into her pussy. She was sloppy wet, moaning as my cock entered her. Slowly I started pumping her, building up speed to a hard fuck.

“Oh shit, fuck me, Logan. Fuck my cunt and make me cum.”

Fast and hard I did fuck her. I was about to slow down, fearing I was going to cum before her. Amanda grabbed my ass pulling me into her as hard as she could. She grunted in my ear telling me she was cumming. I didn’t hold back any longer, sending streams of jizz into her.

Both of us were out of breath, holding each other in her bed. “You and Alissa planned this, didn’t you?” I asked.

Amanda smiled at me. “Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. I loved every minute of it. I’m just surprised that you and Alissa cooked this up. How long have you been planning it?”

She leaned over kissing me, “I have wanted to fuck you for a long time but couldn’t figure a way to get Alissa to go along. I’ve always thought of her as so conservative especially when it comes to sex.”

“How did you break the ice?”

“We were talking this weekend and she told me some things about herself that gave me the idea that she might be open to a switch.” Amanda abruptly stopped her sentence looking like she had said something she shouldn’t.

I looked her in the eyes. “She told you about her affair, didn’t she?”

Amanda looked stunned. “No, she didn’t tell me about it.”

“It’s okay, Amanda. I know about her and Robert and I’m fine with it.” When I said the name I could see that Amanda knew I knew.

“Oh fuck, she doesn’t think you know. How did you find out?”

“This was a time when I was working really crazy hours. We didn’t see each other a lot, much less have sex. I was feeling bad about neglecting her and took an afternoon off to surprise her. The surprise was mine when I saw a car in the driveway. I parked up the hill and just watched. I just happened to have some binoculars in the car from a hunting trip a few months ago. I almost shit my pants when saw the door open to watch Robert kiss my wife before he left the house.

"I waited till Alissa left to pick up Emily from school. When I went into our bedroom I could smell the sex in the air. She had changed the sheets but had not put them in the washer. There was a big spot of pussy juice and cum on the sheets. I really didn’t know what to do. A week later she went to her aunt’s house to help her sick aunt. Her sister called me that Saturday morning asking if Alissa got home okay. I figured she was with Robert having a weekend of sex. When she came home, she burst into tears hugging Emily and me. She professed her love for me.”

“Oh my God, why didn’t you confront her?”

“Two days later I showed up at Robert’s house. He was scared to death I was going to kill him. I had thought about beating the hell out of him. He told me the whole thing. He told me how it started and their weekend of sex. He also told me that Alissa had called the day before, crying. She told him she made the biggest mistake of her life and she didn’t want to jeopardize her family. I figured it was over and I shouldered a lot of the blame for ignoring her.”

Amanda buried her head into my chest. “I don’t think I could be that understanding.”

“That doesn’t make sense to me now. You just left your husband to have sex with my wife while you and I fucked. Isn’t that the same thing?”

“No, it’s not the same thing. The four of agreed on this. We all knew exactly what was going to happen when Alissa pulled Russell’s keys from that bowl. I know they are fucking right now and they know we are fucking. Yes, I have fantasized about having sex with you for a long time but I would never do it behind Russell’s back.”

“I would be lying if I said I hadn’t pictured myself in your bed before, but I agree with you. The only way this happens is with Alissa’s approval. Is this a onetime deal?”

Amanda grabbed my soft cock. “God, I hope not. The excitement of someone new in my bed and my pussy is great. You seemed to enjoy it too, right?”

“Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed being your fuck toy and would like to repeat it any time my wife will allow.”

She bent down kissing my dick. “We are going to repeat several times tonight.”

Amanda and I fucked two more times that night. The last time was as the light from the window filled the room after we slept for a couple of hours. Cumming three times in one night I knew I was done. Once we caught our breath, I decided it was time for me to go home. When I finished putting my shoes on Amanda motioned me over to her. “Come here, my fuck toy.” Amanda pulled me down to her, kissing me. “Thank you for a great evening. Want to hear my next plan?”

“I’m a little scared of what you are going to say but yes, tell me.”

“I want to talk Alissa into going to the Rolands' Key Party. Are you in?”

I thought about it for a few seconds. “Hell, we’ve gone this far. Why not?”

“Don’t say anything to her right now; just play along with it until it comes time. I think we will need to repeat tonight before we start in that direction.”

I kissed Amanda goodbye. “If it is alright, I’m going to drive your car over to our house to let Russell drive it home.” Amanda thought that was a good idea. I texted Russell to let him know what I was doing. Given Amanda and I had just fucked, I wondered if Russell and Alissa were having a wake-up session too.

Russell responded he would be ready for me.

I pulled into the driveway to Russell coming out the front door. We shook hands, not knowing what to say. I broke the silence. “Everything go okay?”

“Yeah, it did,” Russell laughed. “It was great, you?”

“Yeah, we had a good time too. Still bros?”

“To the end, brother.”


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