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Teenage Seduction

A mother's story of her teenage daughter joining a secret society providing pleasures to others.

For a long time I have been aware that times have changed since I was in high school. I just didn't know how radically they had changed. To a large part, those changes are due to birth control pills and women's liberation that happened before I was in high school. My daughter Rebecca brought me up-to-date. Becky came home late one night, woke me up and told me all about having sex for the...Read On


Izzy in the Closet with her Soon-To-Be Ex!

Izzy lets her boyfriend and a friend take her in a closet.

“Not here!” Izzy was begging in her pipsqueak voice. But Buddy wasn’t listening. He was grinning that mischievous dimpled grin she couldn’t resist and pulling her into the closet. The closet was big enough to fit a few people, despite the books stacked up, the coat hanging that smelled of cigarettes, and the hanging lamp they had to keep pushing out of the way. “You said ‘anytime,...Read On


Double Trouble

Amy and Jen are best of friends, especially when a big cock is involved.

Amy was browsing the internet. She should have been doing her homework but she always found English so boring. In the corner of her screen was the Skype conversation that she was having with her breast friend, Jen, which had come to one of those natural pauses. Amy was about to type in the box to tell her friend what she was up to when a frantic message appeared. 'Fuck, you've gotta...Read On


Cyber School

How a teenage girl and her middle age tutor become friends with benefits.

My name is Hugh Bailey. I work at a large sporting goods store. We provide uniforms and jerseys to local teams as well as custom trophies, banners, and equipment. It is a competitive business so naturally, the company president encourages the staff to give back to the community. The company is very community minded in that regard. My role is as a math tutor for the Catholic Welfare...Read On


Educating Tracy

A mother remembers her introduction to sex with a middle age man when in high school.

I'm not proud of what happened in high school, but now that I found out that my daughter has been screwing her boyfriend, it got me remembering what it's like to be a girl in high school. One thing is for certain, I can't be too judgmental regarding my daughter's behavior considering my own. Looking back on my teen years, it's a little bit embarrassing. There are some things that happened...Read On


Julia (Part 3)

I never thought I'd have sex with her...

All I kept thinking was how we were going to get caught. I just kept thinking that someone was going to come down onto the property and find Julia and me in the trailer. All I kept thinking was they'd find out what in the hell we were doing, we'd be the laughingstock of the family, we'd be cast out, they'd be grossed out, or everyone in the family would go apeshit. Nobody would have...Read On


The List, Chapter 3

Three BFF's get introduced next...

Our next three… (yes, three…) entrants are all in band. The reason I grouped them all in here is because they are the epitome of the word “BFF.” Inseparable. When together they are in their own world. When separated, they are lost. It is a sisterhood, like male best friends, only a bit more nurturing and intimate. However, from the outside in… we’ve all had lesbian fantasies involving...Read On


The List, Chapter 2

The first List member gets introduced...

Friday nights in fall tend to be big where I am from. The bright lights. The fresh football field. However, at Wayside, we weren’t necessarily known for athletics. Well, football at least. That night, it was balmy. ‘Only in Texas,’ I say, shaking my head with my short sleeve shirt and shorts on. It was like a holiday. We had new life. We had a new coach that we introduced at the very...Read On


Journey to Submission

Ellen runs into an old friend at a ski resort who introduces her to the world of submission.

Isabel had been my babysitter when I was younger, but I had not seen her for a number of years until I ran into her shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I was at a ski resort with a number of friends over the winter school break and saw her at the lodge after a day of skiing. Memories of her came flooding back. "Ellen! Look at you all grown up. How old are you now?" "I just turned sixteen...Read On


Julia (Part 2)

Teenage sex.

Julia was not someone I would have ever really looked at sexually. It sounds shallow but her face is "cute" enough, but that's where it stops. Her personality is too loud, her behavior is too obnoxious, she is annoying as hell, and people just get sick and tired of her big mouth. We'd had casual conversations, we'd talked off and on, and her being part of the "family" required me to be nice....Read On


The List, Chapter 1

Wayside High School looks normal until a list comes...

Wayside High School may seem like your typical high school. Band geeks to athletes. Cheerleaders to dancers. So many in between. However, the one thing that set Wayside apart was a list. A mysterious list that became not-so-mysterious, evolved and evolved over three years that showed off Wayside’s sexiest. It evolved so much that it became a book. Then an actual event. This isn’t...Read On


My New Business

A young girl needs quick money to buy her first car, she goes above and beyond to earn that money.

Six months after my sixteenth birthday I hit probably the most important milestone in a teenager’s life, “I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST!” I was so excited and couldn’t wait to claim my independence from my parents, and drive the open road with my friends. My parents had set the pattern to give me everything I ever wanted, since the time I was a little princess. Therefore, I totally expected them...Read On


Salma and Kelly

Two friends get away to study, and finds a new meaning in the word friendship.

Innocence The sun reflected on the red paint as the low-slung sports car came up the driveway. Its large engine rumbled, scaring birds from bushes and trees in the garden. As it slowed down by the entrance door, the driver revved the engine once before turning it off chasing the last brave birds away. The driver’s door opened and a blonde girl wearing large sunglasses got out. She...Read On


Getting Laid At The Festival With Kelly

Kelly and I go to the festival and fuck strangers and others.

It was August of 1977. Kelly and I were going to be seniors when school started back up. But before then our little town had its annual summer festival celebrating our local crop. Kelly and I had made our first trip to Milwaukee’s Summerfest several weeks ago and we knew that nothing in our little town could compare to that experience. Kelly’s sexuality was beginning to boil. She had...Read On


Friends Watching Us Fuck With Kelly

Kelly invites me to crash a sleepover and her friends get a closeup of us having sex.

It was the summer of 1976. School had been out for a couple of weeks and Kelly had her friends over for a sleepover. They had set up a big camping tent in the backyard and were planning to spend the night snacking, giggling and talking about boys. Kelly ran with a tight circle of friends: Yvonne, Becca, Donna, Debbie, and Linda. Yvonne and Becca couldn’t make that party as they had to...Read On


White Knight to Queen's Nook

What's a nerd to do when a busty college coed needs a rescue in a hurry?

Though he’d hoped for a more exciting evening, beating Harry in a game of chess was at least something. Peter’s hopes had been rather lofty, considering how introverted he was.  Having access to the car for the first time while his parents were out of town wasn’t going to change that.  It was nice to toot the horn and wave at people he knew, though.  There was an undeniable freedom that...Read On


The Picnic

Fun on the picnic.

It's one o'clock on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as I walk up the gravel chipped drive to your parents house. I've informed you by text this morning to dress for a picnic. The summer sun has finally made itself known after a week of light rain, and it seems like too good an opportunity to miss.  I check my watch and ring the doorbell at the allotted time, stepping back to await your answer....Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 6

The European Anniversary Trip Continues.

After exploring all Spain had to offer, we took the plane a short distance to the coast of France. Now the three of us are currently on a train from the coast to the city of love, Paris. The French countryside is absolutely breathtaking. The train ride takes me back to when I was a young man and backpacked through numerous small French villages. It was on that trip that I rediscovered my...Read On


Sarah (Part 3)

Teenage Sex

Sarah had been my daughter's friend for years. A bigger girl with a bigger chest, bigger ass, bigger legs, and pretty good sized hips. I will openly admit, I had never been sexually attracted to a girl "her size" and I know that sounds shallow. I just had my tastes in girls, younger, older, etc., and it always involved somewhat smaller petite girls, a certain body, and a figure that I had...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 5

Family Vacation!

I haven’t been on a real vacation in a long time. I went into full super-Dad mode once Claire was born and my wife passed. No time for yourself when you’re a single father with a newborn. I planned on going on a worldwide adventure once Claire started college, but life got in the way. More like, her best friend and I started a relationship and I became too consumed with her phenomenal body...Read On


Going to Prom With Kelly

Kelly is the belle of the ball and a fuck queen afterwards.

It was May of 1976. Kelly and I were going to prom, our first formal dance together. From a sexual standpoint, the seventies were perhaps the greatest time in recent history to be a teenager. The pill existed, AIDS did not, women had burned their bras, the counterculture had loosened the nation’s morals, the drinking age was eighteen, cars were still large enough to fuck in, there was no...Read On


Sarah (Part 2)

That body...

I could not believe Sarah and I had gone downstairs in the basement of my house. Nor could I believe that she was standing in front of with her beautiful boobs pushing against me. Hell, I couldn't believe that we'd spent about fifteen minutes making out in the basement. To start out with, her saying, "let's go downstairs," was one hell of a shock. Sarah had been my daughter's friend for...Read On


Becoming the Flyer Ch.3


Stacey's walk back to the bunkhouse was slow.  She was reeling in thought as well as babying her ankle.  She had decided to go without the crutch.  As much as she enjoyed all the girly frolicking, she was also passionate about cheer, and really wanted to get back in the routines.  She had no watch or phone but assumed it was late, close to the ten o'clock lights out.  She hoped she would...Read On


Becoming the Flyer Ch.1


Stacey wasn’t sure her mom and dad would have approved of the “training” she was getting at this expensive camp her coach had recommended.  Her high school cheer coach also being the head of the camp was the primary reason she was here, along with her natural athleticism and mom and dad's money.  Coach Natasha had a fondness for her, to say the least, and made no attempts at hiding it. ...Read On


Not What I Expected To Happen At A Hockey Rink

I'd never been thanked this way

I had been officiating ice hockey for about two years. I'd been to close to fifty different rinks all over. I'd met a ton of people, I'd had a great experience, and I'd been involved in the communities in a great way. I'd met some amazing people but yes, I'd also met some assholes. I'd met some families, I'd met coaches all over the place, and I'd gotten to be known by a lot of people. I...Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 4

Alex and I face the first test of our relationship

Life is good. Scratch that, life is freaking wonderful right now. I can’t see any reason to complain. I only see reasons to celebrate. I’m in a stable, fruitful, passionate relationship with a girl straight out the pages of a Maxim magazine. She worships the ground I walk on. I never imagined loving a woman as much as I loved my late wife, but the love I have for Alex eclipses that by a...Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 3

Alex and I enjoy a nice day out

“Time?” “Not sure, but… going by how it’s looking outside…. I’d say it’s around 4 am.” “Wow. Oddly specific. Oh, fuck!” “What’s up?” “I think we’ve found my sweet spot.” “Nice. Should we stop?” “Have you cum?” “No…” “Then keep fucking me, Mr. Kane.”   Alex was right, we did not get much sleep that night. After having sex in Claire’s bed, we moved to my room and went at it all...Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 2

After dropping my daughter off at the airport, there is a surprise waiting for me at home

It’s been a mundane few weeks since Alex came by the house. I haven’t seen or heard from her since she gave me mind-numbing head on my couch while my daughter slept upstairs. Claire hasn’t brought her up either. Maybe she feels awkward about hooking up with her friend’s father and wants to keep her distance. That’s my best guess. I understand, but it would’ve been nice to see her at least...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 1

My daughter comes back from college, and brings an old friend of hers back around

My only child, Claire, has just returned home from her first semester of college. It’s great to see her. It’s been a bit lonely since she left. Her mother, my amazing wife, died during childbirth so it’s been me and Claire for the first eighteen years of her life. You can imagine how hard it was when she made the decision to leave our home in California and go to school on the East Coast....Read On


Her Shy Sister. Part 2

Vince visits Kathy

With his heart pounding in his chest, Vince waited for his knock to be answered. After what seemed like hours the door was partially open and Kathy was standing there staring at him. Kathy was not as stunning as her older sister but she was still very attractive.  "Did you forget? Mandy's not home," she told him in a soft voice. "I know. I came to see you," Vince managed to say. At...Read On

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