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The Usual Suspects, Primer, Se7en, Arlington Road, 15 Minutes, Memento, A Scanner Darkly, Inception, Ghostbusters, Shaun of the Dead, Ronin, Children of Men, V for Vendetta, The Matrix, Fight Club, Sin City, Sophie Scholl, The Lives of Others, Dead Man's Shoes, Run Lola Run, Head On, Weekend at Bernie's.
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Breaking Bad, X-Files, Still Game, Spaced, The Day Today, Brass Eye, Black Books, Green Wing, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, 24, Better Call Saul, Heroes, Flight of the Conchords, Yes (Prime) Minister.
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Frank Turner, The Prodigy, Muse, Eminem, The Beatles, Walk Off The Earth, Noisia, Knife Party, Cheryl Crow, Morcheeba, Enigma, Portishead, Rimsky-Korsakov, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, early Linkin Park, drum 'n bass, breakbeat, dubstep... anything that is engineered well, makes a statement and sounds good loud.


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Posted: 24 Apr 2019 12:43

Do you like phone sex? What about phone sex between two cheating partners while their spouses are asleep?

Do you like rulers? What about if that ruler was put to good bad use on a sexy woman in her home office?

Find out how the above are connected and what happens between the pair of horny would-be lovers as they edge towards completion in Temptation Calling . I hope you enjoy it.

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 22:26

I echo what sprite and the others say: have a go at writing it yourself. It'll feel more personal to your gf. I tried writing one:


It was difficult for me, as it's not my scene, and is nowhere near the league of the other authors contributing to this thread, but that made it all the more of a challenge for me.

Take the plunge and write it. Penning stories is fun!

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 10:55

Ummm, no. <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> I could barely see after a bunch of shots and a fifth of a bottle of neat Vodka, let alone work a damn condom. She was on the pill... and engaged... and we never used one throughout the affair. Stupid in retrospect during the 90s, I guess.

Two things came out of that relationship when it ended: 100% condom wearing and a hatred of neat Vodka. Live and learn.

Posted: 18 Apr 2019 14:06

My tale of a guy in the right place at exactly the right time to witness a voyeuristic bedroom act didn't receive much airtime with readers at its release. Maybe the category isn't well-read. Maybe it was perceived as a bog-standard voyeur tale. Maybe it wasn't fast-paced enough. Who knows, but I enjoyed writing the way it twisted.

I had plans to invite another author to write the story from the female perspective. Maybe highlighting "Window of Opportunity" here will provide the exposure needed for a Lushie to step up and take on the challenge of telling the girls' side, because I think there's a lot of fun to be had with the idea of why they did what they did. Please drop me a line if you're interested.

Either way, I hope you enjoy this unconventional voyeur story second time around.

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 22:26

Still haven’t decided which script software program I’ll use

FinalDraft, FTW. Sorry for the OT comment.

Back on-topic, I've not been published yet. Thought about it, couldn't be arsed. Maybe one day.

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 11:26

Oooh, I missed this thread, sorry. I'll play.

I'm a serial versioner + saver. If I know I'm making significant edits I'll save a new version, or sometimes v1 is just the first 1-2K words and then I save a new version in case the disk craps out and loses what I've written. Backup backup backup.

Either way, old versions of all my stuff are always available, even though I rarely open them again unless I want to pull a line forward that I thought wouldn't work but ends up fitting in a later context.

Like PhilU, I'm surprised in retrospect by how little the beginnings change from v1 to final draft. Sometimes it's the odd word for atmosphere or I'll shuffle sentences around for impact. There have been pieces that I start in the middle and work out, but I think a vast number of my stories start from a spark of a first line or setup so it generally stays.

Here's one that I did consciously alter slightly for what became Timestones :

First Draft

I've heard all the taunts before, but they still hurt, chipping away at what little self-confidence remains. As if I don't know I'm different from all the other kids. Black jeans. Trench coat. Eyeliner. Trivium T-shirt over Bieber or Taylor Swift. Docs, not Converse.

Final Draft

I don't need reminding I'm different from the other kids, but they do it anyway, eroding my self-confidence like waves pounding the headland. Sure I wear black jeans, trench coat and eyeliner. Docs, not Converse. Trivium on my playlist over Bieber or Swift. But so what?

Once I'd got to the end of the writing process and his character had this hapless romantic streak, I thought the simile just worked better and was less on-the-nose than the first version. Also, the more conversational style lent a little atmosphere to his inner voice that had developed as the story unfolded, so I altered the beginning to match.

The other piece that changed a fair bit was Thirteen Steps from Heaven or Hell . The story nearly - very nearly - never made it to publication because I was so frustrated with how the payoff didn't match the setup after eight fucking months of rewrites and edits.

Glad I persevered as it's my most highly decorated piece of work to date. And it was pretty much all down to changing the intro. I lost count of the number of times I reworked the entire first four paragraphs before it clicked. It's up there with fuzzy's numbers in the low hundreds.

Here's the jumbled first draft which is embarrassing in its inpetitude to convey anything:

The rain tore from the sky, fat droplets hammering the driveway as I knocked on my neighbour's front door. Blue, like those short, summer dresses she favours. Such details were hard not to miss, especially when she bent over to coochie-coo her baby girl in the pram. Last time she did that was a couple of days ago while I was washing the alloys on my Audi, crouched with the hose. She wore cute panties. White. Tanga style, partway between a bikini and thong. When she straightened to head for the park, she threw a glance over her shoulder and I quickly averted my gaze. I think she knew.

And here's the final draft, lengthened and embellished to set up the tension of later teases, a more movie-esque quality to it overall:

The rain tore from the sky, fat droplets hammering the driveway and bouncing almost to my knees as I rapped on my neighbour's front door. Royal blue, I noted, like those short, summer dresses she favours. Like the polka dot number that barely reached her thighs the other day while I was crouched washing my car wheels.

The memory was as clear as the sky had been ten minutes before. She'd breezed past, all legs, hips and temptation, pushing the pram on her way to the park, barely acknowledging me. When she paused a little further on and bent to coochie-coo her baby girl, I nearly dropped the hose as the hem ascended to reveal cute white tanga panties. They hugged the upper part of her incredible behind, leaving half-moons of tender flesh visible beneath.

Time froze, for how long I couldn't say. Short enough to tease. Long enough for it to surely not be accidental. I knew I shouldn't stare but it was impossible to pass up the voyeuristic opportunity, firming desire immediately beginning to make its presence felt against the fabric of my shorts. She truly was something else. Magnetic.

The spell was only broken when the hose jet caught the Audi's wheel arch, deflecting spray all over me. I spluttered and corrected its angle, water dripping from my chin and the silver paintwork. When she straightened, she threw a glance over her shoulder and flashed a grin before continuing up the street. I think she knew.

A vastly different feel to it. And that seemingly simple change springboarded a flurry of edits on the day I submitted it, right up to pasting it into the Lush editor where I was still making minor tweaks to the odd word to improve the flow for the reader.

I sometimes hate being a perfectionist and my own worst critic, but occasionally lightning strikes and this is the result, and it makes me chuffed to bits to be a writer.

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 15:10

ILY Wordsmith, but why are you even here?

Good point. Enjoy your dragons and boobies and incest, everyone. I'll show myself out before I get <img src="/images/emoticons/kickbutt.gif" alt="kickbutt">

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 14:46

GOT all the way. Bewbs, dragons, fights, bewbs, threesomes, zombies, bewbs.

Oh, I'm down with the bewbs. I woke up for those bits. There weren't enough in Breaking Bad, which must be why you nodded off <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 11:47

Am I the only one who was put off by all the hype and never watched a single minute of the show?

I was lured by the hype, watched the first episode, got bored, woke up every time Emilia Clarke was nekkid (see above screen grab), got to the end, went "Meh, what was all the hype about?" and moved onto Breaking Bad instead, which is so well written it ought to be illegal. Slow-burn TV, for sure, but damn it's good.

Both GoT and BB have 9.5 on IMDB so clearly the target audiences are satisfied by both series'. If you like fantasy, you'll probably love Thrones. If you like drama, tension, and good dialogue, look elsewhere.

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 07:05

I have never watched an episode of GOT!

You're not missing much, apart from hours of head-scratching not knowing whether the twaddly names they're using refer to characters or places or both.

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