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Trans is a broad category encompassing tranvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, ftm, mtf, ts. There may be some overlap with the crossdressing section - please use that category if your story is specifically to do with cross dressing.


The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter Three

POW dresses to take the female lead in the prison play so he can use the disguise to escape.

Chapter Three – Oberst Kurt Wessel  “For god's sake will you two at least pretend that you like each other,” Benny was exasperated. Danielle and Steven both had their roles down pat and had mastered all of the scenes, especially the scenes where they argued or fought, but their love scenes were awful.  They held each other apart and pecked each other chastely. “I’ve told you that I’ll...Read On


The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter Two

POW dresses takes the female lead in the prison play so he can use the disguise to escape

Chapter Two – Two For One “I’m not kissing a man and that’s that!” Danielle said indignantly.   Although Danielle had succumbed to the charms of Mary Mayne, she felt that kissing a man was different.  Mary presented as a gorgeous sexy femme fatale, but Flight Lieutenant Steven Boyd was a stuck-up arsehole of a man. Danielle hated her leading man and Steven despised her back.  He...Read On


The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter One

Flyer in German POW camp during WW2 is asked to play female role in play sees opportunity to escape

Chapter One – Benny’s Girls When the train slowed the young woman stood and took her small suitcase down from the overhead baggage rack. A young soldier across the aisle leapt out of his seat to assist but she already had the case resting on the vacant seat across from her. She smiled appreciatively at him and he sat back down. She took a compact out of her purse and freshened her makeup...Read On



I shared Grandpa's naughty secret...

Somebody told me a joke once. ’What’s the sickest thing in the world? Grandma kisses you and its tongues.’ I had been staying at Grandpa’s place, off and on, for a while since graduating in Environmental Studies. Grandma had died many years many years back, and apart from his housekeeper, her husband and the estate manager, I was the only person he saw on a regular basis. Grandpa was...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Sixteen

Final chapter for few following this story - enjoy

Chapter Sixteen – Barrack Room Bettys The voyage back to Portsmouth was via Fremantle Western Australia, Colombo Sri Lanka, with a final fuelling stop at Gibraltar. It was uneventful until the last night at sea. Barrack Room Bettys had been filled to capacity every night as the ports on the return voyage were not particularly conducive to the sort of carousing that the sailors liked to...Read On


Jeri's Love... Chapter One

Beautiful young trans woman finds love with her best friend.

Shawn came home for a short leave right after basic. He was awaiting deployment to the Mid-East and Jeri was determined to make love to him while he was home. Her eighteenth birthday had come and gone almost three months ago She was so very sure that she was in love with her Shawn and she was determined to have his love in the physical realm as well as the spiritual. As she waited on...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 6

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

“Where are we going?” Holly failed to hide the concern in her voice. Daphne jerked her by the arm away from their dorm and toward the darkness of the sports fields.  Daphne snickered. “Alpa’s in your room and Valerie’s in mine.” I think there’s a spot down by the bleachers we can have some privacy. She was right. A gentle twilight breeze and rippling waves were there only company as the...Read On


Sneaky Snake

Sneaky has a secret she loves to share.

A tall sensuous ebony goddess. Dark eyes and even darker thoughts behind them. A secret is hidden beneath the luxurious clothing covering her svelte body. Her hair done up fresh from the salon. Earrings adorning her lobes and a gold and silver interlaced necklace hanging loosely between her ample bosoms. Her shirt clinging to her slim waistline leading to a perfectly formed bottom set atop...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Ten

Final installment of this tale of a crossdresser who becomes a transsexual airline hostess

"I don't care if there's a fucking flying saucer from Mars down there; I just want some sleep," Candi replied and Millie giggled as the Skyliner made its approach into Changi airport, Singapore. The flight deck crew and the first-class hostesses were rushed through customs and immigration and bussed away to a five-star hotel on Scotts Street close to Orchard Road in the affluent area...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Nine

Candi graduates and becomes a fully trained airline hostess and Cruella gives her a special task.

Chapter Nine -- Come Fly With Me Candi breezed through the remainder of the course; her five years experience as head waiter at one of London's leading restaurants gave her a distinct advantage over the others when it came to providing personal in-flight passenger service. Candi was so good at it that the instructors used her as an exemplar for the other students. In the mockup of the...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Eight

Dennis Caputo blackmails Candi but Tony takes care of it - for a price.

Chapter Eight -- Caputo Kaput Candi was heartbroken. She lay in bed Saturday morning and refused to answer phone calls from Michelle or John despite their insistent calling. She eventually left the receiver off the hook. She didn't get up until after twelve noon and when she saw herself in the mirror she cringed. "Fuck them! Looking good is probably the best revenge!" Candi...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Seven

Candi finds herself in hot water. Michelle betray's Candi seduces Steve.

Chapter Seven -- Pool Party Panic "You are more likely to die crossing the street than in an airline accident," Marjorie Deakin said. As usual, she was dressed in her navy blue stewardesses uniform, legs clad in sheer black stockings and her feet shod in four-inch black patent leather high heels; her blonde hair and heavy makeup. "But we take safety seriously here at Goldwing and today...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Six

Wannabe Airline Hostess transvestite Candi Pops attends training school

Chapter Six - The Stew Zoo "Welcome to the Stew Zoo," said Marjorie Deakin. She was dressed in a navy blue stewardesses uniform. Her form-fitting jacket had silver piping along the lapels and cuffs and a pair of silver wings clipped to her right breast. Her legs were clad in sheer black stockings and her feet shod in four-inch black patent leather high heels. Her hair was blonde, but...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Five

Wannabe Airline Hostess transvestite Candi Pops attends her acceptance interview

Chapter Five - Cruella DeVille The slim genteel lady was dressed in a navy blue stewardesses uniform. Her form-fitting jacket had gold piping along the lapels and cuffs and a pair of gold wings clipped to her right breast. Her shapely legs were clad in gossamer black stockings and her feet shod in four-inch black patent leather high heels. She had perfectly coiffed black,...Read On


Conversations with Jessie

A guy, a porn shop, and a surprise.

"You're married aren't you?" The clerk asked as she took my money. "Why would you ask that?" "Evading the question, yep married and for quite a while." She said it with such a smile that I couldn't help but respond. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am." Well I know I wasn’t married anymore, but it was still so recent that I still felt married! She grinned like a little schoolgirl. "I knew it!...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 5

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

“Mmm…” Mallory stiffened her body as she ground up against Carmen, trying her best to brace her friend’s thrusts on all-fours. Her naked body remained wrapped in her blanket. Only her dripping backside exposed to Carmen’s throbbing assault. The burnt orange sunrise bled through the window and warmed Mallory’s brow. Moreover, feeling Carmen’s strong hands clutching her waist made her...Read On


Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter Four

Wannabe Airline Hostess TV Candi needs to keep men satisfied to attain her goal

Chapter Four - Tony Takes An Interest   Candi remained under John Benstead's desk, in the chair well, hiding from Tony Carlotta. Tony had John in a friendly bear hug. "Fuck me Johnny boy it smells like a brothel in here. I can smell perfume. You been fucking puttas in here or something?" Tony joked. "So anyway, have you got those pension cheques? I got a couple of my street guys ready...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 4

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

Mallory couldn’t believe her ears. She paced in a tight circle like a caged tigress, her mind spinning. Their conversation, Holly’s request for a date with Daphne grew quiet. Mallory inched closer to hear precious tidbits of sound. No such luck. Holly turned to leave with such speed at which she came.  Mallory holstered her tremblings hands to her sides as she posted herself back at the...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 3

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

Mallory turned on the water at the bathroom sink and waited. She ran her fingers across the spout until the water steamed.  Then she pulled a plain white hand towel from her pocket and soaked it until it grew fat and dripped. She looked up and caught her reflection in the dingy mirror. Mallory hadn’t slept well, and it showed in her tired, bloodshot pupils. She yawned, wringing the excess...Read On


My Unwanted Transition 5

Is Jenny finding herself in a complicated love triangle?

( Complicated )   Skylar stayed in touch with me every day via text messages, and I also talked to Leslie and Andy. It had been two weeks since meeting Skylar at the mall, and I hadn’t met up with him since. My birth control was also in full effect now, but I haven’t gone to see Andy either.   Every time he asked, I came up with something that I was busy with, like work or running errands....Read On


Tranquil Waters Part 1

The romantic story of how Bronx Still Water and Brycee Anderson met

Prologue:  I'm driving away from my dusty driveway in the hot Oklahoma sun, watching as my mother, Natasha Still Water, stares longingly in the distance. Two things she couldn't deal with, me being Two Spirit, and another thing she didn't know, I am kinky. BDSM was a foreign word to me, I barely knew the term, but I knew it was a part of me since birth. I just wanted to experience it...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 2

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

Daphne Macron winced under the scalding water bursting from the showerhead. She pulled back her hair as the water cascaded over her neck down to her supple chest. A nice, warm shower gave her the perfect opportunity to reflect on her first creampie gang bang. Each girl’s unique scent still lingered on her skin. Alpa’s peaty juices dripped from her throbbing asshole. Holly’s sweaty...Read On


Her Secret Package

i met a girl i could play with

It was the end summer and school had started again. At seventeen, I was full of bravado and boasted to my friends that I had slept with three girls over the holidays. I had slept with none. At seventeen, I was finding it hard to fit in. Something was niggling at me, I had become infatuated by cock. I wasn’t gay, or even bisexual, I just liked the look of cock. I was sure that it was just...Read On


Daphne's Lesson Ch. 1

A bright, but arrogant young woman attends an all-futanari college with expected results.

“Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned…” Dr. Arthur Jackson pushed back in his black leather executive chair as he paused his statement. “But that’s not the full excerpt. Does anymore know the full, unabridged version of this work?” His tranquil green eyes scanned his five students spread throughout the room. “Daphne?” He called out after a painful silence. Daphne Marcon’s slender hand...Read On


Billion with a B

A lonely futanari dreams of knocking up her neighbor.

I walked a little slower as I hit the front door to my apartment building, pretending to wipe my tall brown boots on the flimsy floral doormat. Dana Chung’s thick thighs kneaded each other as she rushed to make the door I now held open. The two paisley-patterned recyclable bags she carried swung like a wrecking-ball from side-to-side. She craned her happy almond eyes up, smiling. ...Read On


High School Reunion

highschool reunion leads to a little anal between classmates

All characters are over the age of eighteen. Finally walking off the plane from my first class seat on a Thursday evening, it feels good to be home. I’m back in town for my ten-year high school reunion. This time I’m going to be the one everyone’s jealous of. I’ve got the perfect job, making more money than I know what to do with. Well… being an accountant for a huge tech firm, I...Read On


Changing My Luck, And Other Things

A date with a trans woman makes a guy change his direction.

“Hey there, hard-on,” a melodious contralto voice asked, “you got a light?” I looked over at the tall black girl next to me and saw she held a cigarette between two long-nailed fingers, angling it in my direction. As I fished the lighter out of my shirt pocket, she stepped closer. I flicked the Zippo's friction wheel and she moved even closer as she bent over to touch the cigarette tip to...Read On


Hopelessly Addicted

He was up way too early for a Saturday, but he had a pick up to make. He stopped at Starbucks for a coffee before pointing his BMW south and commencing to drive. He glanced in the rearview mirror to check the traffic behind him and then caught sight of his own blue eyes. "You're a weakling," he said to himself as he drove. He cursed himself along with the firm he worked they...Read On


Thrills in the Night

A Black Bull Hunts in the Las Vegas Night.

I pressed the ‘ground' floor button on the elevator and checked my look one last time in the mirror. White button-down shirt, brown leather pants, and brown oxfords… It was a classic, yet contemporary look that the ladies seemed to love. The rain started to fall again. Sunshine all week long. Then, light drizzle all weekend. Isn't that always the way? It was still ninety degrees even though...Read On


More Than Friends

Love blossoms between two best friends after becoming college roommates.

It’s hard to believe that I, Kevin Peterson, get to have Jessica Graceson to share a dorm room with. I know what you're thinking, why on Earth would any college allow a guy and a girl share a dorm room? Well, Jessica isn’t an ordinary girl, she’s spectacular. She’s amazing! She’s my best friend. She’s the world to me. Just looking at her unpacking her clothes releases butterflies in my...Read On

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