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Back In The Swing

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Home in a new town, after a hiatus we start our fun and games again!

After the softball game I invited a couple of the guys back to the house for a swim. Since moving to Hillside for the new job last fall, Monica and I had been pretty busy getting the house set up and made ours; shopping, some small fix-it projects. She'd found work while I'd settled into my new responsibilities, but over the months there really hadn't been time for social interaction. So I'd been glad to see the softball team post in the break room and had signed up.

Most of the players were not in my division at work, and some were friends of guys in the company, so while I wasn't quite ready to have the whole team over, I invited a few colleagues I kind of knew, eager to show off the house, the great pool, the landscaping design that Monica had done, and of course, Monica herself.

I'd told her, of course, that I'd be inviting some of the guys back so she'd be prepared and she didn't let me down. Iced tea, beer, snacks and sandwiches, the lounge chairs all set with cushions and towels, the umbrellas up, sunscreen available. The yard looked like paradise, and I made introductions as she smiled and greeted us. As I followed the fellas into the yard and they ooh'd and ahh'd at the stonework and built in grill, she threw me a look.
That look.

I gave it right back, and braced for impact. It had been far too long.

She was dressed in tight capris that hugged her slim hips and a yellow tank top that lit up her tanned body and highlighted the gentle curves of her small breasts and slender waist, hair done up and subtle makeup highlighting her features. She gave the boys a smiling tour of the yard and directed them to the pool house where they could change into their suits. They complimented her on the landscaping and she beamed, they thanked her for the food and drinks and she politely demurred. She gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek and said she'd be out with the sandwiches in just a short while. The guys went to change and I followed Monica into the house.

Once in the kitchen I pulled her into my arms, and she wriggled away, laughing at my sweat and dirt. "Go rinse off, or jump in the pool or something," she kidded, but leaned in for a proper kiss, keeping her body away from mine so as not to muss herself. I broke the kiss and stepped away as she returned to the kitchen island to prepare sandwiches.

"Thank you," she said, looking up coyly. "It's been too long."

I winked at her from the doorway. "They seem like nice guys, no?"

"M-mm hmm," she confirmed.

"Should be a good day," I added.

"Not if you stand there and talk all day," she warned. I winked and took my leave, headed for the bedroom en suite. After rinsing off the game grime I slipped my bathing shorts on and joined the guys. They were already settled into the pool and chairs and nibbling on snacks.

"Fucking incredible, Les," Richie offered, grinning. "This yard is sick." The guys were younger than me and used different speech, but I caught the intent of his phrasing.

"We like to entertain," I offered, "of all the properties we looked at, this seemed the best." And it was, I figured as I chatted and laughed with my teammate-coworkers. Secluded and private, done to the nines for comfort or guests, small or large groups. We laughed about our awful loss that morning and conjectured about how far down we'd finish the season. Beers opened and vanished. Monica left us alone for half an hour before she came back out carrying a giant tray loaded with sandwiches, smiling at our guests and being the perfect hostess. Once again the boys fell over themselves, expressing their appreciation and Monica acknowledged each kind word with grace and aplomb.

As she spun to return to the house, Steve called out, "That's not right, stay out with us," but Monica politely declined and made her way back. Richie and I were digging into the pile of food. From the corner of my eye I saw Todd elbowing Steve as Monica made her way across the patio. Steve, already two beers in, grunted louder than he probably meant to as they checked out Monica's ass. I pretended I didn't hear or see anything, but felt a twinge of pride and victory prickle my insides. Steve and Todd got up and joined us at the food table.

"As much as the yard and pool are great," Todd offered, "it's Monica that makes it perfect, man." He shook his head as if to clear it. "Major score there, Les," he complimented as he hefted two sandwiches to a plate, "she's incredible."

"Absolutely," Richie agreed around a mouthful of his first bite, "she really makes her guests welcome, and the food!" He forced down his first bite, holding up the bitten sandwich with a plate of pasta salad in the other. "Delicious!"

"You don't know the half of it, fellas," I hinted, grinning proudly.

"Yeah, well, she's pretty easy on the eyes, too!" Steve chimed in.

"Well, thanks," I answered, and left the rest hanging. Slowly, I thought.

As we made our ways back to assorted seats to chow down, joke, tell work and game stories, Monica returned with a fresh pitcher of iced tea. I noticed the banter slow and soften as she approached and pretended to concentrate on my food, seeing the guys scope her out from the corner of my eye. As she placed the pitcher down, I set my half-eaten lunch on a side table and stood to greet her, taking her hand as she turned to go back.

"Mon, the boys here," I indictated with my chin as she smiled congenially, "were just telling me how wonderful you are, and I have to say, I agree." I leaned in and kissed her, a small appreciative peck on her full lips. Her eyes twinkled into mine as I looked into her face. "You've done a masterful job." She turned her head, faking embarrassment at the praise. "And they also said that they really appreciate you making them feel so welcome and comfortable." My lips curled at the corners with the last words. I heard murmurs of confirmation from the guys, but ignored it. This was between us.

"Oh, really?" she asked coyly. "And what did you tell them?" Her lashes flickered, teasing me.

"I told them," I said, turning to face our three young guests. They all pretended to have gracious table manners and slowed their wolfing. I slipped an arm around her waist as she stood at my side. The guys, still all in their bathing suits, watched the exchange carefully. "I said that they didn't know the half of it."

She turned her head to me and her eyes narrowed. "Oh, too right, dear," she confirmed with dramatic exaggeration, and turned to address the guys with a subtle smile. "Entertaining guests is a specialty of mine."

Steve raised his almost-empty beer. "Well, here's to ya, then," he called out. The other two guys raised their drinks, one water, one iced tea. "Here, here," one of them chimed.

Monica dropped my hand and took a step closer to the group. "You might say its a passion of mine," she informed them softly, but with a matter-of-fact tone. "Welcoming new guests."

"The food's great," Richie claimed.

"Making them comfortable," Monica continued, taking another small step towards them, her gait that of a prowling jungle cat.

"And the yard is gorgeous," Todd cut in.

"Making them feel like they were at home," she stated, stepping into the circle of the three seated men. "Relaxed and having fun."

"Well, you sure did that," Steve quipped, holding up the remnants of his sandwich. "Really, thanks!"

"But as Lester told you, you don't know the half," she said, and with complete familiarity and comfort she squatted down, resting her hand on the empty end of the lounge chair where Richie sat. Here it comes, I thought, standing back a few steps, my chest thrumming with pride. I watched the easy grin crease her face, her eyes even with theirs as they sat, her head searching each face. "Would any of you like your cock sucked?"

Todd launched a fountain of beer from his mouth and Steve dropped his plate. I smiled. Monica laughed with a lighthearted glee. Richie, the closest to my wife, stared wide-eyed and his mouth dropped open and closed several times. I felt a familiar thrill start in my toes and run up my body to make my scalp tingle. It's been so long, I told myself, we're so overdue! With all there was to do since the move we'd curtailed our activities. But I'd chosen the guys carefully. Steve and Todd were both single. Richie was married, but the scuttlebutt around the office and softball team was that he had a magnificent endowment and was...generous with it.

I was still smiling when Monica stood, her eyes flicking from man to man, face to crotch, checking out who reacted first. Based on his rep I expected Richie, but it was Todd who broke the shock.

"Well," he said, wiping beer residue from his chin and chest, laughing quietly, "that's...that's quite an offer, Monica, seriously, I mean..." he stumbled over his words.

"Trust me," Monica told them, "I am an excellent hostess," she related, stepping to me and linking my arm in hers as she turned to regard our guests, "but I'm an exemplary slut!"

The guys traded silent looks of disbelief, glancing at each other, then looking at me. I shrugged and nodded, and they went back to looking at each other. I leaned into Monica's ear.

"Maybe you should show 'em," I whispered through her hair. She turned to me with a broad smile and lifted a delicate eyebrow, biting her lower lip and wrinkling her nose in delight.

"It's good to be back," she said, only to me, and turning to face me, dropped to her knees and untied the strings of my swim shorts. The look exchange froze and all eyes turned to her as she tugged my waistband away from my belly with one hand and reached inside with the other. As the pulling hand dragged my damp suit down her grasp emerged, hauling out my hardening member. She let out a happy, satisfied moan and looked up at me, the tip of her tongue playing at her upper lip.

I looked down at her and grinned wide, then looked at the guys, making sure they were not panicking. No worries there, I assured myself. Their dumbfounded gazes were locked on my wife as she lowered her face to my crotch. Her lips parted and she slipped the head of my cock inside, her tongue pressing my swelling tool against the roof of her mouth. With a lecherous groan she pushed her head down, taking my whole cock inside before it was fully hard and darting her tongue out to lick at my balls. I felt the warm wetness of her mouth envelop me, sending waves of erotic sensation through me even as my cock stiffened, lengthened and pushed against the back of her mouth.

She looked up at me and gagged slightly through her grin, which always tweaked my yearnings. She pulled back an inch, wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft and, hands on my thighs, took several long, luxurious strokes up and down. She lifted a hand to the base and stroked my slicked cock as she pulled off and turned to the boys.

"Well?" she asked. "Interested yet?" I watched them for their reactions, anticipating how the afternoon events would go. It had been so long since we played that I knew any result would be satisfying, but I knew that she was hoping for something over the top, and frankly, so was I. "The yard is secluded. No one can see," she added, waving her free hand. "Why don't you take your cocks out for me?"

I squatted down next to her, behind her, and reached for the bottom of her tank top where it just failed to meet the top of her capris. I ran my fingers across the exposed inch of her belly before gripping the base of the shirt and pulling it up, slowly, while she watched the guys watching her. I watched them, too, giving them a knowing a look as I lifted the thin fabric, up, up, exposing her belly, up, over her firm, small breasts, seeing their eyes staring as they glimpsed her tiny brown nipples, and waited for her to lift her arms before pulling it up over her head.

"Come on, guys," I cajoled, "you can't leave her waiting, after she's been so nice to you," I added with a grin.

That got Steve moving. With a nervous smile he stood and pushed his thumbs into his bathing suit, pushing it down his legs and exposing a thick cock, almost fully hard. Todd and Richie watched, sporting tents of their own by now as Monica lazily stroked my rod, staring at her newest playthinga. She glanced up at me with a hungry grin and silently mouthed a 'thank you' before lifting up and crawling across the lounge chair towards Steve. He stepped towards her and they met, cock to face, between the two other men.

I lazily stroked my hard shaft as I admired her, watching her slip back into our familiar play. Damn, she's so fucking sexy, I observed, thrilled that we were able to get back into doing what made us happy. I stared at her erotic lips as they wrapped around Steve's hard cock and her eyes closed with the intimate satisfaction she only really achieved with with multiple partners. Fucking wonderful horny slut, I love her.

Steve was smoothly grunting and groaning as Monica worked his cock and the three of us watched. He reached out his hand and stroked her styled hair down to the shoulder. "Wow," he told her as her mouth slid slowly back and her tongue swirled around the head, "you weren't kidding, Monica, you really are an outstanding hostess!" Pride at his words made my chest and cock swell, but I had the presence of mind to grab my cellphone. Steve regarded Todd and Richie. "Dudes, what are you waiting for, you gotta.... oh!"

His words cut off and his head fell backwards as Monica reached behind him, pulling his body in as she pressed her face forward and deep-throated his cock. I quickly lifted my phone and snapped a picture, for our files. His hips jerked against her face as she held on, nose in his belly, drool running down her chin. She croaked out a few gagging sounds as her neck bulged. When she pulled back she sucked in a deep breath, eyes on fire and tearing and a string of saliva hanging between her chin and his balls. I took another shot. She loves seeing the aftermath pics!

Richie and Todd sprang into action, stripping their suits off furiously as I stepped out of mine. I grabbed a cushion and knelt behind her, wrapping my arms to her front and cupping her breasts, rolling and pinching the firm full buds. "All for you, baby," I whispered into her ear, and she moaned in response as she took Steve's cock back in her mouth and reached for Todd with a free hand. She began stroking him, sucking Steve while looking up at Todd with her mouth full. Her dainty hand wrapped around his long, thin shaft, the head red and swollen as she tightened her grip, tugging him closer.

"Fuck, Les, your wife can suck a cock!" Steve spouted.

"Told ya," I commented back with an excited grin, "you didn't know the half." Monica was in her best form now, all the months of pent up urge releasing at once, expressed in her enthusiasm and desire. She got Todd close enough and switched her mouth to him, stroking Steve with her left hand. I risked a glance at Richie.

Holy fuck! Eight? Bigger? And thick! I heard glugging sounds as Monica took Todd deep into her throat. This called for something special, I thought, a memorable return to playtime. Richie tried to move to Monica but I backed him up, standing and leaving her to suck Steve and Todd, alternating and having her way with them, her back to us. She hadn't seen Richie's cock yet. I motioned silently with my head and Richie and I shoved some lounge chairs aside, stripped off the cushions and laid them on the pavers. I had him lie on his back, his huge swollen rod too heavy to stand up straight; it lay on his belly, throbbing with his pulse. I went back to Monica and knelt behind her again and took her head in my hands. She was trying hard to get both cocks into her mouth at once, the slut!

She whimpered her resistance as I turned her head, bringing my lips to her ear. I heard her gasp and go rigid in my arms.

"Look at that fucking cock, sweetie," I hissed in her ear. A small moan escaped her throat as she stared, rubbing Steve's cockhead against her face. "I want to see that cock in your hot cunt, Mon," I told her, "I want to see that fuck split you wide open!" I felt her tremble. "You like that idea, don't you," I teased hotly. She nodded, her tongue trailing it's tip across her wet upper lip. I glanced to Richie and winked, then I turned her head back to Todd and Steve. Todd inched in and slipped into her open mouth.

With one hand I reached for her waist and opened her pants. With the other I pushed her head and she groaned. She loves it when I force her onto new cock, and this time was no exception. It pushes her edge even more than it pushes mine.

"You gorgeous, sexy slut, you're going to have all three of them!" I said out loud. "Suck his cock, baby, do it like you mean it!" I pushed her head harder, holding her face into Todd's belly as his cockhead filled her throat. She gagged and I let go but she held there so I used both hands to undo her pants and watched her neck ripple as she swallowed, her throat muscles carressing and gripping his shaft. I managed the snap and zipper and gripping the waistband of her capris, pulled her to her feet as I stood so her ass was in the air. Good slut that she was, her mouth never left Todd's cock, although she let it slip from her throat.

She switched back to Steve as I pulled her pants down and off, helping her lift her feet out, slipping one yellow tennis shoe off in the process. She wore no panties, and her slim legs were tanned right up to her neck. Bent at the waist, ass out and legs spread she sucked Steve for all she was worth, the thrill of me exposing her to her new toys invigorating both of us.

I motioned Todd to back off a second and he politely stood back, stroking his spit coated shaft, watching as I pulled Monica from her activities. She gave Steve a wistful grin as I led her to the gathered cushions and positioned her to stand, straddling Richie and his incredible cock.

"Take it, baby," I told her. "Own his cock!" I stepped back to clear the view and stood behind her between Steve and Todd, all three of us naked, jutting and dripping as we watched her lower herself. She spread her legs and stuck her knees out as her hands rested on his developed chest. Her tanned butt cheeks parted, exposing her dripping shaved peach and her perfect hairless crinkled knot. I leaned to Todd.

"That one's for you," I whispered, "but give her a minute or two." From the corner of my eye I think I saw him stare at me, but I was preoccupied. I watched, aghast and amazed as her labia parted and surrounded his dark purple helmet. Slowly, so slowly, knowing we were watching and getting off on the display, she pushed her tight cunt down onto his shaft.

Her juices spilled down the thin skin, following the thick blueish veins as her pussy stretched open and sank down, swallowing his giant rod. She threw her head back and groaned. I felt a hand on my cock and glanced down to see Richie's hand stroking me as he stroked himself with the other. I didn't care. It wasn't my first, for all the group stuff we'd done, that's for sure. But my eyes returned to my lovely wife, readying my phone as I watched her back and leg muscles ripple and clench as she settled herself down, down, down onto the biggest cock she had in probably three years. She moaned and sighed and wriggled and adjusted and moaned some more as it filled her, stretched her, opened her for us all to see. I took a nice one that showed Richie's face. Always want insurance against loose lips.

Finally her labia settled around his base and she shifted back and forth. I knew from experience that she was not only rubbing her clit on his pubic bone but feeling the fat fuck stick brush back and forth inside her, reveling in the fullness, the grip and the stretched friction. I smiled with the elation that only a man sharing his sexy wife can know. I watched her ass cheeks clench and release, watched her tiny ring wink and pucker. I watched her shoulders hunch, her body tensed and still but for her hips sliding back and forth, grinding on Richie's giant hog. I watched until the tension slipped away and she sat upright on her knees and she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Oh, my fucking mother, Les, it's incredible!" she called to me. I blew her a kiss and she turned to face her impaler. "Come on, Big Dick, gimme a ride!" She began bouncing up and down, slowly at first, her cunt lips gripping tight and then pushing deep inside, grunting and moaning in time with Richie who thrust up to meet her. I turned to Steve.

"Why don't you," I said, gently gripping his wrist and taking his hand off my cock, "stop stroking yourself and go stand in front of her. Let her lick your cock and balls until she gets fired up. Then," I advised, a hand on his shoulder and leaning into him before he dashed away, "when she takes off, grab her head and fuck her mouth, hard."

"Really? No shit?"

"As soon as she gets in the zone."

"How will I know?"

I grinned broadly. "Oh, you'll know, there's no mistaking it!" He grinned back and went to enjoy himself, and I turned to Todd.

"You, Todd, come with me." I dragged him a few steps away to the wicker basket we used to store towels and sunscreen and the like. I opened it, dug around inside and pulled out the bottle of lube and handed it to Todd. "You know what to do with this, right?"

"Fuck yeah!" he crowed. He was standing so close his cockhead brushed against mine.

"Slow at first, okay, it's been a while, and," I gave him an exaggerated nod, "there ain't much room left."

"You got it. Fuck man, your wife is hotter'n hell!"

"Well, thanks, you go show her a good time, then."

He was certainly right. Monica was hot to see even when dressed and standing still. Naked, on her knees riding a giant cock and sucking another, her whole sexy body and passionate spirit in motion, she could set the world afire. I grabbed a beer and a dragged a chair for a better angle. From the back right I could still see her mouth on Steve's cock and had a great view of her pussy getting pounded into oblivion. Her leg muscles worked, her ass clenched and quivered, her back rippled and flexed. Fuck, I like seeing her enjoy herself! I took a long, lazy pull off the Brooklyn Lager and watched her quiver as the first of what would be many orgasms built and simmered, making her moan into Steve's cock. Her body increased it's pace and Richie rose with her, slamming that monster meat into her tight, juicy cunt. Her cries increased and she pulled off Steve's cock. I couldn't see her expression but I could tell from the sounds and motion that her mouth was hanging open, her eyes wide, wet and dark.

I watched Steve, waited for him to look at me for confirmation. 'Now' I mouthed with a grinning nod. He rolled his eyes and grabbed her head. With an enthusiastic thrust he buried his cock into her face and began roughly fucking her mouth while I snapped several shots. Insurance, sure, but the memories!

And just like that her orgasm crested and broke. She was completely occupied at both ends, but her tremors and gagged squeals were unmistakable. Steve pummeled her mouth, Richie plowed her cunt and they both cheered her on. Todd had the good sense to stand back and watch as she rode the wave. My cock stiffened and strained and leaked profusely. I gave it a few lazy strokes, smearing the precum over my swollen crown as I watched her, anticipating the main event, feeling like the world's luckiest man, directing my wife's ecstasy.

She pulled her mouth off Steve's cock as her orgasm wound down, panting and drooling obscenely and never looking more sexy. Steve stepped back as Monica settled, regaining her composure for the next round, settling her weight on Richie who slowed his pacing to an easy, subtle motion. Smart fellas, letting her set the pace. I congratulated myself on the picks, and stroked my cock, drank my beer and waited for Monica.

After a few more breaths she lifted herself up on her arms and craned her neck to lick Steve's cock from his ballsack to his tip. "Perfect," she told him, "well done." She angled her face down to Richie and kissed him on the tip of his nose. He blanched and she giggled. "No kisses then," she conceded, "but more fucking, yes?"

He answered by putting his hands to her chest and pulling her nipples, hard and tight, as he pushed his hips up, lifting her ass in the air. She squealed with delight and threw her head back.

"Oh, fuck, I love cock!" she cried. She turned her head to me with a feral hunger in her eyes. "Is there more?" Her lips, slick and shining with spittle, split into a lecherous grin. "Please say there's more?"

I lifted my beer to her in silence and turned to Todd, who had lubed up and was sporting a lecherous grin of his own. "You heard the lady," I winked. "Give her more!" Todd grabbed the base of his slender shaft and waggled it at me before stepping behind Monica's upturned ass. I'd positioned myself almost perfectly, and adjusted just a little to the left as Todd squatted behind her. There! I stared with rapt attention as Richie slowed, his giant cock stretching her cunt open as Todd lined up his head with her winking knot, his hands spreading her cheeks. If I leaned to the right I could see her rubbing Steve's cock on her face as she waited for the third penetration. I glanced back quickly, not wanting to miss what we'd been so long without.

Richie kept up a slight motion of his magical rod, just an inch, shuttling in and out, keeping himself buried, keeping her full. I'd seen a lot of cocks in her, but his really did her justice, his glistening shaft perfectly framed in her stretched cunt. And above that, Todd's compact and snug ballsack hung behind his cock, angled down at her final prize. Just before his cockhead pressed to her, she pulsed her muscles, clenching and opening her backdoor, a welcoming sphincter wink. Todd accepted the invitation with a growl. He squirted a generous dollop of lube on her crinkle and pressed his crown to it.

I leaned forward in my chair, biting my lower lip, readying the camera. There, the slight pressure, there, the inward push, her caving in slightly under the duress, there, her first little groan, then the shifting feet, the improved angle, and there! The strong muscles relaxed and opened and the head of his cock popped into her asshole. I took a few shots and settled to watch and listen. Her squeal, so delightful and overjoyed! There was the subtle shift in her position as she pushed back, her ass eating another inch of his cock. He squirted more lube around the opening as he pushed into her and she let out a long, satisfied moaning sigh. And he was only halfway in! Her ring clenched and released around him, gripping and stroking him like a fist as he worked his cock deeper. She pushed back and I watched her ass muscles relax and go slack, and her tight ring opened wide and he slid the rest of his shaft deep into her anus.

"Oh, fuck, that's so fucking tight!" Todd exclaimed. He looked at Richie. "Dude, leave me some room, would ya?"

Richie guffawed. "I refuse to apologize for my endowment," he quipped, "complain to my dad!" Todd took a few long strokes and the two of them stared at each other in silent astonishment. Richie broke it.

"Fuck, I can feel your cock in her ass!"

"Huh," Todd echoed, "me too." He glanced around. "I'm not gay, but that's...oddly exciting!"

We all laughed as they slowly slid in and out, experiencing the multiple sensations.

After taking a few more pictures I put the phone down. I let out a satisfied growl as I sat back to enjoy her enjoying herself. With Todd seated deep inside Richie began lifting and lowering his hips, driving that fat fuck stick deep into her cunt again. Steve stepped forward and began fucking her face like before, and her cries turned to muffled choking glugs. And then Todd began sliding in and out, slowly, pulling almost all his full slim length out before burying the entire thing back inside, cramming my sexy slut of a wife with hard cock.

My God, I'd nearly forgotten how hot she could be! We'd gone so long without playing that memories had faded into shimmering grainy images. But we'd jumped back into the saddle like we'd not missed a beat! Monica's body reacted quickly to the attention of the three cocks. Primed and ready, her next orgasm rushed forward and consumed her, making her grunt and wriggle and shake as she was pummeled in all her holes. I stroked again, edging myself, smearing the slimy drippings from my tip, watching closely, grinning at the start of a whole new set of memories.

Her last orgasm slipped back into repose, but I knew that was only temporary. As she regained her senses and some physical control she focused her efforts on the cock attacking her face. With animal fervor she attacked it back just as hard, swallowing, drooling, sucking and stroking with one hand. Todd and Richie, meanwhile, pummeled her holes. Her increased vigor and the dual cocks kicked the door open for her third climax. Richie's cock was giving her cunt a seeing-to that would last for days, and the image of her smiling at me as she experienced the exquisite soreness made me bite my lip and squeeze my cock. And Todd was driving deep into her anus, adding lube, keeping her back door slick and open. She'd be squirming every time she sat for a day or two.

As her orgasm rose and wailed she dropped her face from Steve. I focused on the action below, watching her labia pulled and pushed, seeing the raw red ring of her stretched and used cunt stroking his taut flesh. Her ass no longer clenched, just remained open and slick and gorgeous as it took Todd's rigid pole. The guys began making noises and I tried to judge who would go first, quickly deciding on Steve who was stroking his erection above her hair. Her head was down, hanging between her shoulder blades. I raised a hand, caught his eye, and mimed a hair-clutch-and-lift and an open mouth. He stopped groaning long enough to grin and did as instructed.

As her orgasm settled to a dull roar Steve brought it back to the fore, tugging her head up by the hair, jamming his cock into her mouth and shouting as he unloaded into her gaping maw. She came as hard as the last one and, like a flag at the end of the marathon, Richie and Todd raced to a photo finish. Richie was a grunter, but Todd was a crooner, and I had a bird's eye view as they spilled themselves inside her, filling her holes with hot, steamy cum. Monica rode her second to last orgasm almost silently, absorbing the sounds, swallowing Steve's hot semen, and reveling in the feeling of her pussy and ass liberally spray painted.

Steve stepped back and I waved him over with a hushing finger. I directed him to the pool house to collect their stuff, all of it, and to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. I turned back to Monica, sandwiched between the two exhausted and satisfied men and admired the way her muscles pulsed in residual twitches, forcing drips of cum from her used holes around the deflating phalluses. Still hard as steel, I stepped to the pile of flesh and tapped Todd on the shoulder, hushing him so as not to break the mood. But I sneaked a studied look at my wife's ass, red and open and leaking cum as he pulled out. Fuck, that's so hot. Nasty slut.

Then I pulled a lounge chair closer, grabbed a cushion we hadn't used from one of the other chairs, and eased my still-trembling sexy wife from Richie. Of course I did it from behind her and was rewarded with a satisfying wet plop as Richie's slimy shaft fell out and her fucked pussy gaped open and spilled white stringy wet cum down her thigh. Shaking with anticipation I eased her to the lounger and lay her down on her back to rest. The other two guys were carrying the clothes and shoes and phones and I shooed them out of the yard, whispering my thanks for their participation. Steve wanted to explain his gratitude but I shushed them and hurried them out, anxious to get back to Monica. I told them about the pictures, hinting that it all should stay between us five, and they nodded agreement and left.

Had to close the circle. The take-back, Monica called it. And resuming our play activities wouldn't be complete without it. Hard cock bouncing and jutting proudly I made my way back to where she lay. She heard me approach and opened her eyes with a smile, eyeing my leaking shaft.

"Mmm, yeah," she grinned. "Take me back, baby. Make me yours again." She bit her lower lip as she raised her knees and spread her legs wide and high, pulling them to her chest. One of her hands slipped under a leg while the other snaked down her belly. "Oh, fuck, Les, that was so good, thank you, baby," she cooed as she slipped two fingers into her cum filled pussy. "Oh, fuck, he dumped a huge load in me, baby."

I stood by her head as I always did and began stroking my cock, smearing my pre-cum again, slicking my shaft. "His cock was incredible in you, Mon, fuck, it was so fucking huge!"

"I know baby, it felt so good, and I loved having you watch me. Did you see my wet cunt taking his cock, baby?" Her fingers were thrusting in and out, harder now, working herself to her final climax, just us two, together as always. "He fucking bruised me, I think, he was so fucking huge, oh, baby, thanks." As she spoke she pulled her legs up higher, curling her hips up so I could see her other hand, her delicate finger probing at her asshole. "I know you liked seeing his cock in me, fucking me so good."

"Oh, fucking right, you sexy slut, you took his cock like you were born to it!" I stroked faster now, my hand firm and steady on my shaft, fingers under the crown. I'd edged myself to a huge load, and I was going to give her everything I had. "You fucking owned his cock, honey, you looked so sexy fucking him!" As I looked at her upturned crotch, spread and angled obscenely to the air, she pushed a finger into her own ass, forcing blobs of wet milky cum out around her digit.

"Oh, my fucking ass, too, fuck it's so full, oh, baby, they filled your girl with hot cum!" Her narration took control of her and she began grunting as she fingered her cum-drenched openings. "Oh, I fucking love you, uhn, fuck, you let me be, uhn, such a fucking slut, uhn, oh, fuck, Les, I'm so full of their cum, oh, uhn, uhn, fuck! Oh, it's feels so good!" Her hands beat a furious tempo into her cunt and ass, cum splashing and dripping, coating her fingers. She added a second to her back door, stretching herself, and added a third to her pussy. I stroked my cock faster,in time with her thrusts, pacing, waiting for the moment.

"Oh, you let them fuck me, oh, Les, take me back, baby, make me yours again!"

"Yes!" I barked, stiff jawed and close. "Yes! You're my little slut wife! Yes! You're a horny slut! My horny slut!" My hand was a blur on my shaft, changing pressure to not cum too quickly, waitng, waiting for her...

She began to shake and tremble as she fucked herself. I knew it would be her biggest, it always was when we played, fingering her fucked holes for me. I was delirious with need, and still I held.

"Oh fuck," she gasped hurriedly, "oh, fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum, oh, fuck, Les, fuck, it's so close, fuck baby, mark me! Claim me, take me back, make me yours, I'm your filthy slut, oh, fuck!"

Her head pressed back against the lounge chair as she came, eyes wide and mouth open, a rictus of passion and pleasure and I groaned as I leaned forward, stroking, stroking, body tight, holding...and then my balls jerked violently and my shaft pulsed in my grip and the first blast shot out across her face.

"Mine! You're my fucking slut wife!" I shuddered as stripes of semen crossed her climax-face, painting her nose, her cheek. "You're mine, you fucking whore! Take it! Take my cum!" I leaned in, dripping the final fat drops into her open mouth as I finished. " Take my cum! Know you're mine! " She finished her climax with a long, wailing cry as my cock sputtered and waggled the final drips across her forehead, marking her, owning her, reclaiming my wife.

Just the way she likes.

I dropped to my knees next to her as her body relaxed and she dropped her legs back down. Her hands came to my face and pulled me in for a wet, sloppy open-mouthed passionate cummy kiss, her slicked fingers stroking my face, spreading the residue of her lovers across my cheeks, into my hair. My tongue was in her mouth, my face smearing my semen trails between us, bonding us in the passion we shared. We kissed a long, long time, giggling and finally laughing,her eyes shining up at me, bright and sparkly. I put my nose to hers and pressed my forehead against her and we stared happily into each other's satisfied gaze, silent and relaxed.

I stroked a finger along her cheek and fed her a dollop of cum.

"Mmm, yummy," she giggled. "Yours is still the best!" I laughed with her and she sat up and snuggled into me, arm around my waist. "So, I guess we're back, huh?"

"Old habits die hard," I confirmed. She nodded gratefully. "Wanna see the pics?" I asked with childish glee. Always a big part of our play, we had folders from the past.

"Well, duh!" she quipped, and I pulled out the phone. We scrolled through the dozen or so shots, me describing how hot she was, her describing what she felt when it happened. When we were done she kissed me, then pulled back, eyes alight.

"Oh, we'll have to start a new folder!"

"The first folder in a new series of folders, I hope!"

She rested a hand on my knee and caressed my leg. "So," she hinted, "I guess now it's my turn to bring some friends home!"

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